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"Be present, consistent and ruthless in your coaching."

What's your background or what brings you to the fitness industry?

I got into fitness back in high school. Playing sports gave me the opportunity to be in the weight room and develop a passion for strength and speed. In college, I played football and studied kinesiology (health science).

When you were just starting out, what is the biggest mistake you made?

Starting out I didn't know what I was doing in regards to running a business or building one. The fitness and coaching side was natural to me, but the behind the scenes stuff took a while to grasp. Everyone thinks running a gym means you get to workout all the time...hardly the case.

Was there one thing that you'd wished you known before you started your gym?

Hard to say really, I wish I would've know that it never gets easier. In order to grow and build, hard work never stops. You never stop cleaning toilets or mopping the floors. It's a blessing to be busy.

What was the event, equipment addition or management change that made you say "Okay, I got this, we're going to make it now" and did it pan out?

I dont think Ive ever had that moment. I continue to try to provide the best service for my clients everyday. The day I get bored, I'll move on to something else.

What sage advice do you wish you would have received or what would you tell someone contemplating opening their own gym now?

There must be a need, not a want or personal gratification. The gym business is not easy and has hard months. You must be able to separate yourself from the competition and focus on a niche market, not the masses. Eat your own dog food and don't get fat. As a figurehead, everything you do is watched, observed, critiqued and imitated good or bad.   

What do you think the world needs to know about you and about the fitness industry?

Fitness is not hard, it just takes work. Fitness is for everyone, not just the elite. Focus on the 99% and put the gym before your own personal gain. You need to understand that the people that walk through your doors put the food on your table and roof above your head. Without them, you have no job. Be present, consistent and ruthless in your coaching. Always keep learning and find time to rest.

Reid Worthington - Gym Owner of Cross Fit Lumberyard in Anaheim CA
Reid Worthington
Anaheim, California

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