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How to Sell Used Gym Equipment

Sitting on a pile of commercial grade fitness equipment and have no idea what to do with it? This is not a common everyday problem for most people, but if you ever find yourself in this predicament, we have just the blog post for you. If you are in possession of commercial gym equipment that you want to sell, you’re most likely the owner of a gym that’s either closing or moving. Commercial gym equipment doesn’t come cheap so it’s great to be able to reclaim some capital by selling your fitness equipment to us. Here’s how you do that:


1) Create an inventory list of your equipment. This should include quantity, model type and number, brand and condition.

2) Check to see if your equipment is working or not. Even if some of your machines are not functional, we may still purchase them or offer to take them for you.

3) Take some great pictures. It is very difficult to determine whether we want to purchase equipment or not unless we can see it. If your equipment is across the country, the only way we can make a final purchasing decision is with some quality photographs.

Once you’ve gather up all this information and send it to us, this is where we will get to work. First, we’ll assess the condition of the machines and make a buying decision from that point. If we approve, we will send an offer and discuss terms. If you approve of the proposal, we will then make arrangements to stop by your location and extract your machines.

That’s the general process on how you can sell your used commercial grade gym equipment to us. If you are interested in our Gym Equipment Buyback program, please visit our page and fill out the form:

Selling your used gym equipment? We do buybacks!

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