Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT)

Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT®) with Open Stride. Our AMT 885 with Open Stride creates a whole new feeling during a workout. Savvy operators immediately see the benefits of a machine that enables exercisers of all levels to personalize their workouts and keep them engaged, challenged and loyal. The AMT has already proven that it burns calories at a higher rate than other cardio equipment. And it doesn’t hurt that the AMT 885 takes pressure off your other equipment by delivering a range of motions similar to what they offer.

The AMT 885 from Precor will be the hardest working piece of cardio equipment in your facility, and the easiest, most enjoyable to use. Our new AMT featuring Open Stride is also available with a P62 or P30 console, providing cost-effective options within the Experience Series Line of cardio equipment.

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