Cardio Fitness Equipment

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  • AMT

    AMT (1)

    The AMT Adaptive Motion Trainer allows you to go from short to long strides, walking to running, and climbing to lunging smoothly, easily, and spontaneously.
  • Arc Trainer

    Arc Trainer (3)

    The Arc Trainer is a stationary, non-impact exercise machine. the Arc Trainer’s footplates move in an arcuate path of motion as opposed to the elliptical pattern seen in elliptical trainers. The arc pattern of motion is designed to generate force only when the user is in the load-bearing phase of the gait cycle. This generates forces in the legs which balance the loading between the hip and knee joints. The result of this balanced loading design creates less stress on the knee joint and allows higher muscle training effect with lower perceived exertion.
  • FlexStrider

    FlexStrider (1)

    The FlexStrider creates a natural ellipse path that is smoother than a traditional elliptical trainer and feels more like running or jogging. Overall, it is an easy to use machine that provides a low-impact, total-body workout. And, you can easily change your stride length on the fly for fast, efficient changes.
  • TreadClimber

    TreadClimber (1)

    TreadClimber machines combine the benefits of elliptical, treadmill & stepper workouts into one at home workout machine. It's an intense walking workout.
  • Ergometers

    Ergometers (2)

    Ergometers are designed to strengthen and condition your upper body, as well as get a cardiovascular workout, by only using your arms. Not only are Ergometers used in rehabilitation settings, but they are also widely used by elite athletes and sports teams
  • Rowing Machines

    Rowing Machines (2)

    A rowing machine is essentially a piece of exercise equipment that mimics the motion of rowing a boat in water, making it a full body workout! Great for weight loss, toning and building muscles, and increasing stamina, this machine is a fitness game changer.
  • Elliptical Crosstrainers

    Elliptical Crosstrainers (53)

    A elliptical crosstrainer is a stationary exercise machine used to simulate stair climbing, walking, or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints, hence decreasing the risk of impact
  • Exercise Bikes

    Exercise Bikes (65)

    A stationary bicycle (also known as exercise bicycle, exercise bike, or exercycle) is a device with saddle, pedals, and some form of handlebars arranged as on a bicycle, but used as exercise equipment rather than transportation.
  • Stepmills

    Stepmills (6)

    Stepmills offer the user a real stair climbing experience. The Stepmill provides one of the best ways achieve cardiovascular goals while still shaping your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.
  • Steppers

    Steppers (21)

    A stair stepper is a exercise machine that simulates the act of climbing a series of stairs. These machines create the stairclimbing motion with either a pair of foot platforms that alternate as you raise and lower your legs or a escaltating staircase.
  • Treadmills

    Treadmills (51)

    A treadmill is a machine that allows users to walk or run while staying in the same place. These machines create a challenging workout by offering adjustments to speed and in many models even elevation. If you would like to view our specials on treadmills, visit our Current Sale page.