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Should you skip meals to lose weight?

Skipping meals may seem like an easy solution to losing weight since the concept is basically burn more calories than you’re taking in, but even missing one meal can do your body much more harm than good. To answer the question briefly, you should definitely not skip meals to lose weight. We’ve detailed some reasons on why this is a highly detrimental move.


  1. It lowers your blood sugar

Lowering sugar? That may sound wonderful but low blood sugar means you’ll have no energy. Food is the fuel for your body and when you skip a meal your body runs out of gas. Your blood sugar begins to compromise within four to six hours of your last meal or snack, so sometimes three meals a day is not enough. Snacking does not have to be unhealthy and it is recommended in order to keep your body functioning properly. A prolonged dip in blood sugar level not only impacts your body physically but also lowers concentration levels and impairs memory.

  1. You will have no energy

If you’re planning to lose some weight, you probably have a great workout routine planned out. That will be all for nothing if you skip meals though since you won’t have the energy to even start exercising. Even if you do manage to start your exercise, you won’t have the energy to complete it with the necessary intensity for weight loss. Exercise is not only great for burning calories directly; it also creates lean muscles which are great at burning fat. The more you exercise, the more your metabolism improves allowing you to lose weight more easily.

  1. It slows down your metabolism

You’ll feel the impact on your body even if you only skip one meal. You will feel tired and unwell. If you go too long without eating, your body will think that you are in starvation mode and try to conserve energy by slowing down your metabolism. As you probably already know, slowing down metabolism will make it that much more difficult to lose weight. Your body will burn the calories you do eat less efficiently and the calories that aren’t burned are converted to fat. It does not take long to slow down your metabolism so steer clear from skipping any meals for any reason.

  1. You will become unpleasant

Have you heard of the term “hangry”? It is the combination of hungry and angry and it is a real thing. When you’re deprived of nutrients, your intellectual and emotional functions begin to change. Your perceptions will become blurry and you will get moody and irritable.

  1. You will be more prone to binge eating

Skipping meals will cause you to feel hungry. When you feel hungry you’ll want to eat. The hungrier you feel, the more you will want to eat. People are more prone to grabbing whatever they find instead of the healthier and more nutritious option which leads to unhealthy binge eating. You will also tend to eat more because it takes around 20 minutes after eating to feel full.

What should you do?

For starters, don’t even think of skipping meals. Eating smaller and healthier meals throughout the day will also benefit you greatly. Look for foods that are rich in nutrients and high in lean protein. Eating snacks will also help stave off cravings and the likelihood of you eating bigger meals. Getting fit isn’t too complicated. Eat well, eat often and work out to your heart’s content!



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