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Which Spin Bike or Indoor Cycle is Best?

The explosion of popularity in spinning and indoor cycling has encouraged many of the top fitness brands to enter the market with their own variation of the indoor cycle. With such a plethora of different options, all from quality brands such as Star Trac, Matrix, Kesier, etc., consumers face the daunting task trying to choose which model is right for them. Depending on the budget and features, the best indoor bike varies from person to person. The increase in popularity has also caused many cycling class to be filled to capacity and the New Years rush certainly isn’t helping. The best way to combat this problem is to purchase your own spin bike. We have compiled what we believe to be the best bike in different categories.

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Best Spin Bike for a Budget:

Star Trac NXT Spinner Bike

One of the few true “spin bikes” from Star Trac (Star Trac and Mad Dog Athletics have licensed the term spin bike so all others are called indoor cycles or indoor bikes), the Star Trac NXT Spinner Bike is the best bang for your buck if you are on a budget. The Star Trac NXT Spinner Bike is currently on sale on Primo Fitness for only $499, which is far less than the retail price of $1695.

With a commercial grade unit, durability is top notch so you don’t have to worry about repairs or anything. Occasional maintenance is all it requires and online guides can help you do it on your own. The NXT’s fame is also made of heavy duty aluminum which is rust and corrosion resistant.

Just because it is low budget does not mean that it is lacking in any significant way. The Star Trac NXT delivers on all the important features such as seat adjustability and water bottle holders.

If you are looking for a great and fundamentally sound commercial grade bike, the Star Trac NXT Spinner Bike is easily your best choice.


Best Bike for a Realistic Ride Experience:

Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus Indoor Cycle

It is unsurprising that Schwinn, world renowned manufacturer of outdoor cycles, has created an indoor cycle that perfectly replicates the feeling of riding outdoors. This is accomplished by the chain-drive system and extra-large flywheel which allows for the resistance to be adjusted in continuous increments. By adjusting on the fly, riders can simulate riding on an undulating hill and various other road conditions.

The flexible saddle is adjustable which will allow the rider to adjust for maximum comfort. The handlebars can also be adjusted to recreate an outdoor cycle riding experience. For a more detailed review on the Scwinn A.C. Performance plus indoor cycle, you can read our previous blog post here.

Keiser M3+ Spin Bike

Best High End Indoor Cycle:

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle

At first glance, it’s easy to tell that the Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycle is a premium level indoor cycle. The distinctive aluminum frame is extremely eye-catching and the design is sleek and minimalistic.

The M3 Plus also has adjustable handlebars, which are essential for riders who are a little shorter or have shorter arms who found it difficult to reach the handlebars on the original M3.

The Keiser M3 Plus boasts the great magnetic braking system. The magnetic braking system is not only ridiculously smooth but is also very quiet.

Another feature that makes this a great premium bike is the advanced built-in computer. You can track statistics such as heart rate, power output, odometer/trip distance, resistance level, pedaling time and revolutions per minute.

These are only a few of the many indoor cycle options but we feel that these models are the top of their class. Overall, the best way to find the perfect fit is to try out as many models as you can! If you are in the Orange County area, you can luckily do this by stopping by our warehouse. Read more about our fitness equipment warehouse in Orange County!

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