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Squeeze in a Home Gym in a Small Space

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With a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to get to the gym. Even when you make your health and wellness your top priority, you may not have the time to drive all the way out to the gym, work out, and drive back.

After all, you have a full-time job, and maybe even a family to take care of. You’re left with trying to get the most effective workout at your home. While this may seem like a difficult feat, a home gym package can help you get the best out of your daily exercise routine.

One of the biggest questions we are asked is, “How do I squeeze a home gym in a small space?” While it may seem impossible to get an effective workout in a garage or small spare bedroom, don’t give up hope. With a few simple tips, you can have the home gym of your dreams so that you never have to make the journey out to the gym again.

Tips for Fitting a Home Gym in a Small Space

Consider Going Vertical

Whenever you can, make the most of the vertical space in your home. While not every home has tall ceilings, it’s important to maximize your space as much as possible. You can hang items like resistance bands or your yoga equipment on a hook where they won’t be in the way until needed.

You may also want to consider putting these items on a hook in a closet. This will allow you to use the closet for other gym items that can’t be hung and make the most out of the floor space that you have available.

Clear the Clutter

Whether you’re using a living room or spare bedroom, you should make sure to get rid of all of the items in the space you want to use as your gym. While this may seem difficult, if you’re not using these items, they shouldn’t be in a space that works perfectly for your daily exercise routine.

If you plan on using a part of the living room as your home gym, make sure to clear the coffee and side tables and chairs out of the way so that you can use as much of the space as possible. In most cases, you’ll need an area of at least 6 feet by 6 feet to get a good workout and a full range of motion.

Choose Multitasking Equipment

If you have limited space, try to choose exercise equipment with more than one use. This can be a jungle gym in a spare bedroom that can be used by multiple people at once and for multiple purposes.

Use Compact Equipment

Believe it or not, there is home gym equipment designed specifically for small spaces! You can find compact equipment that can easily be stored when not in use in a closet or on a wall. They even make treadmills that fold so that you can still use your space for other activities when you’re not working out.

You may also want to invest in a fitness system designed for small spaces. These systems help you target multiple areas for a full-body workout in a limited space.

Avoid Oversized Equipment

Oversized equipment is best left in commercial gyms that have the required space. There’s no need to clutter up your tiny space with huge treadmills, exercise bikes, and ellipticals. Instead, you can find compact cardio machines designed for home gyms and small spaces.

If fitness comes first in your home and no one will mind workout equipment taking up major amounts of space, you’re definitely free to invest in what you believe works best for you! However, there’s no denying that ellipticals and treadmills can fast become an eyesore, especially if placed in a common area that sees guests. If your home functions in ways that aren’t compatible with bulky fitness items, you may want to look for other fitness solutions.

Consider Home Gym Packages

When it comes to squeezing a home gym in a small space, you’ll need all of the necessary equipment to get a full-body workout. Home gym packages allow you to pack your space with the equipment you need at an affordable price. Not to mention, they’re designed specifically for the home environment, keeping limited space in mind.

Make sure to look for home gym packages that can offer you cardio and strength training in one. This will allow you to completely transform your home gym with only the equipment you need and nothing more.

Ask the Experts

If you have a space for a home gym, make sure to measure it out and ask the experts for help. Our dedicated team at Primo Fitness has helped many people design their own home gym, based on their space limitations. If you want a home gym but aren’t sure where to start, call us today!