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StairMaster Gauntlet 8 series vs. Panatta Ecoclimber



StairMaster Stepmills are some of the most used cardio equipment in commercial gyms. Both stepmills and steppers simulate the action of climbing stairs, one of the most powerful workouts known to man. No matter where you workout, odds are that you’ve used a step machine.

StairMaster and Panatta are two of the biggest brands in workout equipment. While StairMaster’s main focus is high-quality steppers, Panatta has lines dedicated to both strength training and cardio. Let’s take a look at two products from each of these brands. 

StairMaster Gauntlet 8 Series


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Stairmaster is a legendary name as they created their first stepping machine in 1983. That tradition continues with the StairMaster Gauntlet 8 Series. The Gauntlet offers a combination of both cardio and strength training in a comfortable design. The exercise machine features a deep, wide step surface and is made from rust-free polypropylene. 

Gauntlet Features

Here are some of the features available with this powerful machine. 

Programs: Workout to programs designed to help with weight loss and increase strength. The Gauntlet includes the Landmark Challenge program and other standard console programs. Spartan programs are also available on 10” and 15” embedded screens. 

The Landmark Challenge Program

This program lets users climb landmarks from around the world. You can climb the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, or the Taj Mahal. 

Electronically Controlled

The alternator, brake, and drive chain are all control the stair speed precisely to allow a wide range of users to exercise within their comfort zones. 

Hot Bar

Users can control the machine with a few simple clicks of buttons, including the stop button, heart rate monitor, and level control. 

Eight Step Staircase

The revolving staircase includes eight steps, all of which are 8 inches high, 9 inches deep, and 22 inches wide. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

Users can track their workout data and compare their workouts. 

USB Charging Port

Your phone battery should never get low whether you’re at the gym or at home. This step machine has a USB charging port so that you can charge your electronics and use them while in motion. 

Multiple Cup and Accessory Holders

Many people like to use their phones and tablets while working out. With this workout machine, you don’t have to carry your smartphone constantly. There’s even a tablet holder so that you don’t have to miss your favorite movies and shows. 


Panatta Ecoclimber 

Panatta Ecoclimber 1CF70
Panatta Ecoclimber 1CF70










Panatta is another significant brand in the commercial and home gym industry. You may know them for their jungle gyms, but you’ve probably seen their cardio equipment at your favorite commercial gym. They are the oldest Italian exercise equipment company, and the quality of their products is known to gym enthusiasts.

Meet the Panatta Ecoclimber, a 100% energy-free mechanic climber. This stepmill has no motor. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly workout machine, this is the one for you. With the Ecoclimber, you are the engine. That means that this machine works with your body, not against it. 

Panatta Features:

Many people think that by purchasing a piece of eco-friendly workout equipment, that they are sacrificing functionality and features. However, the Ecoclimber proves them wrong. Let’s take a look at the features of this revolutionary machine. 

Three-Step Availability

When using this machine, there are three steps available at all times so that you can do whatever you want with it. You can add a squat or a leg kick to add power to your workout. 

Magnetic Resistance

You can change the resistance with magnetic resistance on six levels. Start with the least resistant to see how the machine works with your body, then increase as your legs, thighs, and glutes get stronger. 

No Electricity 

This machine is 100% electricity-free. If weather permits, you can even take it outside, and it will work just as well as it would inside. That means lower utility bills for a high-quality workout. This machine is the greenest stepper on the market today. Since there is no electronics (lower and upper board) involved, this means nothing can really go wrong – whereas on the Stairmaster when boards go out, it can be quite expensive. In this case, the Panatta Eco Climber will also last triple the time.

Tablet or Smartphone Holder

If you require extra motivation or enjoy watching your favorite television shows or movies, you’ll enjoy the tablet or smartphone holder. 

Easy Moved

The Ecoclimber is more portable than many other stepmills on the market because there are no electrical components in the machine. It also comes with wheels so that it can easily be moved within your home or commercial gym. 

Which is Best For You?

There’s no definitive answer to which stepmill is right for you or your commercial gym. It’s all a matter of preference. If your main concern is saving money on utility bills and being able to market the fact that your gym is eco-friendly, then the Panatta Ecoclimber is best for you and your gym. 

If you’re looking for a step machine complete with workout programs and a full display console, then the StairMaster Gauntlet might be best for you and your customers. 

Both step machines will deliver high-quality workouts for strength building and weight loss. They both target the same areas of the body: the glutes, thighs, and legs. The only real difference lies in the additional features that many gym members may find important. 

To determine which machine will work best in your commercial gym, talk to your members. You can ask them to take a quick survey and answer questions about what features are most important to them when it comes to stepmills.