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6 Machines to Have in Your Home During Quarantine

6 Machines to Have in Your Home During Quarantine

Have you been planning to buy home gym equipment?

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made it a better time than ever to build up your home gym. COVID-19 is known to spread easily in enclosed areas like shared gyms. Not only that, but gyms are either being shut down or are slowly opening up. With all of this going on, it’s hard to be consistent with your workouts right now.

Having fitness equipment at home is the best way to keep up with your personal health while staying safe from COVID-19. Outdoor workouts like running or biking still carry some risks, so why not invest in equipment that you can use at home?

Here are 6 of the best machines and equipment to keep in your home for a well-rounded exercise routine.

Treadmill Machine

When you’re buying equipment for your home gym, it’s important to choose the best machines for your fitness goals, not to mention the space you have available. Running or walking is a popular cardio activity that has plenty of health benefits.

A treadmill machine lets you get your miles in without having to go outside. During a pandemic, it’s even more useful to be able to run miles while staying inside.  These machines are designed with a padded, soft surface that minimizes impact on your joints. By using this piece of gym equipment, you can avoid the cumulative effects of running on concrete or asphalt. 

A good treadmill lets you adjust the speed and incline of your path. You can set resistance higher to get a more rigorous workout. You can even alternate speed and intensity for an effective circuit workout.

Elliptical Cross-trainer Machine

Elliptical machines are designed for low-impact cardio training.

The elliptical range of motion puts less strain on your joints than running or walking, because your feet stay in one spot. That means you’re not constantly putting your full weight on your knees and hips as you pound the pavement. Runners sometimes use these to work out their muscles without the joint pain.

Ellipticals also let you burn a lot of calories since your entire body is involved in the movement. Using the handles lets you work your arms while strengthening your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps below. 

On the other hand, you can improve your balance and work your core by letting go of those handles during your workout session. This is one product that can help you achieve plenty of fitness goals.

Indoor Cycle

An indoor cycle is a handy piece of gym equipment to have at home. Biking is a great way to  get cardio exercise and work out your lower body, including your legs and glutes.

For many people, lower body workouts are harder to do at home without the help of a machine. 

An indoor cycle gives you the tools to strengthen your legs and lower body while toning your core.

Since your indoor bike gives a pretty thorough lower body workout, it’s a useful piece of equipment to keep at home. When you have one at your house, you can decide to use it whenever the mood strikes. You won’t have to wait for equipment to be free like you would at the gym.

When you’re biking indoors, you don’t need to worry about wearing a mask to stay safe from COVID-19. You can also avoid the various inconveniences of the outdoors, including things like wet roads, extreme weather, and car traffic. Instead, you have total control over your environment, and you can even put on entertainment, like music or a movie.

Barbell Racks

If you’ve made lots of progress lifting heavy barbells, the idea of having to put your training on pause due to gyms opening and closing is probably frustrating. Why not invest in a set of barbell racks so you can keep up your progress at home?  This is the perfect addition to your home gym if you’re looking to build and maintain muscle.

The great thing about buying your own weight racks is that you can choose the products that fit your own needs. There are options like stand squat racks, racks that include pull up bars, single racks, and double racks that allow multiple people to train at once.

Once you have your barbell rack and bench setup, you can choose your weights according to your skill level and fitness plan. A sturdy, reliable barbell rack at your home means you have control over the way you work out, and you won’t ever have to deal with people waiting in line as you get your workout in.

Weight Benches

While not quite a machine, benches are indispensable in any gym, and they make it possible for you to try new  exercises with your weights.

There’s a huge variety of weight benches out there, but they’re all designed to help you make the most of your barbells and dumbbells. A sturdy, padded weight bench is the kind of gym equipment that gives you plenty more options, but doesn’t take up too much space in your home.

With your designated weight bench, you can comfortably pull off exercises like dumbbell rows, shoulder presses, and more.

A bench opens up new possibilities for you and works as a reliable anchor for your home gym.

Multi-Gym System

If you’re short on space but still need ways to do a full-body workout, you could instead opt for a multi-gym system.

A great system is designed for strength training, and it includes targeted workouts for all major muscle groups. Some even boast a total of 25 possible exercises, for your chest, obliques, lower body, arms, shoulders, and back.

All of this equipment fits into a small space, making it easy for your home. Rather than being a jumbled pile of free weights and other fitness equipment, a multi-gym system is up and ready to go whenever you want to use it.

Most machines also have an adjustable back, so you can get into the correct position for this range of exercises and stay comfortable throughout your workout.

Which gym machines do you plan to add to your home collection?

Home Gym Trends in 2020: Workout & Equipment


Achieving your fitness goals doesn’t mean you need to have access to a state of the art gym or fitness trainer, but rather quality home gym equipment.

While it may seem like you can go down a fitness rabbit hole when searching for quality home gym packages, finding the best home gym equipment for your fitness goals and needs is much easier than you might think.

There have been many trends in the home gym and fitness world over the past six months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and today we will take a look at some of the trends that have stood out the most to us.

Afterward, we will take a quick look at some must-have gym equipment you should have in your home gym!

How to Work Out at Home in 2020

Top Trends in the Fitness Industry Due to COVID-19

Community Fitness

As the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to stay home, many gym-goers have developed a community approach to working out. Not only does it enable one another to stay connected while practicing social distancing, but it’s also incredibly helpful to have a community of friends and family who will keep you active during troubling and anxious times.

Live Streaming

As many fitness centers have been forced to close around the country, many of them have turned to technology to allow them to stay in business and connect with their customers.

With live streaming, gym trainers are able to keep in touch with their clients, and membership holders are able to attend some of the same classes they previously attended before the pandemic started.

Increased Awareness of Fitness

As a pandemic can cause fear and anxiety about our health, many people have used this time as an opportunity to focus on their bodies.

Whether the past six months have caused them to reflect on their diet and make changes, or find creative ways to make working out fun and family-oriented, the coronavirus pandemic has had somewhat of a positive effect on many people within the fitness community.

Must-Have At-Home Workout Equipment

If you’ve caught the fitness bug too and are considering building a gym in your home, let’s take a look at some of the must-have home gym equipment you should purchase.


The treadmill is a staple in every home gym and certainly belongs in yours. While the treadmill tends to be one of the more expensive pieces of gym equipment, it is also one of the most reliable and efficient pieces of equipment money can buy.

With modern technology, most treadmills offer adjustable incline settings, as well as preset programs to give your workout slightly more variety. Additionally, some even fold up so that it does not take up too much space when it is not in use.

Though there is a wide array of treadmills available on the market, we recommend the Life Fitness Activate Series treadmill.

Exercise Bike

When it comes to purchasing home gym equipment, an exercise bike is most likely the first thing people buy. Not only are they relatively inexpensive and lightweight, but they also have a small footprint in your home, and many are foldable, making them extremely optimal for apartments.

Exercise bikes are a great way to get in your daily dose of cardio, and nowadays, they range anywhere from beginner exercise bikes to more intense (and expensive) machines such as the Peloton.

If you want a great exercise bike that feels like the real thing, we suggest going with the Life Fitness IC3 Indoor Cycle Bike with Console.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines may not be the most attractive piece of gym equipment, nor are they the most exciting, but they are one of the best purchases you can make if you’re looking to build muscle, as well as your cardio.

Not only do rowing machines provide a tremendous full-body workout in your legs, arms, back, and heart, the rowing machine is also a low-impact piece of equipment, which means you will save your knees and ankles from feeling most of the soreness.

If you’re looking for a great entry rower, the Life Fitness CX Rower Water Rower is at the top of our list.

Elliptical Machine

Another common purchase people make when building a home gym is an elliptical machine, and it’s easy to understand why. Not only are they one of the most popular pieces of equipment in any gym, but they also offer an excellent cardio workout, in addition to high-intensity interval training at an affordable price.

One of the best things about elliptical machines, however, is that, much like the rowing machine, there is far less strain on your joints when comparing it to other machines.

Additionally, some elliptical machines also have handles that incorporate the upper body in the workout, as well as the lower body.

If you’re in the market for a highly effective elliptical machine, we suggest going with the Life Fitness 95X Achieve Elliptical Crosstrainer.


Last, but certainly not least, no home gym would be complete without dumbbells. With a solid set of dumbbells, you can target nearly every major muscle group in your body.

From your legs to your arms, back, and torso, dumbbells are an extremely convenient and easy to use piece of equipment. Dumbbells can also be used in several different ways and add plenty of versatility and diversity in your workout routine.

Additionally, some dumbbell sets come with rubber, hex-shaped heads to prevent rolling and scratching the floors if they are dropped accidentally.

For some of the best dumbbells your money can buy, we recommend the Muscle D Hex Rubber Dumbbell Set.

Purchase Your Gym Equipment with Primo Fitness

At Primo Fitness, we provide our customers with a comprehensive choice of new and used home gym equipment for all of their fitness needs. Regardless of expertise or skill level, we have a piece of home gym equipment for everyone.

With more than 20 years of experience, we can help you to find the highest quality equipment at a price you can afford. We remain dedicated to providing all of our customers with the very best in fitness and exercise equipment.

Contact Primo Fitness today to find the best piece of home gym equipment for your fitness needs.

Why a Home Gym is Better for Your Fitness Goals


Having home gym equipment is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. While going to the gym is a great habit, occasionally life gets in the way, and there’s not enough time in the day to make it there.

Not only do home gym packages help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it also enables you to get a solid workout in without ever needing to leave your home.

Having a home gym has plenty of other great benefits, of course, and today we’re going to take a look at some of them. Continue reading below to learn more about all of the great benefits a home gym has to offer you.

11 Best Things About Having a Home Gym

1 – No Membership Fees

While it may seem like investing in quality home gym equipment is way more expensive than having a gym membership, it does the exact opposite. Home gyms won’t necessarily break the bank, but they can instead help you save money in the future because you will no longer be paying expensive monthly membership fees.

2 – High-Quality Equipment

Though some gyms may have great equipment, the majority of them do not. We’re willing to assume you’ve experienced using sub-par or worn-down equipment at your local gym.

Not all gyms invest in high-quality equipment, but with your own home gym, you can purchase high-quality equipment that is tailored to your fitness needs.

3 – Durable Equipment

Top-notch fitness equipment can cost more than others, and understandably so. Investing in durable home gym equipment means you are not only investing in a long-term fitness plan, but you are also provided with an effective and unparalleled fitness experience.

4 – Avoid Injuries

When it comes to working out, safety should always come first, and that’s the primary reason why you should never compromise on quality equipment. Cheap equipment can not only be damaged easily, but it can also potentially result in an injury that may slow down your progress or prevent you from working out altogether.

5 – Better Training Intensity

With a reliable and properly tested and certified set of home gym equipment, you can exercise at home on your own time, at your own pace, and choose the intensity of each workout. This not only makes for a more customized workout experience but you also never have to worry about if your equipment will be able to keep up with your training.

6 – Consistent Workouts

Most people who are new to the fitness world often overlook a critical aspect when it comes to getting healthy, which is consistency. Meeting your fitness goals won’t happen overnight, and it will take time to see results.

Having access to high-quality equipment 24/7 will not only help you reach your fitness goals faster but can also give you the freedom to train at any time of day or night, and each training session can go according to your fitness schedule.

7 – Stick to a Routine

We understand that sticking to an exercise routine is easier said than done. However, with a home gym, you can get all the workouts you need all from the convenience of your home.

Additionally, with personal gym equipment, you can avoid traffic that often prevents people from going to the gym, while also never having to worry about waiting to use your favorite piece of equipment.

8 – Equipment Selection

Something that is often left unsaid when it comes to going to the gym is the amount of equipment you never use. For some, there are only a few pieces of equipment that they use each time they go to the gym, which can leave many of them wondering if the gym membership is worth it.

With a home gym, you can handpick the equipment you want to purchase, which means you always get to use the equipment you want and need. With a home gym, you can pick and choose the equipment you want to help you meet your precise fitness goals.

9 – Avoid Bad Weather

Bad weather conditions are one of the most common reasons that people skip their workout routine. While it may seem like an excuse, frequently, there are legitimate safety concerns around the decision.

With a home gym, you never have to worry about your commute to the gym and what type of weather you will need to prepare for.

10 – Workout in Private

Exercise helps to relieve stress and anxiety, but going to the gym can sometimes amplify those feelings for some people. You should never feel intimidated to go to the gym, but we understand how frequently it happens and how it can prevent people from getting a quality fitness session.

With a home gym, the only person in the gym is you. This means you never have to worry about the fear of judgment or anything else that may cause nervousness or anxiety with being in the gym.

11 – Everyone Gets to Work Out

Last, but certainly not least, probably the best part about having a home gym is the fact that everyone in the house will also be able to work out together. Whether they are young children, teenagers, adults, or seniors, everyone in the household can enjoy working out with each other.

This is not only great in regard to incorporating family activities around staying healthy but can also help with holding people accountable for their fitness goals and give everyone the chance to cheer on their family members as they reach their goals.

Start Your Home Gym with the Help of Primo Fitness

As you can see, there are several great benefits to having a home gym, and in 2020, it could be one of the best investments you can make for yourself. While it can be challenging to build a home gym that matches what you might get at a local gym or fitness facility, you can build something that’s a reliable alternative.

If you’ve been on the fence about building your own home gym, contact Primo Fitness to learn more about how we can help. At Primo Fitness, our mission is to help each of our customers find the best home gym equipment at the most affordable prices.

Contact Primo Fitness today for all of your home gym equipment needs.

The Best Treadmills for Your Home Gym in 2020

When purchasing home gym equipment, one of the most important aspects of fitness is cardio. A treadmill is one of the most critical pieces of home gym workout equipment that provides an endless amount of benefits. However, with so many options available, choosing the right treadmill for your needs can be more complicated than it needs to be.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the best treadmills that are available to purchase for your home gym. We’ve included several different types of treadmills that will fit every budget and fulfill all of your needs. Keep reading below to discover which treadmill is right for your home gym.

2020’s Best Treadmills For the Home

Things To Consider When Buying A Treadmill

Whether you’re unable to run outdoors or would prefer not to workout in a crowded gym, there are several reasons why purchasing a treadmill can be beneficial. Not only that, but treadmills are much more than a one-trick show and offer a variety of cardio exercises for all experience levels. 

But with so many treadmills out there, finding one that works for you and your fitness goals can be confusing.

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a treadmill so that you pick one that will suit all of your fitness needs.

What Is Your Budget?

The first question you want to consider when starting your search for a treadmill is what a realistic budget looks like for you. When making any major purchase, it’s easy to get carried away with excitement and overlook a few details.

Before looking at any home gym packages, we suggest putting together a budget that gives you some breathing room to overspend if necessary, depending on what your needs are.

Type of Treadmill

Another question you will want to ask yourself before shopping for a new treadmill is what kind of cardio routine you want to follow. Although there are plenty of treadmills available, not all of them are capable enough of fulfilling your cardio needs, especially if you consider yourself a hardcore runner.

If you’re hoping to buy a treadmill to help you with marathon training, you may be looking at something slightly more sophisticated than the garden-variety machine.

Location of Treadmill

The third thing to consider is where the treadmill will go in your home. Considering that treadmills are a rather large piece of equipment, you will need to measure your space to ensure the machine you will purchase will fit.

However, with several foldable treadmills available on the market, you can probably get away with a much smaller dedicated area of about 3’ x 6’.

The Best Treadmills For Your Home Gym

Life Fitness Integrity CLST Treadmill

If you’re a consistent runner looking for a great treadmill under $2,000, the Life Fitness Integrity CLST Treadmill is worth the consideration.

The CLST Treadmill from Life Fitness offers not only the latest in aesthetic and entertainment necessities, but it also provides even more of a cardio experience. With the new and improved DX3 Belt, Deck System, Advanced Belt Tracking System (ABTS), and the patented FlexDeck Shock Absorption System, the Integrity CLST Treadmill from Life Fitness gives every runner ultimate durability and comfort.

Panatta Ecoracer (Curved Treadmill)

While you may have seen curved treadmills scattered across your gym before, you may not know precisely how unique of a running experience they provide you with.

With 160 pads to make for fluid belt sliding and a brake system on seven levels, the Ecoracer from Panatta gives your training experience an intensified boost.

The best part about the Panatta Ecoracer is that it is entirely mechanical, the belt doesn’t require maintenance or lubrication, and it doesn’t require a power supply, which makes this treadmill the most eco-friendly, energy-free, and maintenance-free treadmill on the list.

Life Fitness F1 Smart Folding Treadmill

If you’re living tight living quarters and looking for a compact and portable treadmill that is ideal for any space, the F1 Smart Folding Treadmill from Life Fitness is perfect for you.

The F1 Smart Folding Treadmill is outfitted with everything that makes Life Fitness one of the most trusted brands when it comes to treadmills, and it does so without sacrificing any quality or performance.

With high-quality components, the F1 Smart Folding Treadmill can quickly and conveniently be unlocked for use or stowed away for storage with ease.

Life Fitness 95T Discover SE Treadmill

We understand that running isn’t always everyone’s favorite activity, which is why it’s nice to have a few extra features on your treadmill to make cardio slightly more enjoyable, and this treadmill aims to do precisely that.

With the 95T Discover SE Treadmill from Life Fitness, you are provided with the ultimate home cardio workout experience. With an integrated LCD touch-screen featuring plenty of entertainment options, enhanced interaction, and internet connectivity, this easy-to-use treadmill puts the excitement back into running.

Panatta Fenix Touch Runner 1FXT003

Last, but certainly not least is the Fenix Touch Runner 1FXT003 from Panatta. Featuring a 15 inch LED multi-touch screen, multimedia features such as TV, web radio and selection, music, and video, the Panatta Fenix Touch Runner 1FXT003 made sure no features were left out.

The Fenix Touch Runner 1FXT003 from Panatta also features several training programs, unlimited training profiles, and polar hand sensors and telemetry to provide you with all the analytics you need to improve each time you step on the treadmill.

Panatta Race Walker 1CF60 – Folding, Self Powered Treadmill

Self-powered treadmills have become a key player in several evolving cardio trends. Featuring mechanical resistance and a compact, modern design, the Race Walker 1CF60 from Panatta makes power walking more safe and fluid for athletes of all ages and experience levels.

With plenty of exercising positions and resistance levels and slope adjustments, the Panatta Race Walker 1CF60 is no slouch in this category.

Gyms and Coronavirus: What Are the Risks?

While newly implemented health policies have enforced social distancing, there are still plenty of ways to maintain your fitness whether it’s through the use of in-home gym equipment or braving your local gym. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what the potential risks are of going to the gym during this pandemic and how you can stay protected from infection.

Risk of Coronavirus At The Gym

While the spread of coronavirus remains on the rise around the globe, there is still a sliver of hope for people looking to get back in the gym this year. The most notable news is that medical experts have since suggested that the virus cannot be transmitted through sweat or skin-to-skin contact. 

The virus is primarily spread through coughing, sneezing, and respiratory droplets. That being said, objects in the gym that are frequently touched can potentially serve as a vehicle for the virus and many other germs for several days. 

For instance, an infected person can cough or sneeze on equipment (or cover their sneeze with their hand then touch a piece of equipment) during their workout. The virus can stay alive on gym equipment for several days, until it is picked up by another human host and introduced into the body.

This means dumbbells, yoga mats, and other machines should be meticulously sanitized before and after each use.


How Gyms Are Stopping The Spread

Since the coronavirus began to spread, many gyms began implementing special precautions regarding sanitization practices. Most gyms have since adopted the use of hand sanitizer stations, frequent and vigilant cleaning, and advising members to stay home if they are feeling any symptoms of being sick.

In other cases, depending on the laws passed by local government agencies regarding COVID-19, some gyms have temporarily shut down until further notice.

How You Can Protect Yourself

While every business is taking every precaution necessary to keep their communities safe, it’s still advised to do what you can to keep yourself safe at all times. Whether it’s temporarily using single-use water bottles or wiping down every mat, machine, and piece of equipment before and after use, there are several things you can start doing to keep your body coronavirus-free.

Here are a few other habits to consider adopting moving forward.

Go During Less Frequently Visited Hours

As we’ve seen with the coronavirus, the more distance you can put between yourself and others, the better your chances of staying healthy. When it comes to the gym, you may want to consider implementing the same strategy.

If possible, try going to the gym during the hours it’s unlikely to be busy to decrease your risk of infection.

Wipe Down The Equipment

This goes without saying, but should be considered now more than ever. Many gyms and athletic clubs provide its members with disinfectant wipes or sprays to wipe down equipment before and after use.

If you choose to bring your own wipes with you to the gym, be sure that they contain at least 60% alcohol or chlorine bleach to ensure the effectiveness of the disinfectant.

Don’t Touch Your Face!

We’ve heard this rather consistently since the beginning, but it cannot be stressed enough. Infection from the coronavirus doesn’t occur immediately from touching infected surfaces, but rather when we carry the virus from our hands to our face. This facilitates the virus’ entry into our mouth or nose, where it can travel to the lungs and cause the disease.

As much as possible, avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth while you’re working out at the gym and frequently wash your hands to keep yourself protected.

Practice Good Hygiene

While it may sound like a silly thing to say to adults, this aspect is significantly essential right now. As mentioned, coronavirus infection occurs when the virus has been ingested, which means it’s critical that you start washing your hands with soap for a minimum of 30 seconds before and after leaving the gym.

It’s also vital that you wash your hands before touching your face or any other object that comes near your face, such as your water bottle.

Try to avoid using communal showers at this time. Instead, shower immediately as soon as you get home, and toss your dirty outside clothes straight into the laundry. Don’t hug, kiss, or touch anyone at home until after you’ve showered.

Be Mindful Of Frequently Used Equipment

As suggested by medical experts, community spread is the biggest concern when it comes to the spread of the coronavirus. Although sweat cannot transmit COVID-19, frequently touching high-contact surfaces such as barbells, dumbbells, and other commonly used pieces of gym equipment can place you at risk of exposure.

While practicing good hygiene can help minimize some of this risk, if there is a piece of equipment you’d like to use that is frequently used by other members at the gym, it’s recommended to try and find an alternative.

Stay Home If You Feel Sick

Above all else, if you feel any symptoms of being sick, it’s highly recommended that you stay home. Even if you are prone to allergies and know it may not be anything serious, staying home while fighting through symptoms will not only keep you healthy, but will also put other gym members at ease.

If you would still like to get in a good workout while staying home, there are several alternative workouts that are equally as good as visiting the gym. In fact, this might be the perfect time to consider investing in home gym equipment.

Staying Safe During A Pandemic

As the coronavirus continues to unfold for countries across the globe, staying healthy is the number one priority for every person.

Despite the scientifically proven health benefits of exercising regularly, social distancing is critical right now to help slow down the spread of this highly infectious virus. Not only will it help lower the odds that you’ll contract COVID-19, but it will also help keep people safe that may be more vulnerable than others.

If, however, you are someone who doesn’t want to give up their daily workout routine, you can still do that in alternative ways. Thanks to online classes and basic home gym equipment, you can stay fit while also staying hunkered down at home.

While none of this is ideal for anyone, this could potentially be an excellent time for you to break old routines, make new habits, and get a little creative with your fitness routines.

To get started on assembling your home gym, visit the Primo Fitness USA website today!

Top Fitness Equipment to Get for Your Home Gym

As gyms across the country have been forced to close to reduce the amount of community spread of COVID-19, many people have been left wondering how they’re going to exercise. Fortunately, there are still plenty of opportunities for people to continue working out during this global pandemic thanks to affordable home gym equipment.  


If you’re planning to stay fit by recreating your gym experience at home, here are some of our top equipment picks to get you started!

Fitness Equipment to Furnish Your Home Gym

Things To Should Consider Before Buying Home Gym Equipment

Contrary to popular belief, buying home gym equipment isn’t as expensive as it seems. By focusing on a few essential pieces of in-home gym equipment, you can transform any amount of space into your own home gym. 

Here are some things to consider when drawing up your plans.


The first thing to consider when purchasing home gym packages is your budget. Determining how much money you have available will help you find a starting point for building your home gym.

We recommend you start crunching numbers before looking at equipment to help you reasonably spend money on the equipment that matters most to your workout routine.


Once you’ve determined how much of your budget you can allocate to fitness equipment, you can now start deciding where you will be putting all of it. Obviously, with more square footage, you have more of a selection with the equipment you can purchase, but don’t let your home environment limit your possibilities. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to compact home gym equipment, so you don’t have to feel like you’re sacrificing anything due to circumstances beyond your control.


Lastly, you will want to consider what you want to achieve with your home gym and what pieces of equipment matter most to you and your goals. Before purchasing any equipment, determine what your fitness goals are during this time and what equipment is vital in your pursuits.

If you are able to cover your cardio needs outdoors, you can spend the majority of your budget on more weightlifting equipment or vice versa.


Essential Pieces of Fitness Equipment

Now that you have a general understanding of what to look for in basic home gym equipment, let’s take a look at some pieces that you can’t go wrong with purchasing.

Whether you’re a diehard fitness fanatic or someone who simply wants to stay in shape, there’s something here for every level of experience.

Free Weights

Free weights work exceptionally well if you’re working with space constraints, but are also useful tools to have regardless of your circumstance. Additionally, free weights have become more “home-friendly” over the years, which means you can not only gain strength, but also protect your floors at the same time.

Free weights come in all shapes, sizes, and weights, so be sure to consider what you’re capable of lifting beforehand.

Suspension Training System

Another great piece of home fitness equipment is a suspension training system. Not only does it provide you with a full-body workout, but it can be easily attached to the back of a closed-door or sturdy piping in your home.

Once the system is attached, it’s fully capable of supporting up to 360 pounds of resistance and can help you build muscle in various parts of your body while also aiding in your posture and back alignment.

Jump Rope

When it comes to excellent fitness equipment, the jump rope is not only an excellent tool, but a great form of cardio. If you don’t particularly care for running, the jump rope is an especially great way to break a sweat.

Additionally, spending just 10 minutes of your day with the jump rope is almost about the same type of workout as a 30-minute jog.

Rowing Machine/Stationary Bike

In the same essence as the jump rope, rowing machines and stationary bikes are two additional great ways to get your cardio while also working out other parts of your body.

While they tend to be two of the larger pieces of home gym equipment on this list, it’s packed with benefits. Also, if you’re someone who is prone to running injuries, the rowing machine is a great alternative.

Medicine Ball

In terms of multifunctional pieces of equipment, the medicine ball is as good as it gets. Whether you want to exercise your arms or your core, a medicine ball is capable of doing both through various lifting and twisting movements across your whole body.

You can even take the medicine ball into the yard if you’d like to add some lifting, throwing, or slamming to your existing workout routine.

Balance Board

An often forgotten piece of equipment in every gym is the balance board. This skateboard-shaped tool can help you stabilize your lower body and can be implemented in almost every workout.

While it may look like a toy, we assure you that a balance board is an essential tool for every home gym and is small enough to be easily tucked away when you’re not using it.

Foam Roller

With every good workout, comes a critical post-workout routine. A quality foam roller can not only help increase blood flow throughout various parts of your body, but it can also help relax overworked muscles in every region of your body.

Whether your legs are sore or your back feels a little tight, a good foam roller is essential in relaxing your entire body.


Purchase Your Home Gym Equipment Today

While it may be challenging to build a home gym that compares to everything your local gym offers, there are still plenty of viable options to help you get the best workout possible in the comfort of your own home. In fact, you might even find that you prefer working out at home!

We think every item on this list can help you narrow down your home gym needs to help you create something affordable while not compromising any of your fitness goals.

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