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One of the biggest reasons why people choose to pursue fitness is greater muscular strength. Whether it is heavy duty weight-lifting or reps at the machines, it can also be built in a number of ways. We would love to help boost your strength goals, providing all of your new & used fitness equipment. Call us at (714) 957-2765 or visit our new 10,000 square foot fitness equipment showroom in Santa Ana, CA. We serve clients across the entire United States and Internationally.

Hammer Strength Equipment

Fun fact of the day, Hammer Strength equipment is the most sought after equipment in the fitness industry. We know by personal experience because these gym machines are sold before they even land in our warehouse. Hammer Strength equipment is mostly plate loaded so you can pack on much more weights, but they do also make great selectorized machines.

Consistent with their rugged and industrial look, they’re extremely durable and can take a pounding and withstand damage from any serious athlete. Our company has the luxury of doing installs for many of the large gyms so we’ve established great connections. These gyms then allow us the opportunity to buyback equipment and sometimes we have a chance to obtain some sought after Hammer Strength equipment.

There are some Hammer Strength machines that we do get more often than others so we’ll break them down below. Enjoy our Hammer Strength guide with pictures too:

Plate Loaded Hammer Strength


Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral High Row

The iso-lateral high row may sound like a ridiculously fancy name but its concept is pretty simple. This machine specializes in evenly developing the upper back muscles. It’s great for both beginners and experts because of its low starting resistance and durable frame. It even has an additional handle for a one handed workout if you want to look extremely cool. The seat is also adjustable for maximum comfort.


Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Low Row

Once you’re done working out with upper back muscles, there’s the Hammer Strength iso-lateral low row to work your lower back. The machine was designed to create a natural and real push/pull workout. There’s also an adjustable seat and plate weight storage.


Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Rowing

The iso-lateral rowing machine is great for developing all your back muscles evenly. Surprisingly, this machine is actually quite compact with a low profile so it is not too difficult to make room for it. It has multi-grip handles, an adjustable seat and a durable steel frame.


Hammer Strength Seated Calf Raise

The Hammer Strength seated calf raise is designed to specifically target your soleus muscles. The soleus muscle is a broad muscle in the lower calf that’s primarily used to flex the foot. The thigh restraint is adjustable to accommodate users of all sizes. Like all the other Hammer Strength machines, it has a durable steel frame.


Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Decline Press

The specialty of the Hammer Strength iso-lateral decline press is to evenly develop the lower chest muscles. The machine is designed to be easily accessible with its adjustable seat and seat belt. It can even be adjusted to accommodate upright exercise positions.


Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Chest/Back

The Hammer Strength iso-lateral chest/back is one of the few combination machines from the Hammer Strength line. The iso-lateral chest/back machine offers two workouts in one station which is ideal for gym owners or home users who want to maximize their space. Users can perform a chest press on one side of this machine and then rotate to a high row on the other side which allows them to work both the chest and back muscles.


Hammer Strength Seated Dip

If you need a Hammer Strength machine that targets your triceps, look no further than the seated dip. A great aspect of this machine is that you can perform the exercise either facing in or out. It also comes with a seatbelt for stabilization, adjustable knee pads, an adjustable seat and a weight plate storage rack.


Hammer Strength Pullover

The Hammer Strength pullover machine doesn’t have the most informative name so we’re here to tell you that it works out your back muscles. This particular model offers an angled seat and seatbelt for improved stability as well as a counterbalanced movement arm to reduce the initial starting weight. It also has a reduced shoulder extension for minimal joint stress. The seat is also adjustable.


Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Shoulder Press

If you need to evenly develop your shoulders, the Hammer Strength iso-lateral shoulder press is the premiere machine for even development. It has a 40 degree back pad that helps to provide stability and discourages hyperextension during heavy lifts.


Hammer Strength Linear Leg Press

The leg press is one of the most commonly used gym machines but the Hammer Strength linear leg press is among the best. The machine is designed with linear bearings which create a smooth yet effective workout. It has easy accessibility,a polyethylene spray-coated foot platform for extra durability, long-lasting molded padding, safety lock rails and an adjustable back pad.


Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Bench Press

One of Hammer Strength’s top selling strength machines, the iso-lateral bench press allows for equal chest strength development. It has an adjustable seat but also has an upright position for easy access.


Hammer Strength Seated Biceps

A great machine for working out the biceps, the Hammer Strength seated biceps utilizes the traditional preacher curl position and offers rotating handles to accommodate users with varying forearm length. It has improved resistance over free weights and an adjustable seat.

Selectorized Hammer Strength


Hammer Strength MTS Iso-Lateral Decline Press

The MTS iso-lateral decline press comes with two weight stacks to create resistance for each arm. The machine is designed at an optimal pressing angle for muscle stimulation. The two weight stacks are also independent of each other so you can adjust weight resistance for each arm.


Hammer Strength MTS Iso-Lateral Incline Press

Similar to the decline press, the Hammer Strength iso-lateral incline press has two separate weight stacks for resistance adjustment. This machine is designed to provide a natural arc of shoulder motion and movement that helps users evenly develop their muscles. Like many of the other machines in the line, it has an adjustable seat and durable steel frame.

That’s our guide! If you would like more specific details on how to buy or specific measurements, visit each specific product on our Hammer Strength Equipment page!

How to put together a gym package

There are literally thousands of different options when it comes to used gym equipment, so putting together a good package for your gym can be quite the Herculean task. Every gym is built differently, not only in size but also in atmosphere and customer base, which can play a factor in choosing the correct equipment. Here are some key aspects of your gym that you should consider first before looking for equipment.


Size of Facility:

The type of fitness equipment a gym purchases is highly dependent on how large the facility is.

Smaller Gyms:

A smaller gym would tend to lean toward all-in-one machines with a small footprint, such as a functional trainer or the Precor AMT, which can serve the functions of other machines. This ensures that the gym-goers can work on all their body parts even in a smaller sized gym.

Larger Gyms:

Larger gyms with more floor space may want to steer clear of all-in-one machines. While they are great for gyms with limited space, people tend to spend more time on them, creating lines for machines. Long lines and waiting for machines cause frustration and can upset your customer base. If your gym has adequate space, then you should opt for single station machines. Allowing gym goers to work on machines that target a specific body part will create less traffic as customers have more machines to choose from.

Customer Base/Location:

There is no one-size-fits-all for gym packages and in addition to the size of the gym, gym owners need to be aware of their target market. For example, if you are in a higher income area then your customer base will most likely expect newer machines with touchscreens or connectivity features. While these machines do cost more, you can compensate by charging higher membership fees. Gyms in lower income areas would most likely not benefit from opting for higher end equipment but rather durable and fundamentally sound equipment in order to keep membership fees down. Before buying equipment for your new potential gym, it is absolutely vital to scout the surrounding area and even other businesses in the vicinity.

Which Cardio Equipment to Buy:

When it comes to cardio, variety is key to a successful gym. While most cardiovascular machines accomplish the same goal of burning calories, people do have preferences for machines.

Treadmills: A successful gym will definitely have at least one treadmill. Treadmills are the most popular fitness equipment due to the calorie burning potential and simplicity of use. Every gym should be equipped with at least two of these no matter your size.

Elliptical Crosstrainers: The second most popular machine at the gym. Every gym, no matter the size, should have at least one elliptical in their lineup for people who wish to have a low-impact cardio workout.

Bikes: Exercise bicycles are also relatively easy to use and low impact, so including both an upright and recumbent bike (if your gym has adequate room) can also help tremendously in shortening the lines for the treadmills and ellipticals. Indoor cycles are also highly popular and very cost effective so buying a few of them would definitely be a great idea. If you can acquire about 10 or 20 indoor cycles, you can hold spinning classes which can generate some additional revenue.

Steppers/Stepmills: Also called StairMasters (in reference to the company that popularized them), steppers and stepmills are on the lower end of the popularity spectrum for gym equipment which is unfortunate because they offer so many benefits. If you are low on space and capital, you can afford to go without a stepper/stepmill.

What Strength Machines to Buy:

Functional Trainers: As we’ve previously stated, functional trainers are essential for smaller gyms or personal training studios because of their versatility. If you are limited on floor space, one functional trainer can take the place of around 10 single station machines.

Plate-loaded equipment: Plate-loaded single station machines are perfect for mid-sized gyms and gyms that cater toward the more “hardcore” customer base. Plate-loaded equipment is much cheaper than single stations because you only need to buy one set of plates that can be transferred from machine to machine. The downside is that your clients need to be strong enough to carry around those plates and it can be time consuming. If you have high traffic, plate loaded machines are not recommended.

Selectorized equipment: Larger and high end gyms should definitely invest in selectorized gym equipment. Selectorized equipment does not use weight plates and all the weight stacks are built in, which allows for more simple and efficient use. Adjustments can also be done without leaving the machine so usage time will be shorter and allows traffic to keep flowing.

Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines and every gym is different. While you are free and encouraged to put together your own gym packages, the experienced crew at Primo Fitness can do all that for you! If you would like us to put together a package for your gym, fill out our gym package request form!

Difference Between Plate Loaded and Selectorized Strength Machines

DSC_5665Single station strength equipment falls into two basic categories, selectorized and plate loaded. Equivalent strength machines will function almost exactly the same in terms of the exercise being performed and how effective it is. For example, a selectorized leg press and a plate loaded leg press will both offer you the same benefits and effectiveness. There are differences between both types of strength machines in terms of set-up and maintenance, and they each have their pros and cons.

Selectorized strength equipment are units that have one or more weight stacks, which are rectangular weight plates that are attached to the frame and utilizes a system of pulleys. Users can choose how much weight they wish to lift by inserting a key into the desired weight stack. All the weights above the inserted key will also be lifted and are secured by two rods that run through each of the weights. Adjusting weights on a selectorized machine is extremely simple and only takes a matter of seconds. This also makes it simple to find out your maximum strength on the fly. Many selectorized strength machines are designed so you can adjust the weights without even getting up and interrupting your workout. The major drawback of selectorized equipment is the weight limit. Most weight stacks tied to the machines cannot be upgraded so if a user has reached the maximum weight on this machine and can use it without much difficulty, they will have outgrown the machine.

D-1 Deluxe leg press

Plate loaded strength machines require the use of conventional round plates, the same plates you find on barbells. These plates are hung on the machine and while they generally have limits, plate loaded machine maximum weights generally far exceed those of selectorized equipment. On the other end of the spectrum, plate loaded machines can also use far lighter weights than the minimum weights on selectorized machines. The downside of plate loaded strength machines is the effort it requires to change weights. Users have to get off the machines to change weights which may disrupt their routine. Even more so, users who wish to lift large amounts of weights may have to make multiple trips to carry all the weights to the machine. Also users tend to stay longer on each machine due to this, which may be an issue for a commercial gym. A positive aspect is that plate loaded strength equipment is usually much more cost effective than selectorized machines. Gym owners do not need to buy a set of weight plates for every single machine as opposed to selectorized machines where the owner has to pay for each weight stack on every machine.

In conclusion, both types of strength machines have their merits and downsides. In general, selectorized equipments should be favored for commercial gyms. They are far easier to use than plate loaded machines and will get users off the machine quicker which is vital for a successful gym. There is also less weights lying around as a hazard which will prevent injuries. For a home gym, a plate loaded machine is a good investment because it is cheaper. Also users can reuse the same weights they have on their barbells and further save more money by not having to buy more weights. Plate loaded and selectorized machines are both viable options depending on your situation, luckily Primo Fitness carries both!

Best Gym Equipment for Glutes

Want to participate in the fitness fashion of yoga pants but don’t feel confident in your backside? The gluteus (minimus, medius and maximus) is the most targeted body parts in terms of toning, only trailing the stomach. Besides the aesthetic benefits of a firm and perky posterior, strengthening the glutes will aid you in a variety of health benefits. The glutes are responsible for sitting down, standing up, lifting heavy objects, sprinting and changing direction and jumping. Strengthening the glutes, in addition to the hips, also will help stabilize your back and improve posture. They are a very vital muscle to strengthen if you wish to increase your athletic performance. If you are planning to hit the gym with your glutes in mind, we’ll help you out by listing the most effective fitness equipment for working them.


  1. Treadmill

In order to tone the gluteus, it is important to burn away excess fat and rid yourself of cellulite. The best method for fat burning is definitely cardio. The added advantage of a treadmill is that many of them have the option for interval training. Sprinting activates nearly every muscle in the gluteus muscle group, so it is a great exercise for both burning calories and strengthening.

  1. Stepmill

Another cardio machine that can help melt away the fat and help you sculpt your backside. This can serve as an alternative for a treadmill if you have knee issues or can’t withstand high impact exercises. For maximum benefit to your maximus, let go of the side railings to force your glutes to take the brunt of the stabilization duties. Doing this for around 20 minutes at moderate intensity is recommended.

  1. Squat Rack

A squat rack will aid you in performing the best exercise for working your glutes, the squat. The squat is the single best move to obtaining a quality backside. To properly perform a squat, have your feet parallel to each other and keep them shoulder width apart. Look ahead at a spot on the wall and focus on it. Lower your hips and keep your spine in the neutral position. A squat rack will help you if you are squatting with a barbell.

  1. Leg Press

The leg press machine is essentially a squat machine but with the user in an inverted position. The leg press is great because you have all the benefits of doing a squat, but not having to worry about your back. You can also add more weights to the machine to increase the work on your glutes.

We hope that these four machines will help you tone your posterior into what you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it’s a peach shape or a bubble, using the right machines and putting in the work will help you reach your goal.

Best Fitness Equipment for Basketball Training

With basketball season just around the corner, you may be itching to dust off your kicks and get some shots up. If the offseason has made you rusty or you just want to improve your game, you might be wondering what type of workouts you should be doing. In addition to that, you might be wondering what equipment will help you become the greatest baller on the court.

Leg Press

Even more so than other sports, your legs may be your most important weapon when on the hardwood. Your legs need to be strong for constant back and forth running and sharp change of directions. A leg press primarily targets your thighs and glutes which are also especially important in improving your vertical leap, a vital aspect of the game. Improving your leg strength is also part of a great jumpshot. This may be counter intuitive because it appears as if the arm is primarily used for jump shooting, but the legs provide the lift needed in order to generate the proper arc and distance.

Rowing Machine

Also important in improving balance and vertical leap is core strength.Without a strong core, you won’t be able to generate enough force to get off the ground explosively. Balance is also a crucial part of the game and being able to move how you want to move without being unstable is essential to being great. A strong core will help both your leaping abilities and balance. A rowing machine also works your arms and back, not to mention it also serves as a cardio machine to improve your conditioning.

Assisted Chin Dip Machine

Upper body strength is also extremely important when playing basketball both on the offensive and defensive ends. Having strength in the arms and chest does wonders for overpowering opponents in the low post or being able to body up and defend them. The assisted chin dip machine is great because it works the shoulders, back and biceps. It uses your own body weight in the workout which is also a nice bonus.


Basketball is quite a long game at 48 minutes and when up against fierce competition, you’ll expend energy extremely quickly. This is why it is important to build endurance and stamina in order to perform at the highest level at all times. The best way is to simulate the movement that you’ll be doing most often on the court, which is running.

These are just a few of the machines that can accomplish your work out goals to become a future YMCA recreational league legend.

Benefits of Hammer Strength Machines

Hands down, the most requested strength pieces for us are from the Life Fitness Hammer Strength strength line. There is a great reason that these strength machines are so frequently desired and so hard to come by in the market. Once gyms buy Hammer Strength machines, they are usually extremely happy with them and never sell them back.



Hammer Strength strength equipment is utilized by elite athletes and top collegiate and high school programs in the nation. Despite this fact, Hammer Strength can benefit anyone of any fitness level. What makes these machines so effective are their bio-mechanical designs. No matter which machine you buy, you can take comfort in the fact that Hammer Strength designs them to move the same way that a body naturally does.

Another reason that Hammer Strength machines are so hard to come by is because of their durability. They are constructed with steel and are able to withstand the rigorous exercise routines. Investing in a Hammer Strength exercise machine will save money in the long run because if you’re just a single person or family working out, there will be no worries about your strength machine breaking down.

We may not always have these ridiculously popular machines in stock, but if you send us an e-mail at [email protected], we will inform you when we have them immediately!

What is a weight bench?

Without a doubt, there is a weight bench in every gym across the country and for good reason. The weight bench, sometimes also called a fitness bench, is an inexpensive piece of equipment that is used in weight training. Weight benches generally are a padded board supported by legs and their primary purpose is for weightlifters to sit or lie down on. What separate weight benches from normal benches is their sturdiness and ability to support a large amount of weight. Not all weight benches are the same though and there are a wide variety of different types. We have a created a quick breakdown of some of the most popular bench types.

1. Ab Bench

An ab bench is, as its name implies, a bench that assists users in a variety of ab workouts. Ab benches resemble decline benches and generally come with pads that are meant to hold your feet in place. Users would lie on this bench at a decline, lock in their feet and perform crunches and a variety of other ab oriented exercises.

2. Preacher Curl/Curl Bench

The preacher curl looks like a seat with a padded section in front. This bench is used to perform curls with weights. The user places their arm over the padded section of the bench and curls while their arms are rested on the pad. This ensures that proper form is being maintained and also allows for added comfort.

3. Flat Bench/Adjustable Bench

A flat bench is designed for users to lie flat on top of. The flat bench is generally designed to support users while they are performing bench presses. Adjustable benches are similar to flat benches except they are far more versatile. In addition to the flat bench position, adjustable benches can also be modified to either be a decline or incline bench.

4. Olympic Benches

Olympic benches are slightly larger than standard benches and are generally made of composite steel for maximum durability. Olympic benches are also more padded since they’re designed to be able to withstand larger weight loads and heavier lifters.

These are the general breakdown for most the benches that you will find on the market. If you wish to purchase any benches, visit our site and contact us!

5 Best Foods for Bodybuilding

In order to sculpt the perfect body, it is important to eat the right food in order to fuel your workouts. Not all calories are created equally and there are definitely foods that would benefit you much more than others. It is also important to remember when to eat and how much to eat in order to reap the full benefits of eating the right food. For serious bodybuilders, it is recommended to eat at least one small meal every three hours that includes 30 grams of protein. But what type of food should go into these meals?


1. Chicken Breast

This is the staple of bodybuilding foods and proteins. If eating for bodybuilding had a face, it would be the face of a grilled white chicken breast. Now what makes this food so beloved and revered by all fitness fanatics out there? It’s a very simple concept. Chicken breast is high in protein and extremely low in fat. Especially if you trim it all out and aren’t frying it in bacon fat. There is also another great reason that grilled chicken breast is so popular, it actually tastes pretty good. You can save by buying these in bulk in the freezer section.

2. Salmon

If you’re going for an extremely clean bulk, you’re probably avoiding most if not all fats. While salmon does contain some fat, it’s the good fat, the heart healthy fat that your body desperately needs and benefits from. Baking the salmon is also the preferred way to eat it as there is very little or no oil required, and it also tastes delicious. You can also buy a fillet to save time and not pick the bones out.

3. Turkey Breast

Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving anymore. After you begin to grow tired of your 500th grilled chicken breast, turkey breast is a great alternative because it’s extremely lean and filled with proteins. Generally turkey isn’t grilled like chicken, but roasting it will get the same benefits and flavors.

4. Sweet Potatoes 

It may be a big thing, but serious body builders know that cutting carbs out of your diet isn’t going to help you build a body. Carbohydrates are necessary in fueling your workouts, but there are carbs that are better than others at providing energy without packing on the unwanted pounds. Sweet potatoes are a great tool in building mass.

5. Spinach

Popeye was on to something here. As your mother probably told you, vegetables are important for a balanced diet, and this is no different for bodybuilders either. Spinach has been shown to increase strength and contains plenty of great nutrients just for your overall health.

These are just a few of the great foods that can benefit you in your quest to build your body. Remember that you don’t have to eat the same meal day after day. There are a variety of foods that are just as beneficial


4 Best Gym Machines for Upper-Body

Tired of being unable to open jars with ease? Is there firewood in your backyard that aren’t being chopped properly? Are there phone books that still haven’t been torn in half? If these are some of the problems you face, you may want to work on your upper body strength. Even if these aren’t daily issues for you, there are great benefits. Many daily tasks become easier and your arms will also look wonderful. Make sure not to solely work on your biceps though, which some people tend to do. Include workouts that will work your  chest, shoulders, core and back too.


1. Chest Press

When choosing a chest press machine, make sure it has an adjustable seat or you will not reap the maximum benefits of the workout. Adjust the seat so that your hand is in line with your chest. Also make sure that your feet can be placed flat on the floor. Always start with a lower weight, the ideal weight is one where you can do 8-16 repetitions with. Push the handles out, but don’t lock your elbows. Return to starting position. As the name clearly implies, this exercise is great for strengthening  your chest.

2. Seated Shoulder Press

Generally, the names of exercise equipment is very informative. The seated shoulder press is a machine designed to strengthen the shoulder. Having strong shoulder muscles is the key to some more advanced upper body exercises, and a broad set of shoulders is one of the keys in achieving a great looking body. Again, an adjustable seat is important. Adjust the seat so the handlebars are at shoulder height. Extend the arms and lower them back to starting position.

3. Bicep Curl

The bicep curl machine is one of the most beloved machines when it comes to upper body workouts. This is the machine you want to use when you’re attempting to develop 26″ pythons or when you want to welcome people to the gun show. Sit at this machine with your feet flat on the ground. Rest your arm on the padded table, with your chest pressed against the table. Grab the bar and bend your elbow. Return to start and repeat this exercise and hopefully develop some bulging biceps or toned arms.

4. Lat Pull Down

The lat pullldown machine primarily works the latissimus dorsi muscles, the shoulder and the elbows. Like the machines in the previous entries, you should always have your feet flat on the ground when using this machine. Grip the handlebars with a wide grip, wider than your shoulders. Your arms should be in a v-shape. Pull the bar down to your chest, slowly return to start, then repeat.

These are just a few of the machines that you should utilize in your workouts when you’re trying to strengthen your upper body. Always remember that you shouldn’t just focus on the muscles you can flex in the mirror.

How to Build a Home Gym on a Budget

Convenience is key for many when it comes to getting in shape and working out. The most common excuses to avoiding a workout is usually “I’m too tired to go to the gym” and “There’s no time to go to the gym” but these excuses are a thing of the past if you build a gym right in your home. There’s also no worries of distractions, obnoxious people, feeling self conscious and intimidated or terrible music blasting through the speakers. When you have a home gym, you can enter your own world, in the convenience of your home, and get the workout you want.


1. Buy the right equipment

Many people avoid building their own home gym because they fear that it’ll cost them a fortune, but this is not the case if you know what type of equipment to buy. There are some home gym essential machines that are extremely versatile and will save you the money of buying other machines. The centerpiece of your home gym should be a power rack. Power racks are especially important because when working out at home, you most likely won’t have a spotter so the pins on the rack can prevent injuries when lifting. You can also basically do any free weight exercise with the assistance of a power rack. Of course, using a power rack requires that you also buy some free weights.

Another essential unit is an adjustable bench. An adjustable bench will save you money from buying an incline, decline and flat bench. Alternatively if you are not a fan of free weights, you can also opt to purchase a functional trainer. This is an all-in-one strength machine that will help you perform both upper body and lower body exercises.

No matter your choice in terms of strength machines, you will also need a cardio machine to have a complete home gym. Cardio machines are essentially up to preference. The number one factor you should be looking for is enjoyment. If you’re not going to buy your favorite cardio machine, then you’re not going to want to use it and won’t be as motivated when you’re on it. Space is generally limited in a home gym so a great move would be going for an all-in-one cardio machine, such as the Precor AMT 100i Elliptical.

Even though you’re creating a home gym, it is highly recommended that you do  not go for equipment meant for the home. They’re built far less durable than commercial grade machines.

2. Location, location, location

You need a space dedicated to your home gym. You shouldn’t make half of your living room into a home gym, but rather have a space that is purely created to motivate. The most common choice is a garage which works great since it has ample space and can be free of distractions. Setting up your gym with speakers can also help with motivation. It’s a great feeling to have the beats and pounding bass pumping through your veins. It would also be a good idea to get a mirror so you can see yourself workout and fix your form if you are having trouble.

3. Have a plan

This is pretty obvious but it’s a good thought to keep in mind. We’ve given you the outline and essentials, but ultimately this is your gym. This is the space you’ll be getting fit in and hopefully spending hundreds of hours in so you should be happy with it. Before you start purchasing equipment, create a list of everything that you absolutely must have. Draw out a floor plan and make sure that all the equipment can fit comfortably. Hang up some motivational posters to inspire you. Make it your own.

We hope this guide has helped you begin the planning stages of your home gym. If you need more help or advice, or want to buy some commercial grade gym equipment for a discount price, contact us!


3 Best Gym Machines for Arms

Whether you’re looking for bulging biceps or toned slender arms, the following 5 gym machines will suit your needs in sculpting your arms the way you want them. Working out your arms can also aid you in a variety of ways, including helping you in your overall fitness and life. Imagine the joy of taking just one trip to carry your groceries in. Imagine the wonderful feeling of being able to open any jar in your house. You can realize these amazing feats by using some great gym machines to workout your arms.


1. Incline Press

The incline press machine is not only one of the best gym machines for your arms, it’s one of the best machines overall that you can use. This machine not only targets your triceps, it also targets your chest. To properly use this weight machine,  you grip the handles with both arms and fully extend your arm. Once you’ve reached full extension, slowly bring in your arms in order to complete the repetition.

2. Elliptical Machine

Strengthening and toning your arm isn’t purely done on strength and weight machines. In order to get that sculpt, you need to burn the fat and there is no better way to do that than on a cardio machine. Many elliptical crosstrainers come with poles or handle bars attached that are movable. Grab the poles and pump your arms back and forth for added cardio benefit. Using the poles and your arms will not only increase the amount of calories burned, it’ll also help in increase strength in your arms.

3. Assisted Chin Dip Machine

The assisted chin dip machine is a wonderful all-in-one machine for working the upper body. It works out the muscles in the shoulders, back and most importantly, the biceps. This unit is great because it utilizes your own body weight in the workout. Using this machine is pretty simple. First you’re either generally going to be standing or kneeling on a weighted platform. Extend your arms slowly and once you reach full extension, bend your elbows back into starting position. Simple!

These three machines are only a tiny fraction of other machines that work your arms at the gym. There is still the chest press, bicep curl machine and much much more. Get to work and get the arms you’ve always dreamed of! If you ever need anymore help, contact Primo Fitness!

5 Best Gym Machines for Legs

With the World Cup around the corner, soccer spirit is in the air and the era of powerful legs is upon us. Want those toned thighs or monstrous tree trunk legs but don’t know where to begin and which gym machine to use? No matter what your fitness goals are, working out your legs is absolutely vital in a variety of ways. Strong legs will aid you in working out the rest of your body and having high quality legs is just plain attractive if that’s your end goal. Between cardio and strength machines there are many great ways to tone and strengthen your legs and Primo Fitness can be your guide. The following five machines and the accompanying workouts will be a great start to getting those great legs that you’ve always dreamed of.


1. Seated Leg Press

This machine may be a little obvious seeing as “leg” is in its name itself, but it is nice to know how to properly use this machine and how it benefits your lower body. If you’re not sure what exactly a seated leg press is, it is a strength machine with an angled chair and a large plate in front of that chair that is usually attached to a weight stack. The leg press primarily targets the thighs and glutes and is a great strength machine to tone them. The leg press is also extremely beneficial because it keeps your body in a stable position which maximizes the workout and prevents injures.

To use this leg press, sit comfortably on the chair until your thighs are parallel to the plate. To perform this exercise, slowly straighten out your leg, but not complete. After, begin to bend your knees until the weight hovers over the stack and repeat.

2. Leg Curl

While the seated leg press targets the upper half of the lower body, the leg curl machine is designed to help work the hamstrings.  The leg curl machine has a bench where the user lies flat on their stomach and has a weighted bar over their legs. To properly use this machine, you should start with your legs straight and then bend your knees toward your body, pushing against the resistance of the weighted bar.

3. Leg Extension

As you may have figured out, machines with the word “leg” in their name was great for working out your legs. Each of these machines targets a different part of the leg though, with the leg extension targeting the quadriceps. These machines are distinguished by their slight angled seats (100 degrees from the back to the seat opposed to the 90 degree angle for normal seats) and a weighted resistance. To properly use this machine, you would sit on the seat with your knees bent and slowly raise your leg against the resistance of the weighted bar.

4. Fitness Bike

In addition to strength machines, many cardio machines also provide great workouts for your leg. In addition to burning tons of calories, exercise bikes use nearly every part of your leg. To properly use an exercise bike, you sit on it and pedal to your heart’s content. Your quads are being worked out for the downward portion of pedaling while your hamstrings are being used for the upward motion. The calf muscles are also used for the pushing and pulling motion of pedaling.

5. Elliptical 

Elliptical machines are one of the most popular machines in the gym and luckily they’re also great for working your lower body. Elliipticals are awesome at working your hamstrings and even more so if your elliptical allows you to increase incline or even use the machine backwards. The quadriceps are also used when working out on an elliptical when you leg straightens.

No matter what workout goal you’re trying to accomplish, remember that your legs can play a vital part in nearly every exercise you do. It is important to strengthen them and make sure they can handle the load. You have plenty of choices at the gym but if you ever need any more help or tips, feel free to contact us.

What is a Power Rack and Why You Need One

A power rack (also known as a power cage, squat rack, squat cage and a myriad of other combinations of the word power, cage and squat) is one of the most inexpensive yet invaluable pieces of gym equipment that any home gym or commercial gym can benefit from. The power rack is underrated and underutilized, mostly because people don’t know what it is or how to use it. If you’re a big fan of fitness and enjoy relishing in the pain of others, you’ve mostly likely looked up gym fails and watched barbells drop on people. While at times hilarious, these common accidents can easily be prevented by the usage of a power rack.

magnum power rack 2

What is it?

A power rack is a pretty simple looking machine with four vertical bars and two movable horizontal bars used to catch barbells. Many power racks also come with additional horizontal bars to perform chin ups and pull ups on in addition to barbell exercises. They are usually wide enough for a person to easily fit inside, along with a fitness bench.

How to use it?

Bench Press:

The most common way to use a power rack for a bench press is to slide a fitness bench under it and adjust the bars or catcher to just around 6 to 8 inches away from full extension. Unrack your barbell and a few more weights on than normal. Put the barbell on the safety and this now allows you to lift heavier weights to full extension. As you build more strength, gradually lower the safety (or catcher) as you build more strength.

Now you can lift even heavier weights that will gradually help you build strength without the risk of a bar crushing your chest. By working this way, you can have assistance getting over the weakest part of your bench press.


Power racks are also called squat cages because they are a great tool in getting out of the bottom portion of your rep. You should place the safeties where the bottom of your squat usually is. Place the bar on the safeties, lower yourself, and lift the bar like in a normal squat. Lower yourself and gently set the bar back on the safety. By using a squat cage in this manner, you can prevent injuries commonly associated with squatting.


Another great way to use your power rack is for training on the deadlift. Your body can benefit greatly from starting the exercise at different angles and building strength in different muscles. To do this, first set your safety to the lowest it can go. Deadlift from this height and slowly raise the safety one level up after each rep of five deadlifts. This will help you train for every level of your deadlift.

This is only touching the surface of the many uses of the amazing squat cage! If you would like more information feel free to contact us with any questions. We have plenty of power cages and fitness benches in stock, many of which are not listed on our site so be sure to give us a call or shoot us an e-mail.

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