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Elevation Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer with Discover™ SI or SI-TV Console Review

Today we will be reviewing one of Life Fitness’ newest additions to their highly respected Elevation Series, an elliptical crosstrainer with the new and innovative Discover SI console. First we’ll break down the features of the elliptical itself then delve deeper into the new Discover SI console.


This Elevation series elliptical is part of the next generation of Elevation elliptical. These Life Fitness elliptical are designed to deliver a comfortable and effective full-body workout, with the help of the movable arms. Life Fitness has done an extensive amount of biomechanical research to ensure simulation of natural movements. The Elevation series elliptical replicates common moves such as running and walking which will aid the user in their everyday life. These units are also commercial grade so you can rest assured that these elliptical crosstrainers have the long-lasting durability Life Fitness is known for. They also come in four different colors. We have the white elevation series elliptical in stock!

Now on to the finest piece of technology on this elliptical, the Discover SI console. The difference between the Discover SI console and the Discover SE console is the size. The SI is 10” while the SE is 16”. This 10” integrated LCD touchscreen not only contains valuable workout data, but also a ton of entertainment options. It also offers internet connectivity.

The console connects to the LFconnect, which allows you to personalize your workout and entertainment options. You can also watch videos on demand and surf the web.

The Elevation series elliptical is the perfect blend of technology and fitness. The elliptical itself is well constructed and durable and the console contains cutting edge technology and interactivity. This unit is great for a gym or home.

Life Fitness Integrity Elliptical Review

The third in our series of Life Fitness Integrity machines is the Life Fitness Integrity Elliptical Crosstrainer. If you’re wondering what makes this Life Fitness Integrity elliptical so great, it would be wonderful to start off by reading about how ellipticals in general are great for comfortable low impact cardio.

What sets this model apart from many of the other ellipticals are the entertainment upgrades which is the signature of the Life Fitness Integrity series. The primary entertainment feature being iPod compatibility and integrated iPod/TV controls (if you choose to equip your unit with a television set.) This allows you to workout to your tunes and television without being interrupted trying to fiddle with out of reach controls.

The Life Fitness Integrity Elliptical is also able to offer a full body workout since it has movable arms. For fans of tracking, there are heart rate monitors built conveniently in the handlebars of the machine. There is also an option to have hands free heart rate monitoring, but this requires an optional chest strap. Another great feature is that these ellipticals are self-powered, so they are space saving and do not require electrical chords or outlets.

Another great feature is that there are a wide variety of workouts, including heart rate targeted workouts, fat burning workouts and hill climbing workouts among others. The Life Fitness Integrity Treadmill is a great choice for a highly capable entertaining elliptical.

Life Fitness Integrity Elliptical

Where to Buy Used Life Fitness Ellipticals

Fitness Equipment Professionals is a proud supplier of used Life Fitness gym equipment in our 20,000+ square ft. warehouse located in sunny Santa Ana, California. As one of the major fitness brands world, Life Fitness can be found in nearly every gym, health club, and fitness center alike. From treadmills, ellipticals, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, to strength circuits, Life Fitness is a commanding player in the fitness industry and has developed a reputation for gym equipment.

Here at PrimoFitnessUSA.com, we have an abundance of used Life Fitness gym equipment that ranges across all different types including: the Life Fitness 91Ti Treadmill, the Life Fitness 95X Inspire Elliptical, the Life Fitness 95Ri Recumbent Bike, and much more with tons in stock and ready to ship. If you’re looking for high quality, great performing cardio equipmentLife Fitness provides for you a multitude of exercise machines to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Here is the Life Fitness 95X Inspire Elliptical – one of the three 95X Series (see the 95X Engage and 95X Achieve), that features an integrated 7″ Life Fitness Inspire Console with touch screen technology, iPod and iPhone capability, USB connectivity and LFconnect Website to generate workouts, save your personal settings and track workout results. With the Virtual Trainer, it even offers encouragement and feedback. The Workout Landscape™ Perspectives motivates and Zoom feature allows for larger workout data viewing.

Whether you’re looking to buy an elliptical for the very first time for your own home or you’re looking to spruce up your gym or health center without breaking the budget, the Life Fitness 95X Inspire Elliptical gives you the power of a total body cardiovascular workout. We have many Life Fitness 95X Inspire Ellipticals IN-STOCK and ready and ship to anywhere in the world. Call us today at Toll Free: +1 (855) 909-3366!

Life Fitness 90x Elliptical Crosstrainer Overview

Life Fitness 90X Elliptical CrosstrainerAfter countless hours in the Life Fitness design lab the designers came up with the ultimate Life Fitness 90X Elliptical Trainer. The 90X elliptical was designed for the most natural movement possible from head to toe.

In a 20 to 45 minute cardio session you can work-out your arms, shoulders, chest, back, hips, and legs all at the same time. With the Life Fitness 90x Elliptical Crosstrainer you can build endurance, increase muscle tone, and burn body fat with only one machine.

The Life Fitness 90x Elliptical Trainer is loaded with great features and provides 26 work-out programs and an easy to use upper and lower console.

The Life Fitness 90x Elliptical also comes with 25 levels of resistance, a customized Cool Down protocol, Lifepulse Digital Heart Rate Monitoring, Polar Telemetry Heart Rate Monitoring and two workout modes: Cross-Train Aerobics & Cross-Train Reverse.

Designed to perform 15 hrs. a day 7 days a week, the Life Fitness 90X Elliptical Crosstrainer will fit easily into a Home or Commercial Gym while also fitting your budget. Nothing comes closer to your natural stride then the Life Fitness 90 Series Elliptical.


  • Hill, Random, Manual, Quick Start Programs
  • Customized Cool Down
  • 5 Interactive Heart Rate Workouts using Polar Chest Strap
  • 6 Interval Workouts
  • Cross-Train Aerobics & Cross-Train Reverse Workout Modes
  • Resistance Levels: 0-25
  • Lifepulse Digital Heart Rate Monitoring System, Polar Telemetry Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Belt Drive System
  • Self-Powered
  • Overall Dimensions: 84.75”L x 26.5”W x 64”H
  • Maximum User Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Heart Rate: Polar Only (No Handgrips)


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