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StairMaster SM916 Review

StairMaster is one of the most well known brands in fitness and primarily for one reason. Their steppers and stepmills are unparalleled and no other fitness company has quite been able to compete with them on this front. For nearly 25 years now, the StairMaster Stepmill has been known as one of the toughest workouts in the world. The StairMaster SM916 Stepmill is one of the latest models from the company and has every feature necessary to deliver an intense yet low-impact workout.


What is a Stepmill?

In order to get more in depth about the SM916, we first need to break down what a stepmill is. A stepmill is designed to duplicate the real life workout of stairclimbing without having to actually find a long set of stairs. You may also have heard of another popular model from StairMaster called a stepper. To easily recognize the two, the steppers are just two steps side by side to each other while a stepmill looks like an actual staircase. The stepper works by the user placing both their feet on the pedals and moving up and down to simulate climbing. The feet never leave the pedal. The stepmill on the other hand requires users to life their feet in order to move the staircase. It is still a low impact exercise though as one foot stays on a step at all times.

StairMaster SM916 Stepmill Features:

The primary component of the stepmill is the revolving staircase. Each of the high steps is 8” high and duplicates the feeling of climbing a set of stairs. You no longer need to find an empty stadium to emulate your favorite sports hero. The staircase revolves at speeds of 24-162 steps per minute so it can accommodate users of all fitness levels.

The handles on the SM916 are also ergonomically designed for the user to utilize the maximum level of intensity in their workout. Since it is a commercial grade unit, everything on this stepmill is the highest level of durability which allows for an all-out workout without a fear of malfunction.

On the accessory side, this stepmill comes equipped with a water bottle holder and accessory tray. They are both positioned in a way that is easy to reach for the user and can also hold personal items such as an MP3 player or a phone.


The StairMaster SM916 stepmill comes equipped with a new easy to read, backlit LCD console. It is also TV ready if you want to add a little entertainment to your workout. The console also includes a wide variety of programs so you will never be bored with your workout. It even has nationally recognized fitness tests, such as the Firefighting Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT), to gauge progress and fitness. Some of the programs included are fat burner, calorie burner, speed intervals, random intensity and many others.

The console display readouts include time, interval timer, HR, distance, step rate, calories, calories/hour, watts, speed, METs and the workout profile. It is also polar heart-rate compatible.


If you are looking for one of the newer stepmills from StairMaster, the SM916 is your best bet. It contains all the features necessary for a rewarding and challenging stepmill workout with tons of options for entertainment to keep the suffering to a minimum.

Luckily, we just received a shipment of them and we’re putting them on sale. Visit our site to purchase a StairMaster SM916 Stepmill!




StairMaster Stepmill SM5 Review

The StairMaster Stepmills have always been one of the most intense cardio workouts in the gym and the new StairMaster Stepmill SM5 is no different. Specifically, we will be reviewing the SM5 Stepmill with the D-1 Two Window LCD Console.


The StairMaster brand has been around since the 1980s and is well known for their innovative stepmills that help to simulate the stair-climbing experience without the high impact and damage to the joints. If you want to know the benefits of a stepper or stepmill, we’ve previously posted a blog post about what these machines can do for you and your fitness. In summary, they help you shed the pounds while also toning and strengthening your muscles.

The StairMaster is biomechanically designed to ensure correct movement and protect the most common stress points like the joints and knees. Each one-piece pedal offers extraordinary comfort and support. The SM5 Stepmill also has an electronically-controlled alternator which regulates the pedal descent speed to create a smooth and comfortable movement.

The StairMaster SM5 Stepmill comes equipped with a 2 window backlit LCD display, which StairMaster dubs the D-1 Console. The easy to read LCD console displays workout statistics and comes with 10 preprogrammed workout routines for all your strength and cardiovascular needs. The StairMaster SM5 Stepmill also comes with a plethora of bells and whistles that will make your fitness experience that much more enjoyable. Features include an iPod charging cable, reading rack, water-bottle holder and easily accessible accessory rack so you can convenient enjoy a good book or listen to some great music.

Before you buy this unit, please note that the commercial grade model (which we sell) has a recommended ceiling clearance of 10 feet opposed to the home unit which only has a recommended ceiling clearance of eight feet. If you are a fan of any of the other StairMaster stepmills, you’ll love this new and improved unit.

If you’re in the market for one, luckily we just received a large shipment! Check them out on our website: StairMaster SM5 Stepmill

New Year’s Resolution Sale

DSC_1261It has been nearly three weeks since New Year’s and the resolutions have begun and it’s almost a guarantee that many of them have been broken. The initial spark of motivation and the “New Year, new me” mentality is beginning to dull. Many have been discouraged by the crowds and lines at the gym which has put a halt to their weight loss journey. Another factor which may be hindering people on their fitness journey is the effort needed to get to the gym. If you find yourself making excuses because the gym is too crowded or parking is too hard to find, the best way to keep your resolutions is to buy fitness equipment for your home. “But that’s way too expensive!” you might be saying. Not to worry because Primo Fitness is always looking out for people on their path to fitness. You’ll be able get the exact same machines you’ll use at the gym for a fraction of the price at our New Year’s Resolution sale. We’ve highlighted a few pieces here.

Precor AMT 100i Elliptical Crosstrainer

We talk a lot about the Preocr AMT 100i on this blog and for good reason. It is basically a ridiculously versatile elliptical because it can adapt to different stride lengths on the fly. It’s extremely popular at the gyms so that usually means there’s a long line behind it. Unfortunately buying this machine brand new is probably not an option due to its retail price tag of $8,595. Fortunately, you can get this innovative machine in great working condition for only $2,199. That is 75% off the original retail price.

Keiser M3+ Spin Bike

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle

We’ve previously rated the Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle as the best premium indoor cycle but luckily there’s a great way to buy it without the premium price. If you want the basically brand new M3 Plus version, you’ll still save a few hundred dollars with our price of $1395. If you like the bike and are perfectly fine with the handlebars in their default position, the amazingly cost effective way to own this premium bike is by purchasing the non-plus used Keiser M3 cycle for only $595.


StairMaster 7000PT Blue Face Console Stepmill

We’ve previously reviewed this model, so feel free to read our take on the StairMaster 7000PT Blue Face Console Stepmill. In summary, it’s a great machine for low impact yet high calorie burning cardio. You can get the Rocky workout right in the comfort of your own home for the bargain price of $1499!

These are just a few of the items we have on sale that will help you clear the path to your fitness goals.



Difference between the StairMaster SM916 Stepmill and StairMaster 7000PT Stepmill

We’ve previously reviewed the other highly popular stepmill, the StairMaster 7000PT stepmill, so we thought it would be helpful to detail everything that’s going on with the newer StairMaster SM916 stepmill and see how they compare. While it has yet to usurp the stepmill throne from the 7000PT, the SM916 is fully equipped to take the title of best stepmill on the market sooner than later.


For general benefits of stepmills, please read our previous blog post. All of these great benefits apply to both stepmills. No matter which model you use, you will get a high quality stepmill that will provide you a great low impact cardio workout.

In terms of measurements both the 7000PT and the SM916 are nearly identical to one another. They are both 29 by 78 by 50 inches (W x H x D) and would require at least a 10 foot ceiling in order to safely use the machine. StairMaster again delivers their patented revolving staircase system to simulate real stair climbing. The 7000PT and the SM916 both have eight inch tall steps and are adjustable from 24 to 162 steps her minutes.

One of the primary differences is the number of programs that are built into each stepmill. While both have 20 resistance levels, the 7000PT only has 6 programs built in while the SM916 has a whopping ten. They also both have a backlit LCD display and the SM916 also has the option to attach a 15 inch television. The StairMaster SM916 stepmill also has Polar-compatible heart rate monitoring.

Aesthetically, the SM916 stepmill is more streamlined with softer edges and less blockiness. Although it provides the same fundamental workout as the 7000PT, there is a new improved quieter step design which improves the fluidity of the stepping motion. Cushions have also been added for the joints. The console is also newly improved and is much easier to read and the handrails have also been tweaked to be easier to grab.

While the SM916 is definitely an improvement over the 7000PT, you cannot go wrong with either one. We highly endorse both stepmills if you’re looking for a quality cardiovascular workout.

Best Gym Equipment for Glutes

Want to participate in the fitness fashion of yoga pants but don’t feel confident in your backside? The gluteus (minimus, medius and maximus) is the most targeted body parts in terms of toning, only trailing the stomach. Besides the aesthetic benefits of a firm and perky posterior, strengthening the glutes will aid you in a variety of health benefits. The glutes are responsible for sitting down, standing up, lifting heavy objects, sprinting and changing direction and jumping. Strengthening the glutes, in addition to the hips, also will help stabilize your back and improve posture. They are a very vital muscle to strengthen if you wish to increase your athletic performance. If you are planning to hit the gym with your glutes in mind, we’ll help you out by listing the most effective fitness equipment for working them.


  1. Treadmill

In order to tone the gluteus, it is important to burn away excess fat and rid yourself of cellulite. The best method for fat burning is definitely cardio. The added advantage of a treadmill is that many of them have the option for interval training. Sprinting activates nearly every muscle in the gluteus muscle group, so it is a great exercise for both burning calories and strengthening.

  1. Stepmill

Another cardio machine that can help melt away the fat and help you sculpt your backside. This can serve as an alternative for a treadmill if you have knee issues or can’t withstand high impact exercises. For maximum benefit to your maximus, let go of the side railings to force your glutes to take the brunt of the stabilization duties. Doing this for around 20 minutes at moderate intensity is recommended.

  1. Squat Rack

A squat rack will aid you in performing the best exercise for working your glutes, the squat. The squat is the single best move to obtaining a quality backside. To properly perform a squat, have your feet parallel to each other and keep them shoulder width apart. Look ahead at a spot on the wall and focus on it. Lower your hips and keep your spine in the neutral position. A squat rack will help you if you are squatting with a barbell.

  1. Leg Press

The leg press machine is essentially a squat machine but with the user in an inverted position. The leg press is great because you have all the benefits of doing a squat, but not having to worry about your back. You can also add more weights to the machine to increase the work on your glutes.

We hope that these four machines will help you tone your posterior into what you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it’s a peach shape or a bubble, using the right machines and putting in the work will help you reach your goal.

StairMaster 7000PT Stepmill Review

StairMaster Stepmill 7000PT

Getting and staying in shape can be a difficult climb. Hence the irony of the fact that climbing a stepmill may be one of the best and most effective ways toward fitness. We’ve already covered the benefits of a stepmill so now we’re reviewing one of our favorite models and probably the most popular commercial stepmill in the game right now, the StairMaster 7000PT.

The StairMaster 7000PT is primarily used for intense cardiovascular and lower body workouts. Using this stepmill is almost identical to walking or running up a flight of  real stairs. There are three eight inch tall steps that revolve for an endless cycle of enjoyable stair climbing. It is also important to note that you should be at least over 100 pounds if you’re planning to use and purchase this machine. The steps may not move if you’re too light. Another note is that you should at least have a ten feet tall ceiling. If you’re a taller individual you will definitely need more space.

The new 7000PT also comes with a variety of features that weren’t available on the original stepmill. The main one being the different resistance levels and adjustable workout programs. It can go from 24 to 162 steps per minute for a wide range of fitness levels. There is also a backlit LED display which allows you to cycle through these different workouts. There is also a nationally recognized fitness test and a CPA Fire Fit test so you can gauge your fitness levels and improvement. The six included programs are quick start, manual, fat burner, calorie burner, speed intervals, heart rate zone trainer.

Other side features are heart rate monitoring, a reading rack, a water bottle holder and an accessory tray.

This is easily one of our favorite stepmills because it is also quite affordable. A commercial grade StairMaster 7000PT, which is extremely durable and will last an individual for a lifetime, will run you under two thousand dollars. The combination of an efficient design, different workout options and a variety of useful bells and whistles make this unit a must buy for stepmill enthusiasts.

Besides stepmills, we also have steppers, treadmills, elliptical crosstrainers, exercise bikes and a ton of strength equipment. Take a look at our commercial used fitness equipment today!

5 Benefits of Using a Stepper or Stepmill

One of the most iconic cinematic fitness moments is Rocky Balboa’s training montage and the final scene of him running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Although a little overdramatic, Rocky did have the right idea in mind for training. Running up and down stairs can be extremely beneficial in a variety of ways. But before elaborating on the benefits, let’s first define what a stepmill is. A stepmill generally has three revolving steps that are attached to a belt. There are generally different resistance levels to increase the difficulty of workouts. Many of them also come with handles for balance, but it isn’t necessary to use them. If you’re looking for a high quality stepmill, it is best to buy from the trusted StairMaster brand. A stepper is a little different from a stepmill but offers many similar benefits. Many steppers simulate climbing stars with alternating foot platforms that raise and lower your legs. Now on to the benefits:


1.       It’s low impact

Using a stepmill or a stepper has significantly less impact on your body than running on a treadmill. Although running is also a wonderful way to get cardio, the high intensity may start to cause strain on the knee due to the high impact caused by your feet hitting the ground. You also have the benefit of moving at slower speeds without sacrificing too much cardio, if any, since you’re always on an incline and each step actually burns more calories than walking.

2.       It burns the calories

Contrary to popular belief, just because an exercise is low impact doesn’t mean that it doesn’t burn as many calories. Using a stepmill or a stepper actually burns more calories because you have to lift your entire body weight with every step you take. This allows for a higher rate of calories burned and less time spent working out with the same amount, if not more, results as other exercises.

3.       Tones the lower body

A stepmill or stepper uses nearly every muscle in the lower body. By consistently using the machine and repeatedly training, you can tone your calves, hamstrings, gluteal muscles and quadriceps. Many women are afraid of becoming big and bulky by working out, but fortunately the stepmill/stepper is perfect for building lean muscle while also burning fat. Nearly all machines come with resistance options to increase and decrease difficulty which allows users of all fitness levels to be able to use the machine.

4.       Avoid Faceplants

This may seem like a minor benefit, but the psychological benefits of knowing that you won’t be falling flat on your face in the gym is wonderful. It allows you to work out more intensely without fear of injury. This is the case because most steppers/stepmills come with arms/rails on the side of the machine for stability. While many other machines also come with these handrails, using the handrail on a stepper does not allow you to “cheat” which helps keep your workouts efficient.

5.       Helps train natural movements

Moving up an incline is a very natural action in many fitness routines. Consistently using a stepmill or stepper to workout will help train your core and allows you to hike and climb more efficiently. It also increases your overall stamina and endurance so nearly every activity throughout your day will be easier for you. Also, it’ll allow you to dramatically run up office stairs at a quicker rate.

Now that you’ve read up on all the benefits of the wonderful steppers and stepmachines, you’re probably wondering where you can buy such an amazing machine for a low price. Fortunately, Primo Fitness sells commercial grade used stepmills and used stair steppers for wholesale prices. So check them out today and reap all the great benefits!

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