TechnoGym Selection Strength Line

TechnoGym Selection Strength Line

We have a TechnoGym Selection strength line for sale in very good condition. Every piece listed below is for sale. Please contact us for pricing and more details. We can also provide more pictures upon request. You can call us at (714) 957-2765 or email us at

Included Pieces:

  • Technogym Selection Delt Machine
  • Technogym Selection Arm Extension
  • Technogym Selection Arm Curl
  • Technogym Selection Leg Curl
  • Technogym Selection Leg Extension
  • Technogym Selection Upper back
  • Technogym Selection Shoulder
  • Technogym Selection Chest Press
  • Technogym Selection Vertical Traction
  • Technogym Selection Lat machine
  • Technogym Selection Abductor
  • Technogym Selection Adductor
  • Technogym Selection Leg Press
  • Technogym Selection Ab crunch
  • Technogym Selection Lower Back

Technogym Strength 1

Technogym Strength 2

Technogym Strength 3

Technogym Strength 4

Technogym Strength 5

Technogym Strength 6

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