Tips To Get Great Deals on Commercial Gym Equipment

Purchasing gym equipment can be a difficult process. Not only is this type of equipment very heavy and difficult to move, but they also tend to be very expensive. While commercial gyms may have the budget for this type of equipment, individuals and smaller gyms will have to find ways to work around the price. Here are a few tips for getting a great deal on gym equipment.

Search for Used Equipment

Purchasing commercial fitness equipment doesn’t have to always mean buying new. Even high-quality brands can be found for sale second-hand. For gyms or individuals on a tighter budget, searching for used equipment may be the best option. In reality, modern gym equipment can remain perfectly functional even after years of use. Buyers don’t have to worry that second-hand equipment will be of lesser quality. Websites like eBay, Craigslist and even Amazon are great places to search. All of these websites allow users to filter their search results based on certain parameters such as brands, type of equipment, price and more.

Ask Around at Gyms

It isn’t uncommon for commercial gyms to have hundreds of pieces of quality exercise equipment. In fact, these larger gyms often have a warehouse or two full of commercial gym equipment. Many people will be surprised to realize that a majority of these units are still fully functional and in great condition. Commercial gyms sometimes end up ordering too many units, run out of space or simply have to get new pieces of equipment. Instead of throwing these units away, large gyms will house them in a warehouse until they can be sold. While some of these units will be actively sold online, others simply sit there collecting dust. One great way to find a deal on commercial equipment is to ask around at commercial gyms to see if they are selling any used units.

Buy More Than One Unit

As with any product, buyers can typically get better deals when buying multiple units. Fortunately, gym equipment isn’t something typically bought one unit at a time. Those looking to get a good deal on commercial equipment should consider buying multiple units from the same vendor. This can help to reduce the overall price and may even qualify the buyer for shipping discounts. It is important to always ask for special deals and discounts as not all of them are advertised.

Forgo Shipping Costs

Commercial gym equipment is heavy and difficult to maneuver. Even when broken down into individual parts, these units are notoriously hard to manage. What makes this process even worse is having to ship this equipment from a warehouse to the gym. When buying commercial equipment, it is often the cost of shipping that surprises most buyers. Another tip for getting a great deal on commercial exercise equipment is forgoing the price of shipping by organizing an alternative method. This can include renting a moving van or using a personal trailer if the size is appropriate. Finding a cheaper method of transportation can greatly reduce the overall price of the unit.

These four tips will help small gyms and individuals find great deals on gym equipment of commercial quality. The key is to find gently used equipment that is being sold for half the amount of newer units.

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