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Best Treadmill for the Price – Life Fitness 95Ti

A high quality yet affordable used treadmill is hard to find. Everyone loves saving money but never at the cost of quality and durability. A treadmill takes a ton of abuse over its lifetime what with a human constantly running on top of it at high speeds delivering a ton of impact to its frame. There’s no doubt then that when looking for a treadmill, you want to look for durability. This is why it is highly suggested that instead of buying a cheap home treadmill from your local retail store, you should opt for a used commercial treadmill for its unmatched durability. These machines are designed to run 24 hours a day in a gym so they’ll essentially last a decade or more with home usage.

There are literally hundreds of choices when it comes to used treadmills, but you can narrow it down by only choosing a high quality commercial treadmill that’s from a trusted brand, like Life Fitness. If you want a treadmill that will get the job done for years and years for a modest budget, there is no better choice than a Life Fitness 95Ti treadmill. This treadmill is essentially the Tim Duncan of treadmills. Fundamentally sound, durable and ages like fine wine. So let’s see what sets this treadmill apart.


This is a streamlined sleek treadmill. It even has an intimidating and awesome nickname, the Silver Bullet, for it’s shiny and piercing appearance. It is one of Life Fitness’ all time best selling treadmill and its stylish looks certainly plays a part in that. If you want sleek, smooth and sophisticated, then go for the Life Fitness 95Ti treadmill.


This is where the treadmill truly shines. The Life Fitness 95Ti isn’t one of those air-headed looks only type of treadmills, it has inner beauty and amazing features too. The treadmill has Life Fitness’ patented FlexDeck suspension system and self-lubricating belt which gives the treadmill its smooth gliding ride.

life-fitness-95ti-treadmill-stock-photo-1Now the console is where we get all the fun features and workout tracking and all that fun jazz. In the console is something called the Ergo-bar, aka the activity zone, which places all your workout data where you probably want it, in your face. There are also a variety of different programs for different levels of intensity in your workout.

Now you’re probably asking “but what if my super intense running destroys this treadmill?” Worry no more because this treadmill has not one, not two, not three, but eight large shock absorbers underneath. There is also an option to attach an LCD TV to your treadmill!


In summary, this is an amazing treadmill for a budget. It is just a wonderful treadmill for anyone and everyone. It looks great, it runs great, it has a plethora of features and best of all, it’s being sold at Primo Fitness. What a coincidence.

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