5 Ways to Treat Soreness#

5 Ways to Treat Soreness#

Many fitness fanatics love that feeling of soreness after an intense workout. Although many enjoy it, if the soreness is overwhelming it can drastically hinder subsequent workouts. Soreness can also discourage many newcomers to the fitness world. What causes soreness is the build up of lactic acid which is a byproduct of muscle metabolism. Although it is impossible to completely prevent muscle soreness after an intense workout, there are a variety of methods to reduce the intensity of the soreness.


1. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated not only helps to prevent intense soreness, it’s just a great habit to have overall. Staying hydrated before, during and after your workout is absolutely vital in not only getting a better workout but also in staying healthy.

2. Warm up properly

Warming up is an absolutely great way to prevent muscle soreness and also decrease the chance of injury. Warming up does not mean only stretching though. Warming up should begin with light cardio to increase your body temperature and then movement that will increase the elasticity of your muscles.

3. Eat after you workout

You do not have to immediately eat a big meal after a workout, but it is important to put something in your body, proteins and carbohydrates are adequate, in order repair and build your muscles. Your body can benefit from a protein shake or a small snack of chicken and rice in order to get the necessary nutrition that will prevent soreness.

4. Ice

Ice is the preferred method of recovery for many top athletes around the world for a reason. The immediate effect of ice is that it reduces inflammation and alleviates pain from the onset of soreness. An ice bath constricts blood flow and once out of the ice bath, will promote new blood to improve healing. This also flushes out the lactic acid that has been building in the muscle after a workout.

5. Stretching

After your workout, when your muscles are still warm, is the best time to get some stretching in. Stretching serves to bring blood to certain body parts to promote recovery.

These are just a few proven methods to battle soreness so you can get back to your workout. If the soreness is too much though, remember to rest and let your body heal itself.


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