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Used Gym Equipment China

Used Gym Equipment China

Used Gym Equipment China

Used Fitness Equipment China


Are you an international dealer or gym owner in China looking to get quality used gym equipment? We have WeChat and WhatsApp and are happy to talk to you in person. If you are coming from Shanghai (上海), Beijing (北京), Tianjin (天津), Guangzhou (广州), Shenzhen (深圳), Wuhan (武汉), Dongguan (东莞), Chongqing (渝), Chengdu (成都), Nanjing (南京), Nanchong (南充), Xi’an (西安), Shenyang (沉阳), Hangzhou (杭), Harbin (哈尔滨), Tai’an (泰安), Suzhou (苏州), Shantou (汕头), Hong Kong (香港) or another area, it would be our pleasure to have you visit our showroom and warehouse in Santa Ana, California (time in Santa Ana now). We are 40 minutes South of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Driving directions from LAX.

我们的销售人员拥有丰富的产品检查经验并为运往中国的器材准备了海运集装箱。我们销售的健身器材都是美国产的商品级产品,如世界等级健身器材Life Fitness力健、Precor必确、Cybex赛百斯、Technogym泰诺键、 Hammer Strength豪迈力量、StairMaster班霸牌、 Matrix乔山等。

Our salespeople have experience with inspections and shipping containers to China. The fitness equipment we have available is commercial grade and made in the United States. We carry the top names in fitness such as Life Fitness, Precor, Cybex, Technogym, Hammer Strength, StairMaster, Matrix and many others.

我们有20年国际市场交易经验,深受海外客户好评。我们的产品质量卓越、价格公道,力求让每一位使用过我们产品的客户满意。我们有多种二手健身器材可供选择:跑步机、椭圆机、健身脚踏车、力量型健身器材、踏步机、楼梯机等。如果您想要咨询产品价格、运费、折扣等详细信息请联系我们微信:PrimoFitnessUSA  邮箱

We have been servicing international customers for over 20 years and we have built a solid reputation with all of our customers overseas. We strive to provide you quality products and fair pricing for all of your used gym equipment. Select from our huge inventory that includes: used treadmillsused ellipticalsused exercise bikesused strength equipment, used steppers and used stepmills, and others that best fits your needs.

If you would like more information, including pricing, shipping, discounts, etc., please contact us at WeChat ID PrimoFitnessUSA or send us an email at

Example Packages:

Precor Icarian and 885 Gym Package

Precor Icarian and 885 Cardio Gym Package (40 Pieces) (Precor Icarian 20 Piece Strength Line, 5 Precor 885 TRM Treadmills, 5 Precor 885 EFX Elliptical Crosstrainers, 5 Precor 885 RBK Recumbent Bikes, 5 Precor 885 UBK Upright Bikes)

Complete Gym Package 1

Complete Gym Package 1 (34 Pieces) (Cybex VR2 14 Piece Strength Line, 10 Precor 956i Treadmills, 5 Precor AMT 100i Elliptical Crosstrainers, 5 Precor 576i Elliptical Crosstrainers) 

Technogym Element Plus Strength Line

Technogym Element Plus Complete Gym Package (17 pieces) (Technogym Element+ 7 piece strength line, 4 Life Fitness 95T Engage treadmills, 4 Technogym Synchro ellipticals, 2 Technogym touchscreen upright bikes, 2 Technogym touchscreen recumbent bikes) 

Precor Icarian and 885 Gym Package

Precor Icarian and 885 Cardio Gym Package (40 Pieces) (Precor Icarian 20 Piece Strength Line, 5 Precor 885 TRM Treadmills, 5 Precor 885 EFX Elliptical Crosstrainers, 5 Precor 885 RBK Recumbent Bikes, 5 Precor 885 UBK Upright Bikes)

Hammer Strength MTS Gym Package

Hammer Strength MTS Complete Gym Package (19 pieces) (Hammer Strength 7 Piece Strength Line, 4 Life Fitness Integrity Treadmills, 2 Life Fitness 95Xi Ellipticals, 2 Life Fitness 95Ri Recumbent Bike, 2 Life Fitness 95Ci Upright Bike)

Precor 885 w/P80 Cardio

Precor 885 with P80 Console Cardio Package (all touchscreens) – Precor TRM 885 Treadmill, Precor AMT 885 Elliptical Crosstrainer, Precor EFX 885 Elliptical Crosstrainer, Precor UBK 885 Upright Bike, Precor RBK 885 Upright Bike (click the link for individual pricing)

Fill out the form below for more information on gym packages. We can give you information on pricing, shipping and special discounts.


What Happens After I Buy Used Gym Equipment From You?

You’re a customer from the minute you look to buy from us and well after your purchase. We pride ourselves on giving our clients the best customer service possible to ensure that your experience with us is enjoyable and delightful. Here at Primo Fitness, we provide you various types of services available following your purchase.

  1. We will provide you replacement parts at discounted prices if needed.
  2. Our service technicians are certified and will provide servicing advice, tips, and how-to’s if anything ever goes wrong with your machine, so you’re never alone.

How to Buy Used Gym Equipment From Us

  • Send us an email with your request or call our sales representative at (714) 957-2765.
  • We will prepare a proposal estimate for you. The more you buy, the more you will save!
  • Once payment has been cleared, we will reserve your products and put them into production.

Most of our international clients fly into our Santa Ana, CA warehouse to inspect all of the equipment but not all do. We have conducted many international deals over the phone and email and can assure you that you will get exactly what you are expecting. We will provide any pictures that you may need.

We strive to provide you the best in quality gym equipment at affordable, competitive prices.

We look forward to working with you on supplying your fitness equipment needs!

We can help you find whatever you need within your budget, even if the product is not listed on the site, we will do our best to find it for you. You can fill out the form even if you only want one machine! We offer discounts on bulk orders and put together gym packages per request.

Click here for a full list of gym packages. This list is not comprehensive, we will build a custom package to fit your needs upon request.