Used Vicore Fitness Equipment

Used Vicore Fitness Equipment

We have partnered up with Vicore Fitness to bring you their high quality fitness products for wholesale prices. Every item here is repackaged and remanufactured to the point where it is nearly indistinguishable with a brand new item. It is very important for them to ensure that the customer has the most incredible experience with their products. If you are interested in ordering, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (714) 957-2765.

Vicore VKR – $849 (silver, white and black)

Vicore VKR 1

Vicore VKR2

Vicore Core Ab – $699 (black only)

Vicore Core Ab 1

Vicore Core Bench – $449 (silver and black) 

Vicore Core Bench 1

Vicore Core Bench 2

Vicore Core Bench 3

Vicore Core Chair – $349 (silver only)

Vicore Core Chair 1

Vicore Core Chair 2
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