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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution – Fitness Edition

We all know it’s coming, the infamous “I’m going to lose weight next year!” followed by two weeks of going to the gym. Millions struggle with this resolution of fitness year after year but there is a way to escape the trap. It’s a psychological battle to break old habits and form new ones but with these simple steps, you can be on your way to fulfilling your fitness resolutions.


  1. Set a concrete goal

Don’t make a general abstract goal like “I’m going to get in better shape” or “I’m going to lose weight,” which are almost impossible to track. The key is to create a quantifiable measure of fitness such as “lose 50 pounds” or “run a mile in nine minutes” which are attainable and you can track your progress leading up to it.

  1. Set small incremental goals

Let’s use the goal of “lose 50 pounds” in our previous example. This is a very difficult and intimidating goal if we are to look at only the ultimate goal. To make it less daunting, you can break it up into smaller more immediately attainable goals. You can set goals like “lose 10 pounds a month” and break those into even smaller bite sized goals like “lose 3 pounds this week.” It’ll give you the feeling of gratification and will motivate you to continue the progress.

  1. Have a plan

You’re not going to be very successful on your fitness journey if you’re just winging it and making everything up as you go. It is absolutely vital to have a detailed plan both for your workouts and your diet. It may be a little costly at first, but consider investing in a personal trainer to help you figure out a training regiment and a meal plan. There are also a plethora of sources online, but make sure that they’re credible because utilizing them.

  1. Make it easy

Do everything in your power to make working out and eating healthy as convenient as possible for you. Many meals can be prepared and frozen or refrigerated and last for the entire week. Packing your own lunch and having dinner already set up every day will eliminate the temptation to eat or eat unhealthy food.

It is a fact that January will be extremely busy for gyms all around the country. You’re likely to spend more time waiting in line for the machines you want to use than actually using them. To combat this you can buy fitness equipment for your home. You will not reach your goals if you’re dreading going to the gym, trying to find parking, and fighting the crowds just to work out. Luckily for you, we have tons of fitness equipment in stock! Apologies for the cheap plug.

No matter what your resolutions are, whether they are fitness related or not, if you follow these steps you’ll be well on your way to reaching your goals.

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