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DRAX Fitness Equipment

DRAX FITNESS since 2001.

Based on patented technology, DRAX created MyMountain which makes climbing effect indoors possible, and a treadmill that adjusts speed automatically. In order to supply high-quality products at a good price, our employees have been engaged in R & D activities. 


We mean it. We want you to be able to exercise as if you are exercising in nature wherever and whenever you feel like it.

DRAX has invested heavily to produce the perfect products in the most efficient way and now has a one-stop production line as a result. DRAX conducts all of its production processes from R&D and engineering through materials procurement and parts production to assembly and painting in a one-stop factory.

Production Department

Unlike other manufacturers, DRAX has established a one-stop production line. This means that we complete all of our production processes from the procuring of raw materials to the making of frames and the cutting and polishing of each individual part in-house. our Production Department, which comprises the Manufacturing Team, Assembly Team, and Equipment Team, is staffed with maestros endowed with extensive knowledge and experience. Our veteran craftsman manufacture all DRAX parts and products with state of the art equipment.

DRAX products



Users can experience the feeling of running in nature with this eco-friendly treadmill that naturally adjusts the speed according to the user’s walking or running speed according to the user’s walking or running speed.


Unlike most treadmills. MyMountain is conveniently small and light which helps for easy installation and placement in your home. MyMountain has been the most popular next-generation treadmill in Japan for over 15 years.

Redon Treadmill

DRAX has adopted a touchscreen display with a 21.5” monitor. The large screen enables users not only to review their exercise data but also to check the programmed exercise and watch YouTube, Netflix, or other programs on digital TV at the same time. The user can also interface a smartphone through WiFi or Bluetooth to watch the smartphone displays on the monitor.


Elliptical featuring a stylish design and smart functions. The perfect elliptical that adds the latest smart function to the machine for natural walking exercise.


The ergonomic design features a firm structure. The best weight exercise equipment controls muscle use accurately with a firm weight structure that prevents shaking.

Lower Body


Upper Body