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How to use gym equipment#

How to use gym equipment#

Every gym machine is different so of course there are multiple ways of using different equipment. What we are providing you here are general tips on how to use fitness equipment so that you’ll not only prevent injuries, but also get the maximum benefit out of them. Some of this advice does not apply to every machine so use your best judgement.


1. Find the right machine for you

In order to use equipment correctly, you have to first choose what type of equipment to use. This is a pretty simple process because no matter what your goal is, whether it be strength building or calorie burning, you have to enjoy using the machine. If you don’t enjoy the machine, you’re not going to get any benefits because you won’t be working as hard and you won’t be as motivated to keep going.

2. Adjust the machine

In almost every case, you can’t just jump onto a machine after someone has been using it and begin  your workout. Everyone’s body is different, size-wise and movement-wise. Here are general adjustment tips for all the major machines:

1) Treadmills

Treadmills are very easy to use and can accommodate users of every fitness level. The main adjustments you can make on a treadmill are speed and incline. Logically, users with higher fitness levels will want faster speeds and steeper inclines.

2) Exercise bikes

This low impact option generally has only one adjustment option, the seat height. Most people generally sit too low which may cause more pressure on the knees and reduces the range of movement and calorie burning impact of cycling. Your knees should only be slightly bent, maybe a 10 degree angle at most. Some people like biking with their feet flat on the pedal, but putting the ball of your foot on the pedal is recommended. You want your leg to experience a full range of motion in order to optimal benefit.

3) Ellipticals

Ellipticals are also low impact cardio machines with different adjustable settings. There are two main type of ellipticals, those with upper body (movable arms) and those without. People new to working out should stick to just the lower body for the time being in order to focus on building up their stamina and endurance.

Generally cardio machines are very straightforward and simple to adjust because many of them have electronic consoles. Strength machines on the other hand, do not offer as much straight forward guidance when it comes to adjusting.

3. Know your limits

There are many experts in the gym lifting a ridiculous amounts of weights and this can be both intimidating and encouraging. If you’re new to fitness, lifting and using machines, it is important to know your limits so that you get the most out of your workout and don’t hurt yourself. If you are following a pre-set routine, you should have enough weights to complete the desired amount of reps and no more. You should feel fatigued by the end of the rep.

If you do not have a set routine, always start off low. Once you find a comfortable weight where you can do 8-15 reps on to fatigue, that is when you know you’ve found the right amount of weight.



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