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Panatta makes it fun for kids to engage in exercise activities, with a colorful, fun, and safe design.

The Panatta Kids machines focus on the interaction that children have with their environment. And one of the things Panatta has done with the Kids Machines is naming them after fictional characters to create a sense of belonging and reassurance in the child. So that rather than approaching exercise as a boring or alienating experience, the Panatta Kids machines make it fun, enjoyable, and safe for children to exercise.

The Kids machines are not just colorful and cute, they come with a work method that mixes play and exercise and gives life to exciting group lessons. The interactive displays and light sensors ensure that the little ones are always using correct posture.

And since “kids will be kids” interaction design is the number one feature of these machines.

Panatta makes play, sport, prevention, imagination, and creativity the backbone of this line.

The Panatta Kids Machines can make a positive impact on children, helping kids do better in school, eliminate behavioral disorders, improve their cognitive skills, improve their confidence and problem-solving skills–and help them stay out of trouble!

Exercise helps kids:

  • Have better results in school
  • Improve their cognitive skills
  • Combat depression
  • Improve confidence
  • Gain a positive outlook in life
  • Control their weight
  • Fight disease
  • Improve mood and behavior