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American Barbell Fixed Barbell Storage Rack

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The American Barbell Fixed Barbell Storage Rack is an A-Frame designed unit that supports up to 10 barbells. It is constructed from high-grade steel to provide the rugged durability that you need for many years of service. This unit is very secure, featuring bottom and top cross beams. The smooth matte black powder coating finish of this storage rack looks great while also ensuring that the unit does not scratch or chip when you are adding or removing barbells.

The American Barbell Fixed Barbell Storage Rack allows for both straight and EZ curl fixed weight barbells to be loaded onto it. The generous spacing of the barbell posts makes it easy to add or remove the weight plates. This rack allows you to conveniently and neatly store your fixed weight barbells while allowing easy access for users. Its smart, clean look complements any training environment, allowing your gym to remain clutter-free and orderly. 

Note: Your purchase of the Fixed Barbell Storage Rack does not include the fixed weight plates pictured. Must be purchased separately.

  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Holds 10 fixed weight barbells
  • A-Frame design
  • 38”L x 34”W x 64”H

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American Barbell Fixed Barbell Storage Rack