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American Barbell Revolving Lat Pulldown Bar-Solid (48″)


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The revolving lat pulldown bar is a professional standard commercial gym model. It is constructed from solid steel and finished in chrome to provide a solid, secure connection with the weight that your body needs. The angle bends at the ends of this bar are ergonomically designed for the maximum bio-mechanical engagement of the lats during pulldowns.

Precision knurling on the mid grip area and the angled ends of the bar provide for a secure, comfortable grip without causing friction or seat slippage. Combining this with the ideal grip diameter of 1-inch guarantees that your grip won’t be the weak link in your exercise execution.

Secure rubber endcaps help to keep your hands secure when doing extremely wide grip pulldowns while also protecting the bar from wear and tear.

The length of this bar makes it versatile enough to be used on a range of movements beyond the standard lat pulldown, including wide grip seated rows. The multi-axis swivel design and heavy-duty eye-bolt provides a very secure attachment to the bar, providing you with the assurance that the weight won’t fail, no matter how heavy you go.

Solid steel with hard chrome finish
Grip diameter: 25.4” [1.00“]
Precision knurling
Ergonomically angled bar ends
Multi-axis revolving swivel design


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American Barbell Revolving Lat Pulldown Bar-Solid (48″)