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KIDS BAR 2,5 kg

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The Lightest Bar To Help Kids Become Athletes

What makes Younix Kids Bar
your best choice?

Design & Shape

A full aluminium bar of 2,5kg has an overall length of 130cm with 50mm loadable sleeves fully compatible with bumper plates. A shaft of 22mm diameter with 105mm loadable sleeve can be loaded up to 20kg.


Like the big boss bars, this light bar comes with a soft dual mark knurling to guide the young athlete taking confidence with weightlifting exercises without the heavy weight of a classical bar.


Two Needle Precision German Bearings will give you a quieter, smoother spin and a more reliable turnover to develop a good technique. Avoid wrist stress and increase the possibility to catch the bar during the Olympic lifts.

No rust

Both shaft and sleeves are made of aluminum. Black anodize shaft with red anodize sleeves improves the resistance to chemical agents like sweat, blood and chalk.


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KIDS BAR 2,5 kg