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Add more weight

What makes Extra Pin
your best choice?

How does it work?

You insert the pin into the hole in one of the weight stack plates. You slide Olympic weight plates onto the sleeve portion. You can optionally add a barbell collar to ensure the plates stay in place. Perform the exercise as you normally would.

Is it safe?

If you are concerned about the extra weight causing the cable to break, be sure this can’t happen with the Younix Dyneema ropes avaiable as standard on the entire Younix line of selectorized equipment.

Who should buy an Extra Pin?

If you perform heavy lat pull down or low row, the 60kg standard weight of the Younix Cable Tower could be low for certain athletes. Buy 1 pin and go up to 110kg, buy 2 of these and go up to 160kg!

Incremental adder Weight

The Extra Pin isn’t just for adding plates to a weight stack. It also has a hidden side benefit. That is, when you don’t load any plates onto it, it becomes an “adder weight” if you want to add just a small increment of weight to the stack


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