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FOAM BOX 50-60-75cm

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Solid To Perform Plyometrics And Soft Enough In Case Of Misstep

What makes Younix Foam Box
your best choice?

Design & Shape

Made of ultra-dense foam core with softer foam on all six sides, the box weighs 26kg, and it’s stable enough to bear repeated jumps with or without shoes. The extra durable PVC cover will withstand the jumps of any athlete.

Multi height

By overturning it, the box can be easily positioned at three different heights: 50cm, 60cm and 75 cm. The numbers printed on each sides show you the height you are jumping at.


The foam material prevents the risk of injuries in case of a misstep. You can now safely perform plyometric exercises on a box in your facility without the fear of an open shin.


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FOAM BOX 50-60-75cm