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Muscle D Power Leverage Line Leverage Row / T-Bar Row (MDP-2012)


Able to order – in stock with the manufacturer

Able to order – in stock with the manufacturer

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T Bar Row Machine Benefits – At A Glance

  •  Designed to target the deltoids, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, and triceps in the shoulders, back, and arms.
  •  Chest pad and foot plates help to secure the upper torso in place which isolates the target muscles.
  •  Universal joint on long rowing arm provides a free-flowing motion for users.
  •  Choice of two handle grips with an adjustable carriage.
  •  Easy lift off from resting saddle so exercisers can get started quickly and easily.


Designed with biomechanics and maximal muscular activation in mind, the t bar row machine will please the most experienced and demanding of strength experts. Pillow block bearings create a motion that’s completely free of friction for unparalleled movement. This freedom simulates the experience of training with bars or dumbbells, yet with a higher level of guidance and safety. The wellbeing of your members is of vital importance, which is why we choose to use a uniframe base. This ensures that power leverage units are solid, rigid, and thoroughly stable.


The t bar row movement targets the deltoids, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, and triceps. This angled rowing motion provides a comprehensive workout for the shoulders, back, and arms. A comfortable chest pad combined with stable foot plates help to secure the upper torso in place. This isolates the targeted muscles to ensure they’re maximally activated for effective results.


The long rowing arm hinges on a universal joint which provides a free-flowing motion for users. This tests the muscles in more diverse ways than a selectorized unit, since the body needs to recruit stabilization muscles to assist the main contractors. There’s an adjustable carriage with a choice of two handle grips. Users can select based on their training need or personal preference for maximal versatility. Lift off from the resting saddle position is easy so that exercisers can get going quickly.


Our T Bar Row Machine delivers the highest standards of strength training for your facility members. The design and biomechanics ensure that muscles are fully activated during each movement, making every workout highly effective.

T Bar Row – MDP-2012 Specifications

  •  Weight: 188 lbs / 86 kg
  •  Dimensions: 75” x 41” x 48” in / 191 cm x 104 cm x 122 cm
Weight 188 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 41 × 48 in


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