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A single Belt, many uses

What makes Multi-use Belt
your best choice?

5 sizes that fit all

The multi belt is made of 5 pairs of metal rings to quickly adjust the belt by 10 centimeters: 110-120-130-140-150 cm. You can accommodate different size athletes performing several exercises.


The Multi-use belt is ideal for belt squat, weighted pull-ups, weighted dip, and many exercises on our Cable Rack like sprinting or squatting by hooking the extremities of the belt to the carabiners of the two columns and placing it on your shoulders.

Durability & Quality

The Multi-use belt is made with the highest quality components and hardware to ensure the most increased durability on the market. Built with a special inner foam to prevent discomfort during heavy exercises, it is wrapped with nylon and a spacer mesh interior for breathability.


You can use it on every exercise where extra hanging weight is required. Perfect for any belt squat machine, it goes from 110 cm circumference up to a maximum circumference of 150 cm. The pad measures 90 cm long x 15 cm tall x 2,5 cm thick.


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