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Panatta Freeweight HP Super Rowing Plus 1HP504A / 1FW004

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Additional information

The Super Rowing is specific for training the central part of the back, especially for the development of the muscles thickness in this body part. It stands out for:

  • Gas assisted height adjustable seat;
  • Independent levers for mono-lateral or bilateral exercise;
  • Physiological load curve with levers system;
  • Multiple handgrips for prone, semi-prone or neutral grips;
  • Levers for physiological start of the movement;
  • Fixed central handle to stabilize the body during mono lateral exercise.


  • 4 additional weight holders

Technical Specifications

  • Width: 140cm (55″)
  • Length: 175cm (69″)
  • Height: 115cm (45″)
  • Weight: 190Kg (418 lbs)
  • Max. Weight: 220Kg (485 lbs)

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Panatta Freeweight HP Super Rowing Plus 1HP504A / 1FW004