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Technogym Kinesis Class Functional Training Wall



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Kinesis©Class allows members to focus on their individual technique while enjoying the camaraderie and motivation of a synchronized class atmosphere.

The Kinesis©Class offers an almost limitless range of movement possibilities, all of which can be segmented into specific programs.These programs can then be tailored to the needs of a wide variety of populations, from sport specific to active aging to rehabilitation and more.

Kinesis©Class creates a lasting bond and enduring loyalty

Each class uses at least three Kinesis©Omega modules.As individuals in the class follow the same exercises together on the same module, they will get to know each other and feel empowered by a shared and common purpose.That energy is then communicated to other facility members who, in turn, will sign up for Kinesis©classes.

Kinesis©Class creates energy and generates new income

The group dynamics created by group training engage customers more fully, and attract the attention and interest of other members within your facility.This level of energy and engagement will reduce customer attrition and increase loyalty.You may choose to increase revenues further by offering Kinesis©Class as an additional fee program, above and beyond your regular membership privileges.

Kinesis©TM makes movement free and enjoyable, easy and natural, and without restrictions


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Technogym Kinesis Class Functional Training Wall