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Below is our general refurbishing/remanufacturing process for our commercial grade fitness equipment.

  1. All Overlays Replaced
  2. All Electronic Sensors Replaced
  3. All Wearable Moving Parts Replaced Regardless of Condition
  4. New Running Belt & Motor Drive Belt On Treadmills
  5. Belts Replaced
  6. Decks Waxed or Replaced
  7. Frames Repainted
  8. Roller Bearings Replaced
  9. Bushings Replaced
  10. All Grips Replaced
  11. Decals Replaced
  12. Shrouds Replaced If Cracked
  13. All Electronic and Machine Functions tested twice before shipping

Primo Fitness has been refurbishing/remanufacturing used fitness gym equipment for over 10 years. We only used the best replacement parts and our refurbished/remanufactured machines are like new again when they leave our shop.