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Shipping Policy

Primo Fitness Shipping Policy

All products are shipped F.O.B. or Ex-Works from Seller’s place of business, unless otherwise specified. Further, unless Buyer pays additional charges to have Seller’s logistics team deliver and install the products (see “Installation” below), products will be shipped via independent common carrier. The title to the equipment passes to Buyer upon receipt of full payment.

Buyer is responsible for any loss or damage to shipments after leaving the point of origin. Buyer is responsible for recording any shortages, damages or losses on the Delivery Receipt at the time of delivery. A copy of Buyer’s Delivery Receipt must be forwarded to the Seller’s Customer Service Department, at the address identified in paragraph 9 hereof, when damage or losses are claimed.

All concealed damage, or damage not apparent until the equipment is unpacked and examined, must be reported to the Customer Service Department at the address or telephone number identified in paragraph 9 hereof within 48 hours of delivery. All concealed damage claims must be made within five (5) days from the delivery date. Buyer is responsible for notifying the Carrier to perform an inspection of the damages before the close of business on the fifth day after delivery.

All packaging materials must be kept available by Buyer for the inspection. Failure to report a concealed damage claim as outlined above will affect Buyer’s ability to fully recover damages from the Carrier and will result in Buyer assuming any costs incurred for replacing or repairing the damage.