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  • Life Fitness

    Life Fitness (33)

    [caption id="attachment_5085" align="alignright" width="150"]Life Fitness Fitness Equipment Life Fitness Fitness Equipment[/caption] Life Fitness began over 40 years ago with an idea, and a vision - Create a different kind of fitness equipment. Something that will engage and inspire exercisers to do more, to push themselves further. Out of this vision was born the world's first electronic piece of fitness equipment, the LifeCycle Exercise Bike. Our long-standing commitment to thoughtful product development and partnership has resulted in the global leader in the commercial fitness industry with over 400 different products delivered to thousands of commercial and home fitness customers worldwide. Throughout our history, Life Fitness' dedication to constantly develop better, more effective fitness equipment is rivaled only by our desire to be a partner to help our customers who choose to become fit, or to provide a healthy lifestyle to others. Over 20 years of worldwide success of our new and used gym equipment for sale. Experienced technicians in certified, pre-owned and custom-built refurbished ones. Outstanding reputation known because of our high-quality work and customer service. Contact us and let's discuss your needs today!
  • Precor Fitness Equipment

    Precor Fitness Equipment (1)

    [caption id="attachment_5083" align="alignright" width="150"]Precor Fitness Equipment Precor Fitness Equipment[/caption] Founded in 1980 by industrial engineer David Cruz, Precor Fitness had a set goal to become worldwide leader in the home/commercial exercise equipment industry with an emphasis for superior quality, creative innovation, and overall performance. For over 30 years, Precor has elevated the industry to new heights with a devoted concentration on ergonomics, physical science, and superior engineering. Precor Fitness progressed from their first product, the ergonomic rowing machine, to the first elliptical training machine, and recently the AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer). Their focused studies allowed them to properly anticipate the demands of the consumers they serve, and continuously enhance the premium standards needed to deliver the most effective fitness experience. Precor Fitness is now the brand name of choice for commercial gyms, hotels, spas, apt. clubhouses, and home gyms worldwide. Precor Fitness has received great reviews from fitness clubs such as, Gold's Gym, Anytime Fitness, and hotel chains like Hilton, Doubletree, Embassy Suites and plenty of others. Over 20 years of worldwide success of our new and used gym equipment for sale. Experienced technicians in certified, pre-owned and custom-built refurbished ones. Outstanding reputation known because of our high-quality work and customer service. Contact us and let's discuss your needs today!
  • Cybex Fitness Equipment

    Cybex Fitness Equipment (11)

    [caption id="attachment_5084" align="alignright" width="150"]Cybex Fitness Equipment Cybex Fitness Equipment[/caption] Cybex Fitness Equipment is a leading fitness manufacturer of premium exercise equipment designed to improve physical well being, function and performance. Based on a sports medicine and rehabilitation heritage, Cybex leverages its expertise in exercise science to provide innovative and technologically differentiated products and programs. Cybex International produces premium commercial fitness equipment designed to deliver unparalleled results for exercisers from first-time users to professional athletes. The company's dedication to exercise science, through the Cybex Institute, leads the fitness industry in providing scientific basis for the development of exercise machines that enhance human performance. With over 90 patents, Cybex equipment is innovative in design, durable in structure and engineered to be biomechanically correct to produce optimum results with minimum stress on the body - this is the Cybex Advantage. The company's offerings include a full array of strength and cardio training machines. Cybex manufactures the largest selection of strength training equipment in the industry with over 150 unique pieces including four complete lines of selectorized strength equipment plus modular, plate-loaded, free weights and Big Iron – a series of racks and benches for the most demanding workout. Cardio equipment includes a full line of treadmills and bikes plus the revolutionary Arc Trainer. The Arc Trainer is a unique offering in the elliptical category – capable of high intensity workout with low impact and scientifically demonstrated to reduce damage to the knees. Cybex Fitness Equipment designs for customers who value performance and results – serving the needs of diverse market segments such as fitness clubs, YMCAs / JCCs, sports teams, colleges, military, country clubs, and workplace fitness facilities. The power of the Cybex brand makes it attractive for use in hotels & spas as well as upscale home gyms. A pioneer in the development of inclusive fitness, Cybex produces its Total Access line of products for individuals with physical disabilities. The company is a US manufacturer with two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the USA and a workforce of 560 employees. Cybex commercial products are sold domestically primarily through the Cybex direct sales force with light commercial and consumer products going through specialty fitness dealers. Internationally, Cybex products are sold through distributors in over 90 countries across the globe. Over 20 years of worldwide success of our new and used gym equipment for sale. Experienced technicians in certified, pre-owned and custom-built refurbished ones. Outstanding reputation known because of our high-quality work and customer service. Contact us and let's discuss your needs today!
  • Matrix Fitness Equipment

    Matrix Fitness Equipment (2)

    Matrix Gym Equipment: Strong, smart and beautiful. About Matrix [caption id="attachment_15121" align="alignright" width="300"]Matrix Fitness Equipment Matrix Fitness Equipment[/caption] MATRIX FITNESS' GOAL IS CLEAR: To make commercial grade equipment that stands out, rises above, and sets new industry standards in the process. Well, we've done just that. But that's just the beginning. Each time we introduce a new product we immediately start asking 'How can we make it better?' Perhaps that's why our machines attract more attention and require less maintenance than anything the competition has to offer. Matrix is a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech, Ltd. (JHT). Johnson Health Tech has been producing premium fitness equipment since 1975 and is the fastest growing manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. It has earned both ISO 9002 and 9001 certifications. A truly global company with 16 subsidiaries worldwide, JHT has the intellectual resources necessary to produce the most technologically advanced equipment on the market and the economies of scale needed to deliver the best value possible. INNOVATION Superior industrial design, with a contemporary look, has been Matrix's trademark since the beginning. Matrix pioneered the use of oversized tubular construction in strength equipment. Our selectorized line is the jewel in the usual "sea of sameness" that has cluttered health clubs for too many years. We set the design standard for which others now strive. Changing industry standards didn't end with aesthetic distinction of the strength products. It carried over into technological innovation in a new series of industry firsts, starting with the Hybrid Cycle in 2006, followed by the Ascent Trainer, T7xe Treadmill, G7 Series Strength and Krankcycle. Matrix is among the world's premier commercial fitness brands – an honor we take seriously. In the last two years alone, we've brought more innovative and unique concepts to the industry than any other brand. We're able to do this by combining a talented development team with exclusive partner relationships from within our industry and beyond - partners that excel in their fields and, together with Matrix, are helping to reshape the fitness industry. Over 20 years of worldwide success of our new and used gym equipment for sale. Experienced technicians in certified, pre-owned and custom-built refurbished ones. Outstanding reputation known because of our high-quality work and customer service. Contact us and let's discuss your needs today!
  • Star Trac Exercise Equipment

    Star Trac Exercise Equipment (3)

    About Star Trac Star Trac Fitness EquipmentIn 1979 Star Trac Exercise Equipment started manufacturing exercise equipment targeted towards both home and commercial gym proprietors. What they ended up with was a premium line of exercise equipment including the Pro Treadmill with integrated fans, exclusively designed upright and recumbent stationary cycles, elliptical machines that provide an all natural stride, patended spinner bikes, reliable total body stairclimbers, complete lines of selectorized strength equipment, multiple free weights and Max Rack, one of the most advanced power rack/smith machine combos available on the market. Star Trac also developed a patnership with Mad Dogg Athletics Corporation, the designers of the Spinner bikes as well as the spinning education program. This partnership allowed Star Trac to manufacture the patented Spinner bikes while Mad Dogg Athletics focused on improving the Spinning educational program. Star Trac now has a significant pressence within the fitness industry with more than 500 staff members. You'll find Star Trac Fitness machines in hotels, military camps , police / fire stations, apartments, clubhouses, rehab/wellness centers, corporate gyms, and residential gyms worldwide. Look at the listings below to see some of the great Star Trac Fitness equipment that we currently offer. Over 20 years of worldwide success of our new and used gym equipment for sale. Experienced technicians in certified, pre-owned and custom-built refurbished ones. Outstanding reputation known because of our high-quality work and customer service. Contact us and let's discuss your needs today!
  • Expresso Fitness

    Expresso Fitness (1)

    Expresso Fitness: Think exercise has to be a chore? Think again. At Interactive Fitness, we make it fun. We know people stay motivated longer and work harder when they are engaged in their workouts. We believe exercise technology should connect people through competitive team and individual programs. We build products for exercisers and industry leaders who demand the best possible workout experience. Select the product line below that is right for you. Contact Primo Fitness for all of your Expresso Fitness needs – (714) 957-2765
  • Lemond Fitness Equipment

    Lemond Fitness Equipment (1)

    About LeMond Fitness Equipment: HOW WE GOT STARTED As the first American to win the Tour de France, Greg transformed the world of cycling. LeMond, powered by HOIST Fitness bikes reflect Greg’s same passion for cycling products that break out of the mold. Tired of indoor training, exercise bikes, and bike trainers that have nothing to do with cycling at all, Greg has reinvented this product category – making LeMond the industry gold standard for high quality and exceptional performance in stationary cycles. Designed like great road bikes, all LeMond exercise and training bikes offer user-friendly adjustments and innovative cycling programs to make a workout and training program more effective. We also believe in giving back... supporting young cyclists, helping athletes train, and working with kids to instill a lifelong appreciation of the power of being fit.
  • FreeMotion Fitness Equipment

    FreeMotion Fitness Equipment (1)

    About Free Motion Fitness [caption id="attachment_4988" align="alignright" width="256"]Freemotion Exercise Equipment Freemotion Exercise Equipment[/caption] FreeMotion Fitness originated as a strength training equipment development company named Ground Zero Design. After twenty years of experience the business was eventually acquired by Icon Health & Fitnesss, a home fitness company, to establish it's commercial equipment division. Ground Zero quickly went to work and received patents for the innovation of a series of FreeMotion machines in early 2001. When the World Trade Center tragedy of 09/11/2001 occurred, Ground Zero Design promptly changed their name to FreeMotion Fitness out of respect for the victims and began establishing their new brand name. With patents and a fresh brand in place, FreeMotion Fitness quickly began revolutionizing the strength training industry with it's line of integrated functional training equipment. Their innovated design, combining extensive cable travel and swivel pulleys, eliminated the constraints of one dimensional workouts, allowing users the freedom to "Train the Way (They) Move." In recent years Freemotion designed and developed lines of cardio and strength equipment to meet the requirements of various fitness clubs. One example is FreeMotion's EPIC selectorized equipment which provides improved movement and aestically appealing design. Freemotion has also developed a complete line of fitness cardio equipment plus the VertexVibration Platform which provides a unique way to approach total body training. For smaller clubs such as studios, corporate gyms, and home gyms Freemotion provides a compact solution in the Reebok Fitness line, including the Tomahawk Indoor Cycle. Follow the link below to see some of the great FreeMotion Fitness equipment we currently offer.
  • Stairmaster Fitness Equipment

    Stairmaster Fitness Equipment (1)

    About Stair Master Since 1983, StairMaster has provided fitness options that require real effort from users, and reward that effort with real results. We are proud to say that for over 25 years, we have been known as the workout that your members love to hate, and we are dedicated to continuing that tradition. Real Work. Real Results.
  • TKO Fitness Equipment

    TKO Fitness Equipment (20)

    About TKO Fitness Equipment: OUR HISTORY [caption id="attachment_4992" align="alignright" width="150"]TKO Fitness Equipment TKO Fitness Equipment[/caption] TKO Sports Group USA Limited was founded in 1996 by Garry Kurtz. TKO was first a boxing equipment company (hence the name Technical KnockOut), but has since evolved into a health and fitness equipment manufacturing company. TKO now offers a variety of products, from boxing gloves to yoga mats, or from dumbbells to functional trainers and cardio equipment such as elliptical machines and indoor bikes.

    1996: Boxing 1998: Fitness 2001: Free Weights 2002: Racks & Storage Systems 2003: Group Fitness 2006: Commercial Utility Benches 2009: Smith Machine & Full Commercial Utility Equipment

    OUR MISSION STATEMENT At TKO Sports Group USA Limited, we are committed to building a company that inspires the design of innovative products in the promotion of wellness and healthy living. Whatever It Takes is not just a tag line, it's our lifestyle.
  • Nautilus

    Nautilus (5)

    [caption id="attachment_14891" align="alignright" width="300"]Nautilus Fitness Equipment Nautilus Fitness Equipment[/caption] Nautilus Fitness Equipment is the gold standard in fitness and widely considered the founder of the modern commercial gym. In 1970, Nautilus revolutionized fitness, incorporating its Nautilus cam design across a wide range of circuit training equipment. Today, Nautilus serves consumers via retail, carrying on its tradition of excellence by producing gym-quality cardio and strength solutions for the home. Primo Fitness is proud to carry Nautilus Fitness Equipment.
  • Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment

    Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment (12)

    [caption id="attachment_5154" align="alignright" width="256"]Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment[/caption] Hammer Strength has been building athletes for more than 25 years. Not just elite athletes, but those with the focus and determination to want to train like one. It is rugged performance strength training equipment that takes what athletes dish out and helps exercisers get to where they strive to be. Hammer Strength moves the way the body is meant to move and rewards hard work with results. Results that elite athletes have been relying on for nearly three decades. Primo Fitness is proud to carry the Hammer Strength Fitness Equipment line. Over 20 years of worldwide success of our new and used gym equipment for sale. Experienced technicians in certified, pre-owned and custom-built refurbished ones. Outstanding reputation known because of our high-quality work and customer service. Contact us and let's discuss your needs today!
  • Schwinn

    Schwinn (6)

    Schwinn Fitness branded exercise equipment: stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, indoor cycling bikes, Airdyne and more.
  • Scifit Fitness Equipment

    Scifit Fitness Equipment (9)

    Scifit Fitness Equipment offers wellness equipment including treadmills, elliptical walkers, recumbent and stationary bikes, stairclimbers and many other fitness products.
  • Muscle D

    Muscle D (28)

    muscledMuscle D Fitness’s ownership and management is comprised of fitness industry veterans with well over 100 years in combined experience. Brian Lewallen, one of the founders, started in the strength business with Muscle Dynamics in 1977 with the heritage of private labeling benches, racks, and machines for Joe Gold of Gold’s Gym, Venice, CA and the famous Muscle Beach. The company grew to many millions of dollars with a network of dealers throughout the USA and internationally. MD was renowned for the anatomical correctness of their equipment and the outstanding customer service given to dealers and customers alike.
  • Cap Barbells

    Cap Barbells (1)

    For over 25 years CAP has been a leading distributor and provider of fitness equipment. CAP Barbells, at it's inception only produced free weights and benches, but now carries more than 1000 products in over 30 categories. CAP has taken great strides to provide quality products at competitive prices, giving us and their customers a significant advantage in this ever changing market. With their strategically located distribution centers and ongoing product analysis, they make purchasing simple and cost effective.

    CAP provides weight training equipment, strength equipment, plyometrics boxes, medicine balls, storage racks, mats, inversion tables, and much more. Whether you're looking for something to train with at home or for commercial purposes, CAP has what you're looking for. CAP has taken great strides to provide quality products at competitive prices, giving us and our customers a significant advantage in this ever-changing market. With our strategically located distribution centers and ongoing product analysis, we make purchasing simple and cost effective.

    Whether you've purchased our products on behalf of an institution, gym, health club, training studio, hotel, or apartment complex, or you're an individual looking to get fit, we thank you for your business!

  • Green Series

    Green Series (2)

    [caption id="attachment_14895" align="alignright" width="300"]Green Series Fitness Equipment Green Series Fitness Equipment[/caption] Green Series Fitness Equipment is a privately-held and based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Green Series FitnessTM, a Brigadoon Fitness company, is committed to delivering the best products and services in the industry. From helping you make the right design decisions to ensuring your equipment ships smoothly and following up after installation, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. We’re innovators, changing the way the industry does business by investing millions of dollars in state-of-the-art technology, experienced people, product design and the largest U.S. based inventory of fitness equipment and parts. Setting New Standards for Innovation, Efficiency and Durability In 2014, we introduced our third generation of the Green Series cardio equipment, featuring innovative components, unsurpassed durability and the most energy-efficient products in the industry. So how did we do it? First, by partnering with the leading global manufacturers and challenging conventional thinking. Second, by benchmarking the world’s best fitness equipment and aiming even higher. And finally, by testing and assessing Green Series products in some of the most demanding proving grounds.
  • Keiser Fitness Equipment

    Keiser Fitness Equipment (34)

    Keiser Fitness Equipment is... CHANGING THE WORLD OF FITNESS [caption id="attachment_14899" align="alignright" width="300"]Keiser Fitness Equipment Keiser Fitness Equipment[/caption] For over 40 years, Keiser has been changing the way people of diverse ages and abilities exercise, while helping to improve their performance and quality of life. However, this success story began over 45 years ago when Dennis Keiser was hired to design the first variable resistance machines for a leading manufacturer. A year later he launched "Commercial Design", a consulting engineering company that specialized in exercise equipment design. In 1976 Dennis' brother Randy joined him and a year later they formed Keiser Corporation. After a number of patents in both weight stack variable resistance design and hydraulic resistance design, Dennis applied for patent protection on a totally new concept for variable resistance using compressed air (pneumatics). In 1978 the brothers introduced to the world the first air powered variable resistance exercise machines for building strength and power. More than 80% of the top professional sports teams in the world now train on Keiser machines, including every baseball team in the majors, the soccer champions of nine countries, several American football champions and countless Olympians. They’re joined by everyone from NASA to Navy Seals, medical experts and rehabilitation specialists, and major gyms like LA Fitness.
  • Revgear

    Revgear (1)

    Founded in 1996 by Paul Reavlin, Revgear continues to be the leading innovator of martial arts equipment. While training for his black belt, Paul grew frustrated with the existing training equipment on the market. Tired of false claims of quality and poorly designed products, he decided that creating a quality branded product line was the only alternative. And Revgear was born.

    Uniquely qualified Revgear strives continually to bring you equipment that meets your training needs because our equipment is designed and tested by people like you who train hard. Cutting edge technology and innovation behind our products is devoted specifically to combat various challenges associated with martial arts, boxing and fitness training. As martial arts styles transform and evolve-so does Revgear. Training with Revgear products will never be more powerful or effective!

    As a contributing writer for a variety of martial arts publications and frequent guest speaker for Webinars and Teleconference calls, Paul Reavlin has shared his expert advice on merchandising techniques and tools of the trade bringing added success to many martial art school owners nationwide in an effort to make the customer experience pleasurable.

    More than a decade and several expansions later, our most satisfying aspect of our business remains our interaction with you, so don't hesitate to contact us. We accept phone calls, email, testimonials, cards, singing telegrams, napkin doodles, photos, videos or anything else you'd like to tell us about our products, catalog or web site. When you call Revgear you will experience our exceptional customer service speaking to a real person, not a machine recording. Your satisfaction is unconditionally 100% guaranteed.

    Revgear is headquartered in Van Nuys, California.

  • The Step Aerobic Risers

    The Step Aerobic Risers (1)

    [caption id="attachment_14890" align="alignright" width="300"]The Step Aerobic Risers The Step Aerobic Risers[/caption] We're the company that created the Original Aerobic Step in 1989 and have provided it to health clubs, fitness facilities and individuals in the US, Canada and around the world for over 25 years. We have added new products and made several improvements over the last 25 years. We believe that our Original Step / Universal, the Universal Risers and the Step Fitness Weights are our best products ever. Check them out with the buttons on the left. All of our products are Made in the USA except for the barbell and dumbbell bars, and we are looking to find a domestic source for them. Please call or email us with any questions or for a freight quote. Thank you for making the Original Step the number one fitness step in the world. Always insist on the Original - the Step Aerobic Riser!
  • WaterRower

    WaterRower (1)

    By spreading work over a wide range of muscles, rowing consumes calories in more muscles, allowing a high calorie consumption within the user's limits of fatigue. Other exercises, recruiting fewer muscles, require far higher intensities or exercise to achieve the same calorie consumptions as rowing. The rowing stroke uses 84% of the Muscle Mass. From the tips of the fingers holding the handle/oars, to the balls of the feet connected to the footboard/boat, all the muscles between these two points contribute to the rowing stroke. By maximizing the muscle mass contributing to the exercise in this way, the WaterRower is unrivalled in benefit derived per unit of time. Other common aerobic exercise equipment such as treadmills, cycles, ellipticals, even other rowing machines, use far less muscle mass, burn fewer calories, and generate less exercise benefit.
  • Bodytone Fitness Equipment (1)

    Bodytone Fitness Equipment is a new, high-quality manufacturer based in Spain. Bodytone offers a complete line of cardio, strength equipment and accessories for gyms of all sizes. At Bodytone we offer you customized solutions adapted to each kind of sector: gyms, fitness, sport facilities, hotels, medical centers, hospitals, work centers and offices among others. Bodytone sells professional fitness equipment including Evolution Cardio, Ciclo Indoor Bikes, Evolution Selectorized Strength Equipment, Solid Rock Plate-loaded Strength Equipment, Vanguard Strength Machines, Cross Area Modules and Accesories, Lockers and Dressing Room Equipment, and Material for Directed Activities. Visit their site at
    "With a history of more than 20 years in the Fitness market, Bodytone is already an established and internationally renowed company, endorsed by the wide range of products that make up its catalogue, as well as the wide distribution network both national and international, which is growing year after year. At Bodytone we design, manufacture and distribute our products all over the world. This is possible thanks to the teamwork of an excellent human capital and many years of experience, and as a result we have our products which stands out for its strength, its design and excellent quality."
  • Sports Research Gym Equipment

    Sports Research Gym Equipment (18)

    Sports Research (SR®) is a Family Run Company dedicated to providing the highest quality health and wellness products that complement your lifestyle and enhance your well-being. We believe in our supplements because we make them with trademark, and proven ingredients. We sell only the most heavily researched, scientifically sound products – just like the Sports Research name implies. Today, Sports Research confidently remains true to its long tradition of helping families achieve their health and fitness goals by delivering high quality products at affordable pricing. Please take a look around our site and get a sense of the products we offer. We think you’ll find something that could really help improve your life. A COMMITMENT TO QUALITY All our Vitamins and Dietary Supplements are manufactured and bottled in GMP compliant and certified facilities. We also test our products for purity before we encapsulate them, and then we have an independent third-party lab do a second assessment afterward to ensure quality. With our track your lot feature, you as a customer can actually view the Certificate of Analysis and 3rd party testing of the Sports Research product you purchased, to verify that what is on our label is exactly what is in our product.
  • Marpo Kinetics

    Marpo Kinetics (2)

  • TrakFitness Equipment

    TrakFitness Equipment (3)

    The TrakFitness™ Equipment Mission

    It is our goal at TrakFitness™ Equipment to provide revolutionary fitness equipment and training methods that allow our customers to more effectively and efficiently surpass their fitness goals and to help them avoid injury by minimizing unnatural stress to joints, and ligaments.  We design our products to work in harmony with the natural functional movements of the human body in order to improve performance and results. Handles and attachments for cable fitness equipment are the interface between human and machine.  They are the most important part of any cable exercise machine because they dictate the relationship between movement and resistance.  Yet this critical component has been grossly neglected by the fitness equipment industry. TrakFitness has done something about it.  It's no surprise that people who use TrakFitness cable attachments refuse to return to the typical low cost attachments that pervade the fitness industry today.

    The Future

    TrakFitness™ Equipment will continue to deliver significant, innovative advancements in fitness products and training techniques.  Join our newsletter to stay informed about new developments and the exciting new products that we are bringing to market.
  • Hampton Fitness

    Hampton Fitness (10)

    [caption id="attachment_17273" align="alignright" width="150"]Hampton Fitness Equipment Hampton Fitness Equipment[/caption] We offer Hampton Fitness equipment for sale at 20% off retail prices. Enter code Hampton20 at checkout. All items have a 5 year manufacturer's warranty!

    The Company

    Hampton Fitness was founded on the idea that free weights aren’t a “necessary evil” for fitness facilities, they’re an essential part of the foundation of any gym. Hampton’s founders had years of experience in iron and steel manufacturing before entering the fitness industry with the launch of Hampton Fitness in 1996. The company’s dedicated team of fitness equipment experts is headquartered in Ventura, California, and Hampton free weight products are sold both directly and through a large network of independent dealers all over the country. It’s this strict attention to detail that sets Hampton products apart.

    Their Commitment

    Hampton is committed to a tradition of innovation that can be seen in such product lines as its new Gel-Grip Urethane Series, Jelly Bells, Hybrid Barbells, Eclipse, Fusion, Dura-Bell, and Chrome Beauty Grip. If a change doesn’t advance the art of fitness cosmetically or functionally, then we don’t add it to our line. But it’s not only about the iron. Hampton knows that attractive, space-efficient storage displays can be as important to club owners as the weights themselves, so we spend almost as much time on the racking design as we do on what’s going on the rack.
  • Panatta Sport

    Panatta Sport (259)

  • American Barbell

    American Barbell (39)

  • Terra Core Fitness

    Terra Core Fitness (2)

  • Prism Fitness

    Prism Fitness (9)

  • American Barbell 10 Pair Economy Dumbbell Rack


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  • American Barbell 3-Tier Hex Dumbbell Rack


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  • American Barbell 5′ Hard Chrome EZ Curl Gym Bar


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  • American Barbell 7′ Olympic Gym Bar (20kg) – CLOSEOUT



  • American Barbell 25KG Bumper Plates

    American Barbell Black KG Sports Bumper Plates (pairs)

    From: $88.00
  • American Barbell Black Sport Bumper Plates

  • American Barbell Color KG Training Bumper Plates

  • American Barbell Color LB Sport Bumper Plates 45 lbs

    American Barbell Color Sport Bumper Plates

    From: $140.00
  • American Barbell Color Urethane Pro Series Bumper Plates (CLOSEOUT)

    From: $320.00 From: $265.00


  • American Barbell Fixed Barbell

    Submit Enquiry Call (714) 957-2765 for Price

    Financing might be possible with

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  • American Barbell GP Rubber Weight Plates

  • American Barbell Gym Bar OB20-GB

    American Barbell Gym Bar


    Blemished Condition: may contains minor cosmetic imperfections (scuff marks).

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  • American Barbell Olympic Cerakote Training Bar

  • American Barbell Training Bar Sale

    American Barbell Olympic Training Bar (7′, 20kg/45lb)


    Note: Current batch has a different end cap than pictured.

    Note: Current batch has a different end cap than on stock photo.

  • American Barbell Parallel Grip Bent Lat Pulldown Bar-Solid (34″)


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  • American Barbell Pressdown Rope with Rubber Ends


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  • Pull Up Squat Stand

    American Barbell Pull Up Squat Stand (Rack Only)


    Rack only. Bar and plates not included.

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  • American Barbell Rack 36


    Local Pickup Only (no shipping at this time).
    Note that the barbell and plates are not included.
    Weight horns are available for purchase for $50/each.

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  • American Barbell Revolving Lat Pulldown Bar-Solid (48″)


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  • American Barbell Revolving Solid Curl Bar


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  • Revolving Straight Bar AB

    American Barbell Revolving Solid Straight Bar


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  • American Barbell Rotating Solid Pressdown V-Bar


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  • American Barbell Series 2 Fixed Straight & EZ Curl Barbells

    From: $1,499.00

    Free barbell rack with the purchase of a set of American Barbell Series 2 (20-110 lbs) barbells at website price

  • American Barbell Series 3 Fixed Straight & EZ Curl Barbells

    From: $2,499.00

    Free barbell rack with the purchase of a set of American Barbell Series 3 (20-110 lbs) barbells at website price

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