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Gym Monster is an All-In-One designed product that enables users to achieve full-body training with few accessories required. At the end of 2021, Speediance20 launched their signature product, Gym Monster, on Kickstarter. In just 10 hours, it received $100,000, and in total $560,000 with 293 backers in one month. It has since received millions of dollars in investment for mass production and you can be one of the first individuals to get one as Primo Fitness is the only certified distributor in the USA.

With Gym Monster, all major muscle groups can be fully exercised. It is like having a complete gym in your house.

To fulfill a functional workout, Gym Monster can turn into different types of equipment (rowing machine, ski machine, squat rack, gantry rack, etc).

The Gym Monster smart-fitness home gym is easy to install and operate, and unlike competitors such as Tonal, the Gym Monster does not need to be fixed in one location.

Compared with other smart home gym products in the market, our product is budget-friendly and needs ZERO INSTALLATION.

Gym Monster Home Gym


4.1 ft*2.3ft*6.1ft




approx. 90kg/198.4Lb(Machine)
approx. 10kg /22Lbs(Flat bench)

Space Saving Design
Intelligent Algorithm Assisted
Digital Weight System