Wholesale Prices for Fitness Equipment Dealers

Primo Fitness offers wholesale prices to fitness equipment dealers. Here are the advantages to purchasing from us:

  • Buy Direct – save money by purchasing directly from us. Online resellers buy their equipment from companies like ours and pass on the added costs to their customers.
  • Better Quality – our machines are in better condition than many other companies. Many of the items we have in stock were on a lease and have been replaced, allowing us to get equipment with lower usage hours and in very good condition.
  • Pricing – we have 3 different pricing options:  as is (with parts replaced), serviced and remanufactured (also referred to as refurbished, like new).
  • Parts – we can provide extra parts with your shipment for other machines that need repairs, or as spares to use in the future.
  • 220V Conversion – we can convert cardio machines to 220V if needed.
  • Transportation – we can help arrange transportation via truck or container. Our logistics team members are experts in packing trucks to allow safe delivery of the machines.
  • Custom Colors – we have the ability to change the color of the frames and padding.
  • Sales Team – we can recommend a variety of options to fit your needs and budget. Check out Alysia | Dimitri
  • Customer Service – we are well known in the industry for our customer service. Check out our Yelp reviews and testimonials.
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