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EZ Bar

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The bar needed by your arms

What makes Younix EZ Bar
your best choice?

Design & Shape

This speciality camber bar has a 28mm shaft exactly like your Olympic Bar, 3 different shaft angles, and a total length of 138 cm. The 49,9 mm sleeves are compatible with most standard Olympic plates but it is not rackable. We have used E-coating finish for the central shaft while hard chrome for the sleeves.

Cambered Bar

The curved shaft of the traditional Curl Bar has been trusted by experienced, beginner, and rehabbing athletes for years as a way to reduce strain on the wrists during high-rep workouts. We have added knurling even in the most central part to allow you a tighter grip during triceps extensions or barbell curls.

Muscle Activation

If you want to get the most bang for your buck in the gym, the EZ curl is your ticket to the gun show. The neutral grip allows you to maintain a more comfortable handle on the weight, and the shorter length of the bar is your best friend here. When you lower the weight to the bottom of the movement, you want a bar that is going to be stable and markedly less wobbly.

Durability & Quality

The EZ bar is made with the highest quality components and hardware to ensure the most increased durability on the market. Each part is CNC machinered, e-coated and hard chromed, brass bushings for a smooth rotation.  checked, inspected and pre-mounted one by one before shipping out.


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EZ Bar