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The complete floor set up for your heavy training

What makes Lifting Platform
your best choice?

Interlocking Tiles

Our Lifting Platform is fully made of rubber and EPDM granulates melted together to absorb shocks and keep an easy to clean surface. Each tile has a hidden underneath connection system by simple plastic dots. Finally a seamless look and a smooth but grippy surface.

Protect Your Floor

Tiles can be 20, 30 or even 40 mm. Each tile is made of the first layer of recycled rubber with recessed dots to improve acoustic insulation and vibration damping. The second layer is made of EPDM to increase the elastic response to drops and ensure a perfect never seen top finish very easy to clean.

Perimeter ramps

The entire perimeter of the platform is made of the same rubber ramps. They avoid that hateful step that all platforms on the market have and allow the wheels of the benches to go up and down on the platform without hindrance.

Easy to Install/Remove

Thanks to the interlocking system underneath both tiles and ramps, the entire platform is extremely easy to install. Each tile/ramp has different perimeter recesses arranged for housing the provided plastic squares. Insert the plug halfway into one tile and a half into the other adjacent tile. Press it with the feet and the floor is installed!


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