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Matrix C5x ClimbMill (StepMill)


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At Matrix,® “Believe in Better” means that there is no finish line. We can always strive to work harder, take ideas farther, do more. Matrix dwells in that luminous intersection of continuous hope, constant inspiration and infinite possibility.

The ClimbMill comes with WiFi connectivity which accommodates optional Matrix Asset Management systems and Workout Tracking Network. It also comes with an integrated 3-speed personal fan to keep you cool while you workout.


  • Product Dimensions 165 x 85 x 212 cm / 65″ x 40.3″ (with cupholders) x 83.5″
  • Product Weight 168 kg / 370 lbs.
  • Power Requirements 100v-240v – 50/60Hz AC
  • LED console display offers intuitive operation
  • Compatible with xID single-point user sign-in for a seamless personal experience
  • RFID compatible to provide touch-free login
  • USB port offers charging for most smartphones and tablets
  • 25.4 cm / 10in step depth accommodates a wide range of users, and color variations aid the user in proper foot placement
  • Step positioning software ensures the steps will lock at the lowest possible point for easy entry and exit
  • Control Zone features a sensor that stops the step rotation when triggered by an object or person

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Matrix C5x ClimbMill (StepMill)