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Panatta Ecoclimber (Self Powered Stepmill) 1CF70


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If you stop, it stops. If you run, it runs. The Ecoclimber works with you, not against you. The hidden beauty of the Panatta Ecoclimber is that it’s entirely controlled by the movement and cadence of your own body – and not by a power cord. The Ecoclimber becomes an extension of yourself, with a synergy that allows you to maintain your balance and workout safely, at your own pace.  Do whatever you feel like doing with the Ecoclimber. Put in anywhere. Workout from anywhere. Sans the power cord!

  • Belt and chain drive
  • Availability of 3 steps
  • Magnetic resistance on 6 levels
  • No connection to the electricity network- ever!
  • Entrance and parking platforms
  • Safety handle and emergency stop
  • Tablet or smartphone holder
  • Wheels for movement
Length 145 cm (4 ft)
Width 90 cm (2 ft)
Height 215 cm (8 ft)
Step Length 27 cm (10 inches)
Step Width 46 cm (1 ft, 6 inches)
Step Height 19,5 cm (7 inches)
Weight 160 Kg (352 lbs)
Step-up  Height 32,5 cm (1 ft)
Transmission system chain-belt
Power Supply
Brake System magnetic



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Panatta Ecoclimber (Self Powered Stepmill) 1CF70