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5 Benefits of Using a Stepper or Stepmill


One of the most iconic cinematic fitness moments is Rocky Balboa’s training montage and the final scene of him running up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Although a little overdramatic, Rocky did have the right idea in mind for training. Running up and down stairs can be extremely beneficial in a variety of ways. But before elaborating on the benefits, let’s first define what a stepmill is. A stepmill generally has three revolving steps that are attached to a belt. There are generally different resistance levels to increase the difficulty of workouts. Many of them also come with handles for balance, but it isn’t necessary to use them. If you’re looking for a high quality stepmill, it is best to buy from the trusted StairMaster brand. A stepper is a little different from a stepmill but offers many similar benefits. Many steppers simulate climbing stars with alternating foot platforms that raise and lower your legs. Now on to the benefits:

1. It’s low impact

Using a stepmill or a stepper has significantly less impact on your body than running on a treadmill. Although running is also a wonderful way to get cardio, the high intensity may start to cause strain on the knee due to the high impact caused by your feet hitting the ground. You also have the benefit of moving at slower speeds without sacrificing too much cardio, if any, since you’re always on an incline and each step actually burns more calories than walking.

2. It burns the calories

Contrary to popular belief, just because an exercise is low impact doesn’t mean that it doesn’t burn as many calories. Using a stepmill or a stepper actually burns more calories because you have to lift your entire body weight with every step you take. This allows for a higher rate of calories burned and less time spent working out with the same amount, if not more, results as other exercises.

3. Tones the lower body

A stepmill or stepper uses nearly every muscle in the lower body. By consistently using the machine and repeatedly training, you can tone your calves, hamstrings, gluteal muscles and quadriceps. Many women are afraid of becoming big and bulky by working out, but fortunately the stepmill/stepper is perfect for building lean muscle while also burning fat. Nearly all machines come with resistance options to increase and decrease difficulty which allows users of all fitness levels to be able to use the machine.

4. Avoid Faceplants

This may seem like a minor benefit, but the psychological benefits of knowing that you won’t be falling flat on your face in the gym is wonderful. It allows you to work out more intensely without fear of injury. This is the case because most steppers/stepmills come with arms/rails on the side of the machine for stability. While many other machines also come with these handrails, using the handrail on a stepper does not allow you to “cheat” which helps keep your workouts efficient.

5. Helps train natural movements

Moving up an incline is a very natural action in many fitness routines. Consistently using a stepmill or stepper to workout will help train your core and allows you to hike and climb more efficiently. It also increases your overall stamina and endurance so nearly every activity throughout your day will be easier for you. Also, it’ll allow you to dramatically run up office stairs at a quicker rate.

Now that you’ve read up on all the benefits of the wonderful steppers and stepmachines, you’re probably wondering where you can buy such an amazing machine for a low price. Fortunately, Primo Fitness sells commercial grade used stepmills and used stair steppers for wholesale prices. So check them out today and reap all the great benefits!

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