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Cybex 530T Treadmill Review

Today we will be reviewing our biggest Black Friday special, the Cybex 530T treadmill. Not only is this treadmill extremely affordable for a commercial grade treadmill, more so with our discount pricing, but it also has a plethora of great features and high durability.


The Cybex 530T treadmill is one of the easiest treadmills to use. It has a convenient “Quick Start” key that lets the user enter the manual program with a single touch. It also uses a live keyboard which allows the user to change the program or any setting without starting over, which can help the user create a dynamic workout without interruptions. The treadmill comes preloaded with a variety of great workout programs including quick start, manual, 5k run, 9 holes, heart rate control, weight loss and cardio programs which will keep the user engaged and interested. There is also a heartrate monitor built into the contact grips for further fitness tracking.

Another great feature, usually reserved for expensive higher end treadmills, is the decline/incline elevation feature. You can easily increase the intensity of your workout by using the incline, or decrease it by using the decline feature.

This treadmill also has an effective suspension system that absorbs the impact of landing and provides a stable running base for maximum efficiency. There is also an option to attach a television if you want to multi-task and watch your favorite shows while burning some calories.

Cybex has also implemented a safety system into its 530T treadmill. It is known as “Safe Sentry” and it can determine whether you are at the treadmill or not. After a certain period of inactivity (determined by the user), the belt will stop in order to keep users safe.

This is easily one of the best commercial grade treadmills that you’ll find for such a bargain price. These machines are extremely durable and will last you for life. If you wish to purchase one or look at more pictures, visit the Cybex 530T Treadmill page!

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