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Cardio Fitness Equipment

Cardio fitness equipment is an absolute necessity for any inspiring gym owner to invest in. Cardio is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle as it is the most efficient way to burn fat, one of the universal goals of fitness. From the simplest treadmill to the advanced stairmaster and every piece in between, each cardio piece offers something different in function and form. What all of them have in common, however, is the ability to get the heart pumping and body sweating.

Primo Fitness has all varieties of cardio fitness equipment available at our warehouse. We have different models for treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes (both upright and recumbent), indoor cycles, stepmills, stairmasters, and more, all from the most trusted brands in the fitness industry. Choose from manufacturers such as Life Fitness, Precor, Cybex, Technogym, Keiser, Schwinn, Matrix, and much more. All of our equipment pieces are thoroughly inspected to guarantee quality and safety. Come by our warehouse today and pick out the best piece for you!

Cardio Fitness Equipment

How to Choose Cardio Fitness Equipment for Your Gym 

Whether you’re looking to fill a commercial gym or home gym with high-quality fitness equipment, you’ll have to pay close attention to cardio machines. Start up gym equipment must consist of this type of equipment, which is used for warm-ups, cooldowns, and cardiovascular training.  Different Cardio Equipment Options  Every quality gym has rows of cardio …

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Sport Gym Equipments

Best Panatta Sport Gym Equipment Everyone’s Talking About

Let’s talk about Panatta Sport, Italy’s longest-living company in the Fitness industry. They were founded over 50 years ago by Rudy Panatta, and the company’s mission is to create high quality, Made in Italy, workout equipment.  The reason why Panatta has become a significant brand in the industry is that they take total control of …

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5 Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial Gym Equipment

Gym equipment can remain in an optimal function condition when owners like you take proper care, perform maintenance, and carry out the necessary, timely repairs. Taking care of your commercial gym equipment will improve their effectiveness, functionality, and maintain current durability. Keeping the commercial gym equipment in their proper functioning condition requires routine maintenance and …

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Must Have Gym Equipment In Your Gym

A complete, well stocked, and functioning commercial gym should have all the necessary and recommended training equipment for your members to receive the ultimate gym experience. Before setting up a gym, ensure that you are aware of the essential equipment that will not only be attractive to the participants but help them exercise and keep …

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Stairmaster Workouts You Should Try Today

The Stairmaster is an exercise apparatus that usually comes in the form of a stepmill, but it also comes in the forms of a console stepper or bike. Consider getting one or more of these used exercise machines for sale that you can use to try out the exercises below. Benefits of a Stairmaster Before you start …

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Life Fitness操作介面的特色

假如您有计划购买Life Fitness的有氧运动产品,您可能会不熟悉操作介面上的一些专有名词。 Life Fitness是健身领域的领导者之一,他们不断精进和挑战健身器材的技术极限以领先行业。这意味着他们不断更新他们的健身器材操作介面。四个主要的操作介面为Achieve、Inspire、Engage和Discovery。这些操作介面在市场上仍很常见,因此在购买二手的Life Fitness有氧健身器材时,熟悉所有操作介面非常重要。我们将详细介绍每个操作介面及其功能。 Achieve操作介面 Life Fitness Achieve是最早发售的操作介面,但这不表示它已过时。此操作介面拥有简约的LED屏幕和电子读数。 Achieve根据附属的健身器材内置训练模式,能感测到无线心率胸带和心率相关的健身训练。 依照不同训练模式,操作介面还包含以下电子读数: 时间 已锻炼时间 剩余时间 时区 时刻 速度(英里/公里/小时) 距离 已爬升距离 剩余距离 步速 心率 目标心率 卡路里 每小时消耗卡路里 功率 运动强度 显示屏幕:7英吋LCD触控操控面板,以及3个LED训练数据显示 训练数据显示:7个LED显示器 如果您并不一定要有触控屏幕或一系列按键,那么Achieve操作介面就足以满足您的日常健身目标。 Inspire操作介面 Achieve的下一代操作介面 ─ Inspire,在娱乐和连接选项方面都有卓越的进步。 Inspire操作介面拥有彩色的触控屏幕,您可以用来监测和设置您的训练模式。除了触控屏幕,Inspire操作介面还拥有一系列按钮以控制倾斜度(适用特定器材),以及快速启动按键和步行/慢跑/跑步等预设按钮。甚至还有一个选项面板,让您可以连接耳机、iPod,甚至USB来保存您的训练纪录。当然,显示屏幕还可以让您看到自己的基本健身数据如距离、心率和消耗的卡路里等。 一般来说,大多数Achieve操作介面只有内置6个左右的训练模式,但Inspire操作介面大幅提升到36个训练模式。依照您的健身目标提供各种不同的训练选项,如心率训练、5k运动训练、速度训练、卡路里目标训练等等。 娱乐方面,Inspire操作介面可以连接到电视。如果您喜欢听音乐胜过看电视,Inspire操作介面还具有iPod连接阜。 Engage操作介面 Engage操作介面是Life Fitness提供的最新顶级操作介面。从美学角度来说,您可以看出这是一个代结合现代先进技术的健身操作介面。与其前身一样,它拥有触控屏幕,但尺寸是Inspire的两倍大。 Inspire的触控屏幕为7英寸,而Engage则有15英寸大。 Inspire和Engage操作介面均配有36个训练模式以及方便的快速启动选项。为了获得更详细和准确的数据,Engage操作介面还会向您询问个人信息(如体重、年龄和性别),以便进行更准确的健身测试。虽然Inspire提供了连接电视的功能,但Engage操作介面内置了电视。通过触控屏幕操控电视,您也可以直接将有线电视连接到操作介面。它还内置了FM收音机。更棒的是,在观赏电视时,您仍然可以在电视下方的屏幕上看到您的健身纪录。电视也可连接iPod。 以上是目前市场上最常见的三种Life Fitness操作介面之间的主要特色。别忘了有许多有氧健身器材都可以与多种不同类型的操作介面兼容。希望这些信息可以帮助您选择最适合您的健身器材! 欢迎您随时微信:搜索微信号 “ FitnessUSA ” 或扫描下方二维码添加我们的微信,方便联络报价和咨询,或发送电子邮件至 与我们联系 。  

The Difference Between a Water Rower and an Air Rower

If you are in the market to buy a rowing machine, it is essential of you to do your research on what kind of rowing machine you should get. Two of the most popular rowing machines are the Water Rower and Air Rower. These are the major differences between the two machines that people look for …

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What is a Fan Bike?

Are you looking for an indoor bike that is low-price and durable? Well, fan-powered exercise bikes are just that. Thanks to their simple design and construction, fan-powered bikes typically rank at the low-end of the price range and can endure years of regular use, despite the low price. How do they work? Unlike other indoor …

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What is an AMT?

Ellipticals have been a staple in gyms since they came out in the 1990’s, but recently a more advanced cardio machine similar to an elliptical has taken over. Precor’s Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) is everything an elliptical is and more. What Does it do? The AMT is a self-generating machine that turns on only when …

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Train at Home for the Tustin Hangar Half Marathon & 5K

The Tustin Hangar Half Marathon and 5K (formerly known as the Leprechaun Leap 5K) is on Sunday, March 12, 2017. The Half Marathon will start at 7:00 a.m., with the 5K at 7:30 a.m., and best of all Primo Fitness is one of the presenting sponsors for the event! To celebrate the event, we at Primo Fitness …

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Lemond Revmaster Pro Indoor Cycle Review

It’s 2016 and indoor stationary cycles are more popular than ever. January brought an influx of new users to spin classes and it looks like they’re sticking around. If you want to take the excitement of those classes home, there is no better option than top purchase an indoor cycle. Today we will be reviewing …

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Cardio Machines that Only Use Arms

Nearly all the standard cardio machines you find in the gym (treadmills, elliptical crosstrainers, and bikes) require using your legs, but there are times when that isn’t an option. Whether you’re going through rehabilitation, wheel-chair bound or just went too hard on leg day, there are a variety of different machines that deliver a quality …

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Last Minute Christmas Fitness Gift Ideas

You’re scrambling for that last minute gift for your favorite fitness fanatic but you can’t find anything in the stores. You can’t buy equipment at a retail store because you know that Christmas gifts are meant to be enjoyed on Christmas. It’s no fun unwrapping a box with a treadmill in it and not being …

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Holiday Gym Equipment Gift Guide

There is no greater gift than the gift of health and fitness. Unfortunately, being healthy and fit isn’t a tangible object that can be neatly wrapped up with a bow so the next best thing is gifting someone some quality gym equipment. If you’re new to the world of exercise equipment, finding the perfect gift …

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Black Friday Gym Equipment Sale 2015

While our warehouse will be closed on Black Friday, we are still participating with some great bargains on some of our most popular gym equipment. The winter season is when we are at our busiest so our inventory is constantly changing so act quickly if there is a product you want. These deals will only …

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Difference between Life Fitness Consoles

If you’ve been shopping around for some Life Fitness cardio products, you’ve probably run across a few unfamiliar terms in regard to the console. Life Fitness is one of the leaders in fitness and they’ve done so by constantly advancing and pushing the technological limits of fitness equipment. This means that they’ve consistently updated their …

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Difference between the Precor AMT 100i, AMT 835 and AMT 885

If you’ve ever used a Precor AMT at your gym, you’ll know why they’re so popular. It’s not quite an elliptical, because it’s much more than that. For many, the elliptical is an effective exercise machine for low impact cardio, but it can get tedious doing the same repetitive motion for the entire duration of …

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