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Ellipticals are excellent cardio machines that can be worked into just about any fitness routine. These often are known by other names such as cross trainers. Ellipticals are known for being seemingly easier to workout than they really are. Part of this is due to these machines’ ability to match the natural motion of day to day walking. Some models of elliptical, notably the Precor AMT line, take this further by being able to simulate different stride levels. These not only help improve user cardio health, but by using the handlebars, they can incorporate the upper body as well, providing a complete workout.

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Best Elliptical Machines Review (2019)

Benefits Using An Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical machines are one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment in both home gyms and health clubs nationwide. They’re a great low impact workout, they workout both the upper and lower body, they’re low maintenance, they follow the natural pattern of the leg and foot motion, and they burn more calories in less time. If you’re considering purchasing an elliptical machine or some  home gym packages that includes one, choosing the right model to fit your needs is essential.

Choosing The Right Elliptical Machine

There are several points to consider when deciding on the right elliptical machine for you. Top-rated elliptical machines often have heavier flywheels, several different resistance levels, adjustable incline levels, adjustable stride length, adjustable handlebars, and consoles that include a variety of workout programs. Other factors to consider are how much space you have and does the size of the machine fit well with the size of your body.

Quality Is Not Always Determined By Price

Price doesn’t have to determine whether you get a good elliptical machine or not. Some of the higher-end models can cost around $2,000 or more, but you can still get a good quality, durable machine purchased individually or as part of a home gym package for $1,000 or less. Below is a list of highly-rated elliptical machines available to buy for both home gym and commercial use.

High-Rated Elliptical Machines

  • Octane LateralX LX8000 – Lateral Elliptical – This award-winning elliptical machine features adjustable lateral movement and vertical stepping for moving both front and back, as well as left to right. It also includes 30 resistance levels, 13 different workout programs, it’s self-powered, it has an adjustable 3-D motion, and a well-sized LED display console with messaging center.
  • Octane Pro 4700 Elliptical – Designed for both commercial use or home gym use, this elliptical machine has adjustable stride lengths to mimic walking, jogging, and running, 30 different resistance levels, and a touch screen console with a variety of features.
  • Precor 835 AMT Adaptive Motion Trainer with Open Stride – This elliptical trainer has more of an innovative design with biomechanics validated by Western Washington University Biomechanics Lab so it’s suitable for men and women of all fitness levels and sizes. It also offers both upper and lower body workouts, a unique open stride feature, and adaptive stride length.
  • Life Fitness Discover SE3 Elliptical – Features in this elliptical machine include a heart rate monitoring system, several different workout programs, 20” stride length, and an integrated LCD touch-screen console with internet connectivity and a variety of entertainment options.
  • Life Fitness Integrity CLSX Elliptical – Priced on the lower end of the market, this Elliptical Crosstrainer doesn’t sacrifice on quality. It’s self-powered relying solely on human movement, it has over-sized pedals, a heart rate monitoring system, 18” stride length, and several different workout programs designed for a variety of different workout needs.

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What is an AMT?

Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT)

Ellipticals have been a staple in gyms since they came out in the 1990’s, but recently a more advanced cardio machine similar to an elliptical has taken over. Precor’s Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) is everything an elliptical is and more.

What Does it do?

The AMT is a self-generating machine that turns on only when in use. The AMT adapts to your body motion whether you are walking or running. The platforms follow your feet in whatever direction you want them to go. You’re not on any particular track, so you’re not bound on a pre-determined ellipsis as you would be on a traditional elliptical machine; you can use it in a stair-master type way if you like, and you can even kick your feet up behind you to really work your hams and glutes. It’s totally responsive! The AMT blends the benefits of a treadmill with the low impact motion of an elliptical. This is why the AMT is considered to be a combination of a treadmill, stepper, and elliptical machine.

A Total Body Workout

The AMT’s versatility of motion and resistance make it a great option for all types of exercises. The AMT has several pre-programmed workouts that can be selected for a full-body resistance training circuit. You can also select Quick Start button and use the manual adjustments to increase the stride length and resistance until it fits your individual abilities. During your cardio work you can utilize the backward motion of your foot pedals to switch up the muscle groups being used. You can also incorporate pushing and pulling movements by using your arms.

The AMT is more than just a cardio machine. You can set up the machine to transition from striding to resistance training moves like squats, single leg curls, and leg raises. You can even incorporate upper body strength and core training into your workouts by placing your hands on the foot pedals to do push-ups or to create a plank while staying balanced at the same time since the foot pedals will move if too much pressure from one side is applied. The AMT will pause automatically to allow time to complete your resistance moves. Your pause time can be adjusted up to 300 seconds. All of these exercises help to improve overall strength in your larger muscle groups. As you can see, the AMT is a stand-alone total body workout machine.

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Technogym Synchro 700 Excite Review with touchscreen console

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and the fitness industry isn’t immune to this trend. Technogym, as their name implies, prides themselves on their cutting edge gym equipment loaded with the latest technology. One of their defining models is their Tehcnogym Synchro 700 Excite elliptical crosstrainer. While there are many commercial grade elliptical on the market, Technogym separates itself from the pack with the latest in gym and entertainment technology.


The Technogym Excite 700 elliptical is powered by a rear drive trajectory and belt driven system that ensures a smooth and impact-free movement which is the main draw of the elliptical. Treadmills are high impact machines and can put strain on the joints if used frequently, so an elliptical is a great low-impact choice for cardiovascular exercise. Compared to other elliptical crosstrainers, you’ll notice that the two platforms where your foot rest are fairly close together. Technogym has designed the Excite 700 this way in order to ensure a natural posture.


Technogym has also engineered their elliptical to be accommodating to users of all fitness levels. The difficulty level can be easily adjusted with the Fast Track Control which is independent from the display. The resistance levels are adjusted manually by two buttons on the elliptical. There are 25 different difficulty levels so any user can reap the full benefits of working out on this elliptical. The Technogym 700 Excite also comes with built in fitness programs such as quick start, CHR, training zone, weight loss and customizable profiles.


The display on our Synchro 700 Excite elliptical crosstrainers are the latest from Technogym. These consoles are fully touchscreen with a plethora of features and options. Most importantly, the display has all the essential readouts such as heart-rate and calories burned. There is a heart-rate monitor built right into the handgrip to track progress. This console is also Wellness compatible meaning that users can watch TV, control his/her iPod or even listen to the radio while working out.


This is a top of the line cutting edge elliptical crosstrainer that not only delivers optimal performance but the latest in technology. We have a few of these units available for sale at the blowout price of $699. There is no more affordable option if you want a neat little touchscreen built into your commercial grade elliptical. The Technogym 700 Excite Synchro elliptical crosstrainer is a great choice for users of all levels.

Difference between the Precor AMT 100i, AMT 835 and AMT 885

If you’ve ever used a Precor AMT at your gym, you’ll know why they’re so popular. It’s not quite an elliptical, because it’s much more than that. For many, the elliptical is an effective exercise machine for low impact cardio, but it can get tedious doing the same repetitive motion for the entire duration of a workout. If you’re looking to invest and purchase your own AMT, you’ll see that there are generally three main models out on the market, the Precor AMT 100i, Precor AMT 835 and Precor AMT 885. While on a superficial level they may look extremely similar, there are subtle differences that set these machines apart. We’ll go through every aspect step by step so you can decide which model is right for you.

Precor AMTs

What is an AMT?

AMT stands for Adaptive Motion Trainer which, coincidentally, is what the Precor AMTs do. Contrary to any other elliptical on the market, there is no delay or manual adjustment needed to adjust your stride. The machine adapts to your stride both in speed and motion on-the-fly which allows you to perform unique workout without unnecessary breaks. Every model of the AMT also comes with an integrated stride dial which displays which muscles you’re working. This changes as you alter your stride length.

Another great aspect about the AMT that not every other elliptical has is the contralateral arm movement. It moves in sync with your legs to create a natural unison between your arm and leg movements, also allowing you to get a total body workout. These features are all present in every model of the AMT, so let’s move on to the differences.

Stride Length

All AMTs are created to adapt to people of all shapes and sizes. The original AMT 100i has an adaptive stride length from zero to 27 inches. The Precor AMT 835 and 885 have improved upon this with a wider range of zero to 36 inches. Unlike the 100i, the 835 and 885 also have something called a stride height. This is adjustable from 6.8 to 10 inches to allow an easier transition on and off the platform.

Dual Action

This is a fancy term for providing both an upper body and lower body workout. All models of the AMT include this but Precor has stated that they have worked with a Western Washington University biomechanics lab to further improve upon this in the later iterations of the AMT. They have optimized the AMT to work with varying fitness sizes and levels from 5% size female to the 95% male user.

Foot Pedals

On all AMT models, the foot pedals have toe caps on them to ensure optimal muscle usage. Precor not only powder-coats the machines once, but twice in order to apply a rust resistant undercoat to provide additional support to the cosmetic topcoat steel frame.


The console type is easily the largest and most apparent difference between the Precor AMT 100i, Precor AMT 835 and Precor AMT 885 models. While these consoles can be modified to fit other models, we’ll go with the models most commonly seen on each model.

The Precor AMT 100i and 935 generally come equipped with the P30 consoles. This is a large 15 inch LED display panel with tactile dome keys, a quick start button, motion controls and even a numerical pad.

The Precor 885 on the other hand generally comes equipped with the top of the line P80 console, which is a 15 inch LCD capacitive touch screen. While all units come with accessories holders for a water bottle, reading communication devices and portable music player, only the P80 comes with an iPod/iPhone docking station.

Fitness Tracking

Each console comes with electronic readouts on a variety of workout metrics, including minimum calories burned, % of workout completed, resistance level distance strides, heart rate and much more. All AMTs come with handheld heart rate sensors located on the handlebars. The AMT 835 and AMT 885 have increased accurate heart rate monitoring from the AMT 100i.

A small quirk that should be noted is maximum workout time. With the AMT 100i it was 240 minutes then became unlimited with the AMT 835. The AMT 885 restricted maximum workout time to 120 minutes.


  • Precor AMT 100i: 74 x 28 x 69 inches, Total weight: 445 lbs
  • Precor AMT 835: 80 x 35 x 69 inches, Total weight: 412 lbs
  • Precor AMT 885: 80 x 35 x 73 inches, Total weight: 422 lbs

We hope that we’ve cleared up some confusion between these great AMTs. You can’t go wrong with any model; it all depends on your preference and budget. Of course, the earlier models are far more cost effective than the newer top of the line AMT. Whichever you choose, have peace of mind knowing that we have them all in stock!

Elevation Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer with Discover™ SI or SI-TV Console Review

Today we will be reviewing one of Life Fitness’ newest additions to their highly respected Elevation Series, an elliptical crosstrainer with the new and innovative Discover SI console. First we’ll break down the features of the elliptical itself then delve deeper into the new Discover SI console.


This Elevation series elliptical is part of the next generation of Elevation elliptical. These Life Fitness elliptical are designed to deliver a comfortable and effective full-body workout, with the help of the movable arms. Life Fitness has done an extensive amount of biomechanical research to ensure simulation of natural movements. The Elevation series elliptical replicates common moves such as running and walking which will aid the user in their everyday life. These units are also commercial grade so you can rest assured that these elliptical crosstrainers have the long-lasting durability Life Fitness is known for. They also come in four different colors. We have the white elevation series elliptical in stock!

Now on to the finest piece of technology on this elliptical, the Discover SI console. The difference between the Discover SI console and the Discover SE console is the size. The SI is 10” while the SE is 16”. This 10” integrated LCD touchscreen not only contains valuable workout data, but also a ton of entertainment options. It also offers internet connectivity.

The console connects to the LFconnect, which allows you to personalize your workout and entertainment options. You can also watch videos on demand and surf the web.

The Elevation series elliptical is the perfect blend of technology and fitness. The elliptical itself is well constructed and durable and the console contains cutting edge technology and interactivity. This unit is great for a gym or home.

Precor EFX 883 Elliptical Crosstrainer Review#

Precor EFX 883 Elliptical Crosstrainer Review#


The Precor EFX 883 Elliptical Crosstrainer is one of the newer models of Precor ellipticals and it is easy to tell from its stylish modern design and technology in the elliptical.

One of the most important features when looking for gym equipment is adjustability and customizability. Everyone’s body is different and moves in different ways so it is absolutely vital that the machine you buy can adapt to what you want to do and how you want to move. If certain gym machines make you uncomfortable and cause you distress, you should adjust the settings on them. Luckily, the Precor EFX 883 elliptical uses Precor CrossRamp technology. This means that users can change stride motion (forward and backwards) from between 13 to 40 degrees. This elliptical allows the user to work a large variety of different muscles in their lower body by adjusting degree and stride direction.

The Precor 883 EFX elliptical crosstrainer has fixed handlebars for exercisers who are serious about working on their lower body. The elliptical is also designed to perfectly simulate natural running motion without the impact of actually running or running on a treadmill. The CrossRamp is also great for users of all fitness levels as there are 20 different settings to target different muscle groups or change difficulty.

Additional features include heart rate monitoring built into the handlebars for fitness tracking, P80 console and a variety of preset training programs.

If you’re looking for an extremely stylish and advanced elliptical, the Precor EFX 883 elliptical crosstrainer is a great choice.

Life Fitness Integrity Elliptical Review

The third in our series of Life Fitness Integrity machines is the Life Fitness Integrity Elliptical Crosstrainer. If you’re wondering what makes this Life Fitness Integrity elliptical so great, it would be wonderful to start off by reading about how ellipticals in general are great for comfortable low impact cardio.

What sets this model apart from many of the other ellipticals are the entertainment upgrades which is the signature of the Life Fitness Integrity series. The primary entertainment feature being iPod compatibility and integrated iPod/TV controls (if you choose to equip your unit with a television set.) This allows you to workout to your tunes and television without being interrupted trying to fiddle with out of reach controls.

The Life Fitness Integrity Elliptical is also able to offer a full body workout since it has movable arms. For fans of tracking, there are heart rate monitors built conveniently in the handlebars of the machine. There is also an option to have hands free heart rate monitoring, but this requires an optional chest strap. Another great feature is that these ellipticals are self-powered, so they are space saving and do not require electrical chords or outlets.

Another great feature is that there are a wide variety of workouts, including heart rate targeted workouts, fat burning workouts and hill climbing workouts among others. The Life Fitness Integrity Treadmill is a great choice for a highly capable entertaining elliptical.

Life Fitness Integrity Elliptical

5 Benefits of Elliptical Machines

The elliptical machine is easily one of the most popular machines in the gym, but does this machine truly merit the fame? Are people just mindlessly lining up behind the ellipticals because that’s the only thing they’ve ever known? Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the elliptical machines being all hype, because there are a variety of great benefits.


1. It’s a low impact way to get cardio

Not everyone is an athletic beasts training to compete in fitness competitions and marathons, so it’s great to know that there are machines that are designed so that anyone of any fitness level and benefit from. For individuals with bone or joint conditions, the elliptical is a great choice because it’s low impact on the joints. Unlike the treadmill, your feet generally do not leave the floor on an elliptical so there is no harsh impact on your joints and bones.

2. It works your calf and hamstring muscles

A fun fact about elliptical machines is that may of them also go backwards. If you have ever tried moonwalking, you may have noticed that it utilizes different muscles than walking forward. The same concept is true of ellipticals that allow you to go backwards. While going forward on an elliptical will also work  your calf and hamstring muscles, backward movement will put more emphasis on these muscles.

3. It also works your gluteus maximus and hip muscles

The elliptical is a great machine to firm up your behind and get strength in your hips, which is important for basically any daily activity. While the gluteus maximus does get a lot of emphasis and attention in the fitness world, the external hip muscles are a little more under the radar. Using an elliptical is a great way to strengthen both of these very important muscles.

4. It’s a full body exercise

Another positive of an elliptical machine is that many of them have movable arms which allows for a full body workout. A full body workout not only burns more calories, but it also works to tone and firm the muscles in your arm. An elliptical with movable arms will not only work  your legs, but your chest, shoulders and arms also. This allows for a quick full body cardio workout.

5. Workouts are full customizable

This depends on the type of elliptical you have, but in general, most ellipticals have a variety of settings. The most common one being resistance.  Adjusting resistance will increase or decrease the level of difficulty to properly suit your goals. Many ellipticals also have built in workout routines which are tailored for whatever you are training for.

Precor AMT 835 with Open Stride Review

The Precor AMT machines are one of the most popular machines at the gym and for good reason too. If you’re not sure what they are, it is a little hard to describe them. They’re an all-in-one cardio machine that is mostly closely related to the elliptical family. Also for those wondering, the Precor AMT 100i and the Precor AMT 835 are essentially the same machine, with the exception of the P30 console on the Precor AMT 835.

The key feature that sets the 835 apart from other ellipticals is the ability to adapt to motions on the fly. Users can easily adjust stride length, from walking to running to deep lunges without having to manually control settings. Stride length can be changed from 0 to 27 inches to target different muscle groups and create a unique workout every time.

Included in the machine are four built in programs and 20 resistance levels to increase or decrease difficulty. No matter which resistance level you choose, the Precor AMT 835 is known for how smooth the strides are, which allows for a more enjoyable workout.

Another added benefit is that the AMT provides a full body workout because the upper arms are movable. The pushing and pulling motion of the arm allows for a full body engagement.

It’s also worth noting that the Precor AMT 835 is a low impact machine which is great for people who have recently suffered injuries and are trying to ease back into shape. It’s ability to change strides on the fly helps to create a pain free workout and allows you to put less stress on injured body parts.

If you are interested in this machine, you’re in luck. We here at Primo Fitness just received a few units, but they’re going quickly. Contact us for more information!

Difference between Elliptical and Crosstrainers

The terms elliptical and cross-trainers and even elliptical cross-trainers are tossed around frequently as if they are all referring to the same exercise machine, but these terms do have subtle differences and knowing them will surely help you when shopping for one. Although it should be noted that some people do use these terms interchangeably so it always helps to ask questions for clarification.


What is an elliptical?

An elliptical is a cardio machine that is designed to be low impact and is used to simulate running, walking or stair climbing. They also usually have resistance settings to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout although this is not always the case. Ellipticals are also low impact because it keeps the foot in contact with the pedal, decreasing impact to the joints. The elliptical is the umbrella term for crosstrainers and elliptical crosstrainers. It is similar to the mushroom and fungi relationship which states that all mushroom are fungi but not all fungi are mushrooms. All crosstrainers are ellipticals but not all elliptcals are crosstrainers.

What is a crosstrainer?

Crosstrainers are a type of elliptical with one defining feature, movable arm handles. Elliptical crosstrainers are great for getting a full body workout because not only does it provide cardio and lower body movement, moveable arms also adds an upper body element to your workout. Another advantage of the elliptical crosstrainer over an elliptical without movable arms is the difficulty of the workout. While it is easy to slack off on an elliptical without movable arms by resting and putting weight on the arms, it is impossible to do so on a crosstrainer. This makes the workout more effective and more intense. If you’re just beginning though and want to have a lower intensity workout, an elliptical without movable arms could be your best bet.

We hope this has cleared up some confusion with the terms elliptical and crosstrainer. Now you can use your knowledge to shop for some ellipticals on our site!

5 Best Gym Machines for Legs

With the World Cup around the corner, soccer spirit is in the air and the era of powerful legs is upon us. Want those toned thighs or monstrous tree trunk legs but don’t know where to begin and which gym machine to use? No matter what your fitness goals are, working out your legs is absolutely vital in a variety of ways. Strong legs will aid you in working out the rest of your body and having high quality legs is just plain attractive if that’s your end goal. Between cardio and strength machines there are many great ways to tone and strengthen your legs and Primo Fitness can be your guide. The following five machines and the accompanying workouts will be a great start to getting those great legs that you’ve always dreamed of.


1. Seated Leg Press

This machine may be a little obvious seeing as “leg” is in its name itself, but it is nice to know how to properly use this machine and how it benefits your lower body. If you’re not sure what exactly a seated leg press is, it is a strength machine with an angled chair and a large plate in front of that chair that is usually attached to a weight stack. The leg press primarily targets the thighs and glutes and is a great strength machine to tone them. The leg press is also extremely beneficial because it keeps your body in a stable position which maximizes the workout and prevents injures.

To use this leg press, sit comfortably on the chair until your thighs are parallel to the plate. To perform this exercise, slowly straighten out your leg, but not complete. After, begin to bend your knees until the weight hovers over the stack and repeat.

2. Leg Curl

While the seated leg press targets the upper half of the lower body, the leg curl machine is designed to help work the hamstrings.  The leg curl machine has a bench where the user lies flat on their stomach and has a weighted bar over their legs. To properly use this machine, you should start with your legs straight and then bend your knees toward your body, pushing against the resistance of the weighted bar.

3. Leg Extension

As you may have figured out, machines with the word “leg” in their name was great for working out your legs. Each of these machines targets a different part of the leg though, with the leg extension targeting the quadriceps. These machines are distinguished by their slight angled seats (100 degrees from the back to the seat opposed to the 90 degree angle for normal seats) and a weighted resistance. To properly use this machine, you would sit on the seat with your knees bent and slowly raise your leg against the resistance of the weighted bar.

4. Fitness Bike

In addition to strength machines, many cardio machines also provide great workouts for your leg. In addition to burning tons of calories, exercise bikes use nearly every part of your leg. To properly use an exercise bike, you sit on it and pedal to your heart’s content. Your quads are being worked out for the downward portion of pedaling while your hamstrings are being used for the upward motion. The calf muscles are also used for the pushing and pulling motion of pedaling.

5. Elliptical 

Elliptical machines are one of the most popular machines in the gym and luckily they’re also great for working your lower body. Elliipticals are awesome at working your hamstrings and even more so if your elliptical allows you to increase incline or even use the machine backwards. The quadriceps are also used when working out on an elliptical when you leg straightens.

No matter what workout goal you’re trying to accomplish, remember that your legs can play a vital part in nearly every exercise you do. It is important to strengthen them and make sure they can handle the load. You have plenty of choices at the gym but if you ever need any more help or tips, feel free to contact us.

Where to Buy Used Precor Ellipticals

Used Precor Ellipticals

Used Precor 576i EllipticalIf you’re wondering where you can buy used Precor ellipticals, look no further than When it comes to the elliptical, also known as a “crosstrainer” machine, no other brand reigns supreme as Precor. As the original pioneer of the elliptical machine, Precor prides itself on producing ellipticals that are extremely ergonomic for the user, based on proven science, and superior engineering. We’re proud to carry the Precor brand in our ellipticals, treadmills, indoor exercise bikes, and strength machines.

The elliptical is one of the most popular pieces of cardio equipment that you will find in any gyms today. As one of the standard exercise machines right above the treadmill, the elliptical provides you with a full body cardiovascular workout.

Our 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse has a huge selection of used Precor ellipticals that are in-stock and ready to ship and deliver anywhere in the world. From the older Pre-Experience models to the newer Experience models, we have a huge selection of used Precor ellipticals that are guaranteed to satisfy your fitness needs as well as your budget. You can rest assured that whether you’re buying your elliptical with Primo Fitness as-is, serviced and cleaned, or remanufacturedyou’re getting high quality used gym equipment at a fraction of the cost.

One of the most popular and widely used Precor elliptical is the Precor EFX 576i Experience Elliptical Crosstrainer. This is one of Precor’s high-end offerings and features quality build and construction that delivers reliability and long-lasting performance for your cardiovascular exercise. All of our customers are attracted to this modernized and re-designed model that features greater variety of positions for your hands along with active heart rate monitoring, calorie count, stride rate, and much more.

Find out more about the Precor EFX 576i Elliptical and other used Precor ellipticals on our website today. If you’re in the market to buy your very first elliptical, we highly recommend looking into getting a Precor.

More used Precor equipment for sale:


Precor AMT 100i Elliptical Crosstrainer Review

Precor 100i – Adaptive Motion Trainer
AMT 100i

Precor has raised the Fitness Bar up a notch with the all new Precor AMT Elliptical Cross-Trainer. The Precor AMT takes elliptical training to an all-new level. The Precor AMT makes use of the user’s natural body motion to adjust the stride length and motion without the user needing making any adjustments to the machine.

With the dual action arms the Precor AMT Elliptical offers total control of upper body and lower body resistance, providing a customized workout. For the first time the Precor AMT Elliptical gives the user the immediacy, variety, and natural feeling of running outdoors and allows you to customize your stride length and resistance at any time during the work out.

What makes the Precor AMT 100i so popular is the ability for the user to alter their work-out at their slightest whim, no two work-outs are ever the same. This keeps your mind engaged and your body torn between wanting to experiment with new movements and needing a second to catch your breath.

Precor AMT 100i Features Summary:

  • Unique commercial-quality cardio and muscle toning trainer allows you to adapt to your movement on the fly
  • Contra lateral arm movement for natural motion reflecting the way you naturally move
  • 0- to 27-inch stride length; 4 programs including fat burner, heart rate control, interval and manual
  • Handheld heart rate monitoring with compatibility for wireless monitors
  • 350-pound maximum user weight

Precor AMT Customer Review:

I took the plunge and bought this trainer for my home gym. I have tried numerous machines and found that most ellipticals have a few drawbacks. They are great for reducing impact, compared to a treadmill, but usually constrain movement to a fixed motion. Other than being able to vary the stride length a couple of inches on a few models, they all have exactly the same motion, over and over. It was difficult to find one that fit my gait, and at the same time be suitable for my wife who is only 5 feet tall. Actually impossible would be a better description.

This machine is unique, and should be in its own class of truly variable elliptical training. The stride can be ANYTHING you make it; from stepping to full running gait to a pedaling stride. It even allows a backward pedal stride if you want to really mix up the routine. The machine doesn’t control the gait. You do, and you can vary it any time without touching any electronic controls. You’ll need to try it to really understand.

Very highly recommended!

An actual Precor 100i AMT Customer

Precor Treadmills and Ellipticals

Since 1980, Precor Fitness has manufactured exercise equipment used in major gyms worldwide, setting a high standard for quality, innovation and performance.  Precor’s main goal was to capture the user’s natural movement and created the first shock absorption flex deck for treadmills.

In 1995, Precor Fitness changed the cardio world with the first elliptical crosstrainer and then again with the Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT), that adapts to the users stride length and motion as it changes during the workout for a more natural feel.

Here are a few pieces of Precor cardio equipment ideal  for your Home or Commercial Gym today:



Precor 546i Experience Elliptical – One of the newest additions to the Precor cardio line is the 546i Experience Series elliptical. The 546i incorporates the latest advances in technology and performance to come out of the Precor research department.



Precor 556i Experience Elliptical – The Precor 556i Experience Elliptical‘s fixed 20° ramp tones your lower muscle groups during your workout. Six buttons control 10 preset programs including one fitness test and a new program can be selected at any time during their workout. Users at any level will find the large buttons easy to use and understand and set controls to reach their goals. The Precor 556i Experience Elliptical would make a great addition for any type of home or commercial gym.



Precor C956i Treadmill – Equipped with advanced Precor technology, the C956i Treadmill with its quiet and powerful 3.2 H.P. motor can stand up to the toughest commercial gym conditions. The Precor C956i Treadmill is a great treadmill to own and use. Professional trainers love the quiet motor and rollers, the extensive workout programs and stylist design.



Precor 966i Experience Treadmill – If you only like the best for your home or commercial gym, the Precor 966i Experience Treadmill is what you are looking for. Loaded with advanced Precor features like Foot Integrated Technology, the ability for the treadmill to learn your stride and adjust the belt speed for a more natural and smoother run.




Precor AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer) – Precor’s fitness goal from day one was to give the user the feel and comfort of their natural running or walking movement by adjusting AMT’s stride and motion without having to make any adjustments.  The result of their efforts is the Precor AMT cardio cross trainer.

Adaptive motion: By allowing you to alter your motion at the slightest whim of your imagination, no two workouts have to feel the same. This keeps your mind engaged and your body torn between wanting to experiment with new movements and needing a second to catch your breath.

Life Fitness 90x Elliptical Crosstrainer Overview

Life Fitness 90X Elliptical CrosstrainerAfter countless hours in the Life Fitness design lab the designers came up with the ultimate Life Fitness 90X Elliptical Trainer. The 90X elliptical was designed for the most natural movement possible from head to toe.

In a 20 to 45 minute cardio session you can work-out your arms, shoulders, chest, back, hips, and legs all at the same time. With the Life Fitness 90x Elliptical Crosstrainer you can build endurance, increase muscle tone, and burn body fat with only one machine.

The Life Fitness 90x Elliptical Trainer is loaded with great features and provides 26 work-out programs and an easy to use upper and lower console.

The Life Fitness 90x Elliptical also comes with 25 levels of resistance, a customized Cool Down protocol, Lifepulse Digital Heart Rate Monitoring, Polar Telemetry Heart Rate Monitoring and two workout modes: Cross-Train Aerobics & Cross-Train Reverse.

Designed to perform 15 hrs. a day 7 days a week, the Life Fitness 90X Elliptical Crosstrainer will fit easily into a Home or Commercial Gym while also fitting your budget. Nothing comes closer to your natural stride then the Life Fitness 90 Series Elliptical.


  • Hill, Random, Manual, Quick Start Programs
  • Customized Cool Down
  • 5 Interactive Heart Rate Workouts using Polar Chest Strap
  • 6 Interval Workouts
  • Cross-Train Aerobics & Cross-Train Reverse Workout Modes
  • Resistance Levels: 0-25
  • Lifepulse Digital Heart Rate Monitoring System, Polar Telemetry Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Belt Drive System
  • Self-Powered
  • Overall Dimensions: 84.75”L x 26.5”W x 64”H
  • Maximum User Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Heart Rate: Polar Only (No Handgrips)


Differences: Life Fitness 9500HR, Next Generation & 91xi Elliptical Cross Trainers Compared

Life Fitness 9500HR Next Gen Treadmill

Life Fitness 9500HR Next Gen Treadmill

We have been asked by our customers – what are the differences between the Life Fitness 9500HR (Classic), 9500HR Next Generation (Next Gen) and 91xi elliptical cross trainers? They are all essentially the same type of exercise machine with some differences.

The Life Fitness 9500HR Next Gen has a different console and more features than the classic 9500HR. The Life Fitness 91xi is the newest model in the series, but essentially the only difference is the color (black and gray vs. gray tones).

Another important difference is the ages of the machines which affect the price of each of the models. The older the machine, the cheaper the price.

All of these ellipticals are commercial grade machines, meant to be used for several hours a day in a gym and to be well functioning for years. They are very reliable thus are popular in all types of fitness centers.

If you have any questions about any of our elliptical cross trainers, please let us know. Check out this video about what to look for before purchasing any used elliptical crosstrainer.

We pride ourselves in having industry leading refurbishing team and excellent customer service. Our 80+ 5-star Yelp reviews tell the story. We’re comfortable comparing our reputation with any other fitness equipment seller.

Our warehouse is located in Santa Ana, Southern California – near Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego. Free local pick up. For a shipping quote, send us your zip code. We can ship nationwide and carry major commercial brands such as Life Fitness, Precor, Star Trac, StairMaster, TechnoGym, Cybex, FreeMotion, Nautilus, Schwinn, SciFit and more.

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