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Things You Wanted to Know About Recumbent Bikes but Were Afraid to Ask

A recumbent bike works the same as a regular bike although the set-up is a little different. These bikes are a great exercising tool for almost everybody. They make it possible to work out and get the heart pumping without putting excessive pressure on your knees and joints. They do not take up too much space so they are great for exercising at home.

The simplicity of recumbent bikes makes them an ideal option for older adults and people with mobility and balance problems. They are easy to get on and off and exercising on them is easy. You can find them cheaply from dealers who deal in used gym equipment for sale.

What Muscles Does A Recumbent Bike Target?

Exercising on a recumbent bike targets almost all muscles Some of the muscles that are targeted directly include the hip muscle, gluteus, calves, hamstrings, abs, tibialis anterior, and Maximus. You can use upper body weights to target more muscles.

There is a wide variety of designs that you should consider when choosing your recumbent bikes for sale. The bikes may be shot, medium, or long. Some of them have handlebars beneath you while others have handlebars in front of you. They may be different but they all provide you with comfort and support.

If you are unsure of the right recumbent bike design for your needs, try riding different designs to find the one that feels best. What feels good for one person may not necessarily be the same for another. Taking time out to practice may make exercising on your bike more comfortable.

Is It The Right Choice For Me?


People who suffer from lower back problems can benefit a lot from using recumbent bikes. Unlike upright bikes, they have a backrest and full seat for support. They allow you to recline against your sea without pain or strain. The seats are bigger and more comfortable than regular seats so you can sit comfortably during your exercise. You do not have to use your hands if you do not want to. You can get enough balance without using your hands. This makes it possible to incorporate boy weights into your exercise.


Recumbent bikes are a great option for people who do not have a lot of experience exercising on bikes. This is because they are a lot safer. They allow you to work out without having to get up from your seat. You are, therefore, unlikely to lose your balance.

Using a recumbent bike is easy and you can find an appropriate setting regardless of your fitness level. Even though they may feel intimidating at first, they are a great option for beginners.

The Best Used Gym Equipment: Top 5 Cardio Machines

There really is a lot of used gym equipment for sale. Plenty of pieces of gym equipment will get sold on a regular basis. It’s common for people to eventually sell their old gym equipment.


Types of Used Gym Equipment


1. Elliptical Trainers

Lots of people are interested in using elliptical trainers exclusively, and that makes sense. People can get effective low-impact exercise by using elliptical trainers. This is a machine that even the people who have severe knee problems can use.

It’s also possible for people to exercise their upper and lower bodies while they are using elliptical trainers. A person who uses a recumbent bike might get a great cardiovascular workout. It’s also possible for people to increase the strength of their legs with these machines.

However, when people use the elliptical trainer, they will be able to strengthen their arm, back, and leg muscles.


2. Recumbent Bikes

Using almost any sort of stationary bike can help a lot of people exercise efficiently. People can tone nearly all of the muscles in their lower bodies while using a stationary bike.

It’s important to note that it’s easy for people to stick with workouts involving stationary bikes. Many people struggle with exercising on a regular basis, especially if they’re used to difficult workouts.

A person who uses a stationary bike, especially a recumbent model, will be able to sit back and exercise at the same time. This is a bike model that works well for the people who have back problems.

People who want to exercise effectively without becoming too exhausted afterwards will really appreciate these bikes.


3. Rowing Machines

The individuals who want to have a really strenuous workout will probably approve of rowing machines. These are some of the most intense machines that anyone can use. People will get a powerful cardiovascular workout after using these machines.


4. Treadmills

Some people think that it’s difficult to get a good workout on a treadmill. However, this just isn’t true. Walking is still one of the best forms of exercise, and running can be even better.

In the 2000’s, many people talked about the value of power walking. The science regarding power walking has not changed. Many exercise physiologists still have a lot of confidence in it.


5. Stair Mill

Walking up and down the stairs all the time can be a great form of cardiovascular exercise, and a stairmill will give people the chance to exercise like that on a regular basis. People who are looking for used gym equipment for sale should pay attention to stair mills.














1) 转售价值


2) 器材保养


3) 器材尺寸




如果您想营造一个以专业健身为主的运动氛围,您会需要深蹲练习架、重量训练架、哑铃、槓铃…等;如果您想做的更像是健身俱乐部,您可能会需要椭圆训练机(elliptical machine)、功能训练机(functional trainer)、跑步机和壶铃…。


















购买二手健身器材要注意什么?为什么要选择Primo Fitness?



  1. 了解您有哪些选择

服务如“翻新”、“改制”、“原样”、“维修和清洁”、“转手”、“ 展示样品”等等,对买方来说,了解您有哪些服务是很重要的。在洽询过程中,务必像销售人员询问清楚。有些二手健身器材已经换了新零件;有些设备只是经过清洁和测试,以拥有应有的功能;有些设备是在原样条件下出售。

  1. 研究品牌、型号


  1. 购买前一定要试用






我们可以很自信地说:Primo Fitness用的跑带是最高品质且是美国制造的。然而,许多公司是从国外进口便宜的,甚至重新粉刷的旧跑带。想知道是不是高品质的跑带,关键在跑带背面的制造商标志。劣质的跑带会对您的马达产生过度的压力,我们会更换每个马达上的每个轴承、支座。有些不良业者也会直接将跑板翻面继续使用,这么做会破坏跑板的弹性,用不久后便会开始出现问题。我们不这么做,所有我们翻新的跑步机都有全新的跑板。




椭圆交叉训练器(Elliptical Crosstrainer)

不是我自夸,Primo Fitness更换和翻新的零件比其他业者都要来得多。我们将每台器材的每个框架都去绣并重新上漆,许多人只是重新粉刷,叠附在旧的涂层上。我们更换器材上的所有轴套和所有轴承,我相信很多人也只是重新清洁并继续使用,因为这是一项大工程。所有的跑带和交替带都是使用原厂皮带做更换。每台器材也有全新的操作面板,让整体外观看起来更一致。


  1. 器材应该要全新粉刷
  2. 全新的轴套和轴承
  3. 原厂翻新的输送跑带和交替带
  4. 原厂替换的输送跑带和交替带
  5. 全新操作面板

我们位在加利福尼亚的展示仓库拥有各式各样的健身器材,欢迎线上与我们联系或亲自检查我们各种二手和全新的健身器材。我们很乐意提供建议给需要帮助的您,Primo Fitness的销售人员拥有专业的器材和健身知识,能从使用者的角度出发,协助您选择合适的器材。我们能送货到世界各地,欢迎国际经销商、批发商和健身房业者与我们联系,搜索最好的价格和服务。现在就向我们发电子邮件[email protected],或拨打电话给我们(714)955-2565,我们将提供您最优质的服务!  Can you add Wechat ID as a contact info please?

Exercise Bike or Treadmill: Which is Better?

Recumbent Bikes for sale with custom color frames

It’s general knowledge that we burn more calories through rigorous physical exercise. Fitness enthusiasts love stationary exercise bikes and treadmills. (Perhaps because they utilise the least space.) Between these two weight loss equipment, which one is advantageous? At Primo Fitness, we believe in educating clients. We’ll take an in-depth look at both and you can then make an informed decision.


Exercise bike

Calories Burnt

When you ride the bike for an hour daily, you burn 300 calories. Assuming that you weigh 170 pounds, you will lose 2.5 pounds each week. You could even shed off those unsightly tummy folds faster by working out at higher intensities. There is no substitute for hard work. Weight loss gains are directly proportional to the effort you input.

Knee Joints

Compared to other workout routines (such as jogging and lifting weights), riding a stationary bike isn’t as harsh on your knees. They aren’t subjected to excessive pressure. Even though it gets your heart pumping, no mechanical stress is laid on the ankles, hips, and back. Our instructors recommend starting your weight loss journey on an exercise bike as there’s a lower risk of muscle strain.

Cardiovascular benefits

Riding a stationary bike is one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises. These are workout routines that help keep heart disease at bay. How is it effective? The heart is a muscle. When you exercise, it pumps blood twice as fast and it gets stronger. Riding the bike daily reduces harmful cholesterol – boosting overall health. A few scientific studies suggest that cycling every day may extend life.


Help lose belly fat

This is undoubtedly the best exercise for losing belly fat. Gym instructors claim that it’s more effective at burning visceral fat when compared to other cardio exercises. How’s this beneficial? You will end up with a smaller waist after exercising regularly.

Long-term advantages

Stubborn belly fat isn’t called stubborn for nothing! It keeps coming back. Once you’ve shrunk your waist, jogging on the treadmill will keep love handles away – for good. According to a study conducted by the University of Alabama last year, participants maintained leaner waists even after gaining minimal weight.


First time practising on a treadmill? Talk to a trainer beforehand. This is a high-impact routine and may cause muscle (or joint) injury when performed incorrectly. What’s the recommended routine? Start at a slow pace and slowly work your way to the higher levels. Just like a machine, your body needs to warm up. Don’t push too hard (or run too fast) when starting out. It’s detrimental. Start with a brisk walk instead. Slowly introduce short bursts of jogging complemented by brisk walks. End each workout with a cool down session.


Whereas both are effective weight loss equipment’s, they must be supplemented by a healthy lifestyle. No amount of jogging will cancel out two large pizzas every day. The most effective weight loss routine is one that is in line with your nutritionist’s guidelines. Again, visceral fat is brought by stress and poor sleeping habits. Consider attending yoga clause or meditation.





Used Fitness Equipment International




















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3 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Own Elliptical

Life Fitness Integrity Elliptical Cross Trainers

According to studies, working out for fifteen minutes every day can help you keep fit and add more years to your life. Running is the most common form of exercising. However, it could be difficult for people with conditions such as joint pain, bad knees or obesity. This is because running, just like tennis or aerobics, puts a lot of strain on the body parts that are specifically associated with this activity. To avoid this strain, fitness experts are advising people to start using an elliptical cross trainer. This fitness equipment is usually found in gyms and fitness health clubs. However, if you want to exercise on your own at home, you will have to buy the elliptical cross trainer. The following are the three most important things you need to know before purchasing this fitness tool.

Features of the elliptical cross-trainer

Whether you are buying a new or an old elliptical trainer, you should first look at the features. In case you are a starter, you should check if the machine has an electronic monitor. The role of this monitor is to track the distance that the user has covered in terms of kilometers. You should also check whether the machine can move in reverse motion. Some muscle groups can only exercise if you move in reverse. The other essential features to look out for are the movable handles. With these, you can have a well-rounded workout. Do not buy an Elliptical Cross-Trainer if the stride length cannot be adjustable. It is because the stride length of one person is different from that of another person.

Types of elliptical cross trainers

Elliptical cross trainers come in different types. You have to be aware of the various classifications on the market before making the final decision.

  • Drive

This classification is based on drive. This is the positioning of the flywheel. Cross trainers can either be front or rear wheel drive. Generally, there is no significant difference between the two. However, the front drive elliptical cross-trainers usually move the legs of the trainer at a steeper angle. They also have a track system and a roller so that they can support the person’s weight. The user is therefore required to lean forward during the exercise. On the other hand, the rear drive elliptical cross trainers enable the user to make longer strides which happens when walking or jogging. The type that you choose depends on the comfortability.

  • Resistance type

The elliptical cross trainers use air or magnetic resistance to create resistance. In magnetic resistance, some magnets attract or repel magnets to the flywheel. In air resistance, fan blades are used to pump air out to create the resistance.

The price

Before making a purchase, you should be aware of the market price of this home gym equipment. Typically, they range from two hundred to five thousand dollars. The amount depends on your needs and requirements. Ensure that you set a budget. Whichever the case, you should never compromise price with quality.

Elliptical trainers are very popular training machines. Purchasing one for home use could be quite confusing because of the many types available in the market. However, consider the above factors to ensure that you are making an informed decision. Whether you are looking for new or used elliptical trainers, Primo Fitness is the right place to visit. They provide different types of elliptical trainers at affordable prices.

Why A Functional Trainer is Perfect For You

functional trainer is one of the best pieces of strength equipment for your fitness studio. It uses two cables and attachments enabling you to execute directional movements of your choice. A functional trainer allows you to have maximum control over your body while training. There are no limits to what you can do. It will enable you to perform exercises for arms, back, legs, chest, and shoulders. You may use it to perform bicep curls, shoulder press, upright rows, straight-arm pushdowns, any angle of chest press, cable squats, and leg raises. The following are some of the reasons why a functional trainer is perfect for you.


Even though the initial buying price of the equipment may seem expensive, they may help you to save money. The fact that you can use them to train almost all parts of your body means that you may not have to buy other equipment. It is especially great for people that wish to train at home. It is great for exercise as a pastime or as a sport. With some practice, you may not need to pay anyone to assist you. You can safely use it to exercise on your own. It comes with pre-loaded weights, so you do not have to keep buying more.


If you are undergoing therapy for muscle rehabilitation, you may use a functional trainer. The machine is designed to aid exercises that therapists recommend for patients after injuries or loss of muscle strength.


If you are one of those people that are unable to enjoy the use of some equipment because of safety issues, this machine may offer you a solution. It is easy to use, and there is no risk of being overwhelmed by the weights. You move the pin to a weight that is appropriate for you and start working out. Its safety makes a wise addition to your home gym.


This machine provides you with a variety of options. You can perform plenty of exercises using it. If you are planning on buying just one machine, it is the best option because it allows you to perform exercises for all parts of the body. It is great for everyone regardless of their fitness goals. Functional exercises may involve elbows, hips, knees, ankles, hips, and shoulders. If you apply the exercises well, you reduce your chances of getting injured.

If you have not exercised in a long time, you should consult your doctor before you start using a functional trainer. Consult the opinion of your doctor if you have an illness, if you are expectant, or a senior adult. Start slowly with exercises that use your body weight and progress slowly to add weights. After a while, you will notice changes and improvements in your ability to handle daily activities.

Contact Primo Fitness for high quality new and used gym equipment. The company has more than 20 years of making sales across the world. The technicians are certified, experienced, and professional. You may visit their office and check out some of the equipment in their showroom.

Is An Arc Trainer Perfect For You?

Exercising or working is one of the activities that can help you keep fit and remain healthy. For a proper workout, you have to choose the workout tools that are perfect for you. The best exercising equipment should not make you strain too much. To determine whether the workout tool you want to use at the gym or work is perfect for you, it is essential to put some critical factors into consideration. According to health experts, an arc trainer is one of the ideal equipment for workout. The arc trainer is quite similar to the treadmill and the elliptical machine or even the stair climber. The following are the reasons why everyone who wants to have the perfect body should start using the arc trainer.

Strengthens the Muscles

The arc trainer is very helpful in muscle strengthening. This is because the arc trainer engages most of the leg muscles all at the same time. Another thing that you need to consider before starting to use this equipment is that it can be adjusted to different modes. This can be done with differing stride lengths and patterns. Each pattern targets specific muscles in your body and activates them. The legs, arms, chest, and shoulders can all get a good workout by regularly using the arc trainer.

Increases Endurance

Using the arc trainer is also advisable because it increases your endurance. As long as you have strong and healthy muscles, you can have more stamina and enhance the ability to engage in more physical activities than before. The strong muscles help you run faster, lift heavier weights and jump higher for much longer. Using the arc trainer enables the lungs to be more efficient thus processing more oxygen which is required for exercising.

It is Adaptable and Adjustable

Another reason why the arc trainer is perfect for every person who wants to work out is the fact that the gym equipment is highly adaptable and adjustable. It is, therefore, very appropriate for different people with different needs. There are three primary positions that you can adjust the arc trainer. These positions test different muscles and help your body to relax in various ways. According to health experts, it is vital for every person to get variations in their workout routine. It is not healthy to get your muscles used to the same exercises. This is why you should think of using the arc trainer so that you can have these adjustments.

Helps in Mental Wellbeing

Using the arc trainer regularly is great for the mental wellbeing of the exerciser. Mental health is significant. It is one of the reasons why people work out regularly. Using the arc trainer helps you to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and to remain happy. This is because the exercise balances the chemicals that stabilize your mood in the brain. Chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine are produced in high amounts thus helping you to remain happy and relaxed.

A Great Cardiovascular Workout

Using the arc trainer offers various cardiovascular benefits. It is an aerobic exercise and your heart will be required to beat above its standard rate. This way, more oxygen is produced thus maintaining the general body health.

These are some of the reasons why the arc trainer is a perfect equipment for your workout. You can purchase new or used arc trainers at Primo fitness since they are offered at affordable prices.

3 Must-Have Gym Equipment for Strength Training

Sometimes, going to the gym could be quite scary and especially if you find crazy looking training tools in the room. The machines could range from barbells, medicine balls, or even sandbags. Determining the right equipment to use for your strength training without hurting yourself could be a challenging task. However, the following are the most basic strength training equipment that every person visiting the gym should take advantage of.


1) Dumbbells

This strength training equipment is most appropriate to people who are new to strength training. In most gyms, you will find dumbbells that weigh between one and a hundred pounds. According to most fitness experts, dumbbells are perfect for strength building. When using them, your hands are not in a fixed position which means that they are really good for the joints. Your body can move in a natural motion.

2) Barbells

Most people assume that Olympic lifters and bodybuilders are the only ones who can use barbells. This is very wrong. They can also be used for strength training. Barbells can be used for moves such as deadlifts, snatches and back squats. With barbells, you can carry more weight than using dumbbells. They should be used by people who are ready to go heavy. Keep in mind that the metal bar weighs around forty-five pounds. The weight of the plates that are added on each side of the bar ranges between 2.5 and forty-five pounds. Figure out the calculation and decide whether you are ready for all that. Fixed barbells can, however, be used as an alternative for new strength trainers or those who are not prepared to carry heavy weights.

3) Resistance bands

Resistance bands are effective strength training equipment. They look like giant colored rubber bands. However, resistance bands provide the effective workout to the users. Another benefit of using these resistance bands for building your strength is the fact that they are joint-friendly and low-impact. Your body can remain stable while in motion because the resistance bands create resistance in the two different directions. This strength building equipment comes in different types. The main categories are the tube bands that have handles, the flat resistance bands, and the closed loops resistance bands. The kind that you choose should match your resistance level, your style, and your length as well. With resistance bands, you can comfortably do exercises such as squats, lateral band walks, and overhead presses. They are the perfect tools to use in case you are new to strength training, in addition to that, resistance bands can easily be carried around in case the user is traveling.

Engaging in workouts is very healthy and offers very many advantages to your body. The above is the most basic strength-training tools that can be used by both men and women in the gym.

At Primo Fitness, we provide high-quality, new and second-hand strength training equipment at a pocket-friendly price. You can talk to one of the members of the team to get more information about these gym tools and also get a quote for the project. We are looking forward to serving you.

Best Exercise Machine for Losing Belly Fat

Matrix C7xe Climbmill Stepmill

The accumulation of belly fat can be unflattering especially when the fat expands your waistline. For some people, it is the ridicule that comes from friends or the pressure imposed by Beauty magazines. Apart from the psychological effects, too much fat can cause diseases like high blood pressure and other heart-related complications. The healthiest way to reduce this is through exercise. Treadmills and bikes are the best machines for losing weight and cutting that belly fat in the process. At our wholesale gym equipment, we offer a variety of these two machines.

Cybex treadmill

This type is excellent for Cardio exercises that maximize the burning of calories in the body. The treadmills vary in terms of speed and the percentage of the automated incline. For effective training on a treadmill, it is advisable to exercise with a steep incline that fastens the calorie burning process. These treadmills also come with a heart monitoring device which uses the red, yellow and green colors to show your heart rate.

Free Motion treadmills

These machines provide an up and down tilting movement, replicating the outdoor terrain. This feature makes it an effective machine to use. It is also designed with Google maps trails and online treadmill races that motivate you during your workout session. They are also fitted with television screens and Android browsers that add a touch of luxury to your exercise experience. To cool your body as you run on the treadmill, this machine has a fan with an adjustable speed. The machines also have wireless heart rate monitoring tools that enable you to track your heart rate, giving you an efficient workout time.

Life Fitness treadmills

These treadmills can hold a weight of up to 400 pounds and go at a maximum speed of 12mph. The incline can go up to 15 percent while gradually inclining at 0.5 percent. This gives you a feel of the outdoor terrain, changing your metabolism and muscles. The machines are also designed to reduce the shock of impact by having cushions on the treadmill track. As a boost to the heart monitoring aspect, the life fitness treadmills come with an inbuilt Heart Sync workout program. It also comes with accessories like the cup holder and has consoles that keep you entertained during your workout session.

Spinner indoor cycle bikes

The bikes in this category have stainless steel frames while the flywheel is heavy. The pedals are made of Morse taper creating a perfect grasp during pedaling. These features help improve your ride experience and give it a personalized feel.

Keiser indoor cycle

One of the most loved features of this bike is its ability to imitate the road bike. When riding it, you feel like you’re riding uphill. The ride is quiet and has a wide resistance. The seat can also adjust vertically and horizontally to give you the comfortable feel that you need. You can also adjust the handles to two different positions that suit you. The bike is designed with an inbuilt heart rate monitor that gives you the accurate heart rate data.

If you want to purchase the aforementioned and other cardio fitness machines; visit the Primo fitness shop for retail or wholesale gym equipment.

Best Cardio Workout For Your Body Type

Wholesale-Gym-EquipmentThe benefits of being physically fit are not only felt on the physical health aspect, but also on the emotional being as people who work out often see themselves on a positive light. The journey to physical fitness starts with a visit to a commercial gym equipment store to select the most appropriate cardio machine.

It is important to consider your body type for optimal results. This is because the cardio exercise revolves around increasing the heart rate and the success of the project is directly linked to understanding yourself and knowing what your body needs.

The classification of body types is a grey area and very subjective. However, fitness specialists seem to agree that you will fall one of the three body types-mesomorph, ectomorph, and endomorph.

Are You an Endomorph? Consider these Workouts

You are an endomorph if you look on a mirror and see that your lower body is broader than the upper body. In particular, the shoulders are narrower than your waist. If you have this body type, you might be genetically inclined to store fat faster and have difficulties in losing it.

If you have this body type, your cardio exercises should focus on exerting pressure on your lower torsos. In such a case, you should you should let your commercial gym equipment specialist know what exactly it is that you need. A treadmill, recumbent bike, steppers and climbers, and the spin bike will be very effective in getting your heart racing in no time. The machines have the effect of Tabata cardio workouts and the circuit cardio workouts that are effective in burning calories in the short run.

What About the Mesomorph Body Type and the Relevant Cardio Exercises?

If your shoulder is wider than your waist, you are a mesomorph. Additionally, if you grasp your wrist and your index fingers can touch, you are in this category. Mesomorphs gain muscles easily and can lose them easily too.

Unlike endomorphs, mesomorphs require to engage every section of the body for optimal cardio results. Hands, chest, waist, legs, and stomach should all feel the impact of an exercises session.

If you are a mesomorph, your time at the commercial gym equipment store is quite easy and straightforward due to the large number of options to consider. The air dyne, the elliptical crosstrainer, and arc machines can help you to undertake elliptical cardio workouts that are beneficial to your body.

Workouts for you if you are an Ectomorph

You are an ectomorph if your body is straight/you have no curves and your ratio of waist to shoulder is 1/1. In most cases, you are very lean because your body has a very high metabolism rate that makes it difficult to gain fat or muscle.

Cardio workouts should, therefore, enable you to gain muscle. Your options at the commercial gym equipment business should be the machines that induce intense workouts in multiple exercises simultaneously. The equipment should work out 1 or 2 body parts to avoid high metabolism rates. The best options are; leverage systems, benches, skierg, and squat racks.


The American Heart Association recommends a 40 minutes cardio workout for 3-4 days a week. Regardless of your body type, sleep, diet, and a healthy lifestyle are vital in yielding the change that you want to see.

To know more about your body type, research more on the somatotype theory. Visit Primo Fitness today to get the best deals on commercial gym equipment.

3 Best Advice When Starting Your New Fitness Center

When you are starting a fitness center, there is a lot that you will have to keep track of. You should carefully follow the advice given in this article for your fitness center to run efficiently. Hopefully, you’ll find the information useful to assist you as you take the first steps towards setting up your new fitness center.



  1. Make sure that you purchase high-quality gym equipment.

First of all, you need to make sure that you have all the right equipment suitable for your fitness center. You should carefully look at all the gym equipment for sale if you wish to be able to get a good deal. Remember, sometimes you may find some gym equipment for sale that may seem a reasonable price, but this equipment may actually be damaged or otherwise undesirable.

Consequently, you should keep in mind the adage that if something is too good to be true, then there may be a reason for that low price. You ought to be cognizant that the quality of your gym equipment is a crucial part of running a profitable fitness center.

  1. Make sure that you have many different machines, with multiple devices for each type of workout.

Nothing is worse than having to wait at the gym for someone else to finish using a workout machine. Remember, you should always keep in mind that the members of your fitness center are busy people who are taking time out of their busy day to workout at your fitness center. Hence, you should be aware that no one will want to pay for a membership at your fitness center if there is not enough work out machines for each member to get their workout done on time.

Furthermore, you ought to be cognizant that you should keep all your gym equipment in good working condition. Otherwise, people will stop coming to your fitness center. Remember, each piece of equipment that is out of order will cause more delay for the people who are exercising in your fitness center.

  1. Make sure that you have many different free weights, with many dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates.

When it comes to free weights, you need to purchase many different weight plates with multiple copies of each size of the weight plates. Sometimes gyms fail to have many weight plates for each dimension of the plate, and then when someone goes to the gym to workout, they have to wait until the last person is done with the plate before they can use it. On the other hand, this problem may also arise if you do not have enough dumbbells.

Consequently, when you look at gym equipment for sale, you should try to purchase a few different dumbbells and with varying sizes of each type of dumbbell. Moreover, when you look at the gym equipment for sale, you should also buy many different barbells and weight plates. Furthermore, you ought to remember that all these different pieces of gym equipment are essential if you wish to run a successful fitness center.

Is a Recumbent Exercise Bike Best for You?

Life Fitness 95Ci Upright & 95Ri Recumbent Bike

When you go shopping for a stationary bike for your workout, you will realize that there are two main types of stationary bikes: recumbent bikes and upright bikes. Although both bikes are effective when it comes to reducing weight and improving cardio, there are several differences that make recumbent bikes the better alternative for most people. If you are shopping for a stationary bike; below is a rundown of benefits that makes recumbent bikes the best choice for you.

Recumbent Bikes are Safer

Other than offering a back support, recumbent bikes also come with a larger seat than upright bikes. Besides, these kikes are much lower to the ground compared to the upright ones. This makes it easier for anyone, including the elderly, to get on and off. In a nutshell, a recumbent exercise bike for sale is much safer for workouts than upright bikes.

Recumbent Bikes Offer More Comfort

Upright bikes have smaller seats, and it is not uncommon to hear users complain about pain in the in the buttocks. Furthermore, upright backs may cause users to experience stained or tired backs due to the lack of back support. On the other hand, recumbent bikes eliminate these challenges. They have a larger seat and backrest making them more comfortable. Furthermore, they place less strain on the knees and the hips, making them perfect even for the elderly and people suffering from arthritis and other similar problems.

Recumbent Bikes Target More Muscles

Not only are recumbent bikes more comfortable and safer, they are also more effective when it comes to working out. When riding a recumbent bike or an upright bike, you can build muscles in your lower legs and thighs. However, the two targets the muscles differently, and indeed, with a recumbent bike, you can target more muscles. In a nutshell, using a recumbent bike and peddling the normal bike outside can be a great way of ensuring that you are targeting all the muscles in your legs. In a nutshell, compared to an upright bike, a recumbent bike is a more effective piece of workout equipment.

Recumbent Bike will extend your Workout

Recumbent bikes are generally easier to use and more comfortable compared to upright bikes. This implies that when you choose to be using a recumbent bike, you are more likely going to stick to your workout routine. You are also more likely going to work out for much longer than when you are using an upright bike. After all, it is unlikely that you are going to continue peddling if you are experiencing pain in the butt and back. In such a case, you will also not want to jump on your upright bike the following day or later in the week. Thus, the fact that recumbent bikes are pain-free and comfortable means that when you are using one, you will more likely be willing to push yourself farther and stick to your workout routine.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that although both upright and recumbent bikes can help you build muscles, recumbent several features that make them a better option. For instance, they target more muscles and they are more comfortable. They are also safer and they can be used by both the experienced and the amateurs. Thus, if you are shopping for a safe, comfortable, pain-free and effective stationary bike; a recumbent bike is the best choice for you.

What Is the Difference Between a Stepper and a Stepmill?


The Stepper and Stepmill were both introduced to the world by the StairMaster company, they both allow you to mimic walking up steps, they both are cardio machines that workout your lower half including the quadriceps, buttocks and hamstrings, but they have different names because they ARE different.


There is a difference in price. The Stepmill is typically more expensive than a Stepper due to its more intensive construction. A Stepper has two pedals that move downward in alternating fashion when you place your feet on them. The Stepmill has a staircase that collapses in a downward motion as you walk up on it. A Stepmill covers more space than a Stepper. That is one of the reasons why you tend to see more Steppers than a Stepmill at gyms. I’ve seen Steppers at people’s homes, but never a Stepmill.  With a Stepper you are involved in repetitive motion, while with the Stepmill you can walk up the staircase going forward, backward or sideways.

If you are interested in purchasing a Stepper or Stepmill, click on the images below to check out what we have in stock.

Life Fitness Integrity StepperStairMaster 7000PT Silver Console Stepmill

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Local customers will enjoy walking in to browse our large collection of both used and new fitness equipment. We are happy to help those who need assistance deciding on the right equipment for their home or gym. International dealers, wholesalers and gym owners looking for the best prices and service are more than welcome to visit as well; we ship to all parts of the world. Our team members are prepared to help in putting together special gym packages that best suit their needs.

Come take advantage of our expert sales staff and their expertise with designing home and professional gyms with fitness equipment within your space and budget. Our team has over 100 years of combined fitness industry experience in all types of new and used gym equipment from repair and remanufacturing, to moving and installation, to what gear is best for your home, apartment complex or gym. You can also email us at [email protected] or call with any questions at (714) 957-2765. However, we encourage you to come in person and see one for yourself.

We are open Monday-Friday from 9-5, as well as Saturday by appointment only. Our friendly and informed staff are ready to help you in any way regarding fitness equipment. We serve local fitness enthusiasts and gym owners from all over Southern California, from Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles – and beyond. Come on by!

Tips for Buying Used Fitness Equipment

used gym equipment dealer warehouse

Buying used fitness equipment can be a great way to save money when you are building your home gym on a limited budget. With the high retail prices that fitness equipment is going for nowadays, you can save lots of money by buying used cardio and strength equipment. As with everything else that you purchase, make sure to do your due diligence when buying used fitness equipment.

Understanding the Terminology

With so much jargon used to describe fitness equipment such as “refurbished,” “remanufactured,” “as is,” “serviced and cleaned,” “pre-owned,” “demo,” “reconditioned” and more, it is important for the buyer to understand what the terms mean. It is your responsibility to ask the salesperson exactly what those words mean. Some used fitness equipment have had parts exchanged for new ones, some equipment have simply been cleaned and tested for proper function, and others are sold in the same condition they were acquired.

Research the Brand, Model, and Seller

Purchasing name brands will generally save you more money in the long run. I once purchased a new treadmill for a really cheap price from a rather unknown brand. I immediately noticed how fragile the frame was; I could hear it creek whenever I moved it around. I remember almost falling on my face while running on it because the belt felt like it was slipping, but later I found out it was the motor that was giving out. Now I know that I could have spent roughly around the same amount of money on a used quality name brand treadmill and still have it working to this day. Reputation of a brand goes a long way when purchasing something that you expect to be durable. Finding a reputable seller is also essential when shopping for fitness equipment. Go on review websites like Yelp to get a sense of what you will expect from the seller in terms of the quality of the equipment they sell and their prices..

Try Before You Buy

Avoid purchasing something just because you believe you are getting a good deal. You should always try out the equipment that you are buying. The salesperson should not be able stop you from getting on the treadmill you are interested in purchasing, walking on it and pushing all the buttons to make sure they work. It is your duty to make sure you are investing your money in something that will not end up unusable in a couple of months. If you are looking for longevity and durability, then a commercial grade fitness machine would be perfect for the rigorous day to day use that it was created for.

See These Machines and More at our Warehouse in Orange County, California

Local customers will enjoy walking in to browse our large collection of both used and new fitness equipment. We are happy to help those who need assistance deciding on the right equipment for their home or gym. International dealers, wholesalers and gym owners looking for the best prices and service are more than welcome to visit as well; we ship to all parts of the world. Our team members are prepared to help in putting together special gym packages that best suit their needs.

Come take advantage of our expert sales staff and their expertise with designing home and professional gyms with fitness equipment within your space and budget. Our team has over 100 years of combined fitness industry experience in all types of new and used gym equipment from repair and remanufacturing, to moving and installation, to what gear is best for your home, apartment complex or gym. You can also email us at [email protected] or call with any questions at (714) 957-2765. However, we encourage you to come in person and see one for yourself.

We are open Monday-Friday from 9-5, as well as Saturday by appointment only. Our friendly and informed staff are ready to help you in any way regarding fitness equipment. We serve local fitness enthusiasts and gym owners from all over Southern California, from Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles – and beyond. Come on by!

What are the different types of exercise bikes?

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes come in many different forms and have different benefits.

An exercise bike is a versatile cardio machine that makes a great first choice for a home gym. It offers several benefits, such as affordable cost, limited space usage, and multitasking capability. Exercise bikes generally fall under three groups: upright bikes, recumbent bikes and indoor cycles. It’s important to take into account what each exercise bike offers before deciding on one.

Upright Bikes

Out of the three main types of exercise bike, the upright bike most resembles riding a classic bicycle. The pedals are aligned under the user’s feet, while the seat supports the user’s weight. In addition to cardio and lower body, some upright bikes engage the core and upper body muscles. The user’s core must keep the body upright, while arms are engaged with special moving handlebars. Upright bikes do tend to leave their users with soreness on the rear and back. They typically have the smallest footprint thanks to their minimal design, and are easier to transport. Some models come with customizations such as TV’s that require electricity. Popular models include the Life Fitness Integrity and Precor 846i Experience upright bikes.

Recumbent Bikes

The recumbent bike’s main trait is its recline design. The seat is more of a chair that allows the user to lean back comfortably, and its pedals are in front of the user’s feet instead of below.  This type of fitness bike gives the rider the most support. Handlebars are also at the sides instead of the front. This design helps reduce stress on joints. Like upright bikes, recumbent bikes can be outfitted with extra features such as monitors and TV’s. Recumbent bikes usually offer the lowest intensity workout and fewest engaged muscle groups, but are the most helpful for those with back/knee problems or recovering from injury. The Technogym 700 Excite and Life Fitness 95R Inspire recumbent bikes are examples of this type.

Indoor Cycles

Indoor cycles are somewhat similar to upright bikes, but with a few differences. Their handlebars are farther away from the seat, shifting riders forward. Indoor cycles even allow users to stand while cycling, engaging more muscle groups in the process. As a result, indoor cycles tend to promote the most calorie burn from all the exercise bikes. Indoor cycles usually lack certain features such as heart monitors. This does allow indoor cycles to run without electricity. Gyms and fitness clubs frequently use indoor cycles in spin cycle classes, such as the Keiser M3+ and Star Trac Spinner Blade.

Fan or Air Bike

Another category of exercise bike is the fan or air bike. Some classify this type as an upright bike or indoor cycle, but it’s unique design deserves a classification of its own. It works with wind resistance; the harder you pedal, the harder the resistance. This type is the only style that has moveable arms. Upper and lower body workouts can be done independently or simultaneously. Examples of this type are the Schwinn Airdyne and Star Trac Turbo Trainer.

Which Exercise Bike is Best for You?

Ultimately, the best exercise bike is the one that you most enjoy using. Having fun while using your bike will make it more likely you use it and improve your fitness. At Primo Fitness, we carry all types of these exercise bikes in our warehouse! We encourage you to try our bikes for yourself; our sales team can help in picking the best one to fit your budget and goals.

Top 5 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

New Year's Resolutions List

This New Year give yourself the gift of fitness and a healthier you!

New Year’s Resolutions are always trending at the start of a new year. Improved health is usually one of the primary categories these fall under. Better health resolutions can include losing weight, eating better, or dropping a bad habit. However, people typically have not been so good at keeping them, with over 80% failing. To succeed against such odds, it’s important to understand why New Year’s Resolutions fail in the first place.

1. Unclear goals

New Year’s Resolutions are often created rather vaguely. If a resolution is too basic such as losing weight, then it will likely fail with little way to measure progress. Framing a goal with defined markers of time and progress is a great first step in making a resolution. Losing 10 pounds in a month is a good example. It provides a goal that is measureable yet not unrealistic. A specific and attainable resolution makes it easier to focus your efforts.

2. Lack of strategy

It’s easy to fantasize when our goals are achieved, but it’s much harder to put a process in place to accomplish them. For losing 10 pounds in a month, strategies could include going to the gym 3 times a week, or limiting desserts to once a week. Again, a clear plan can guide how you make a resolution become reality.

3. Giving up too early

Failures will happen along the way. Too often however, people will use a setback as an excuse to give up entirely. Missing a day in your resolution’s timetable just calls for greater dedication. It’s okay if you don’t quite meet a certain goal your resolution calls for. Even if you didn’t quite lose 10 pounds in a month, it is worth celebrating those seven you did lose. Standards are meant to be bars to aim for, not restraints to prevent us from our goals.

4. No accountability

If you’re the only one holding yourself accountable, chances are you won’t get far on your resolutions. Instead, try including an accountability partner. A partner can call you out when you’re slacking, encourage when you’re struggling, or even tag along your workout and get reps in.

5. Lacking the means to meet New Year’s Resolutions

If your New Year’s Resolutions aren’t taking off due to lacking proper equipment, we can help with that! Our fitness equipment is durable and affordable. Whether it’s strength or cardio you’re after, we’ll have the right machine for your goals.

Local, walk-in clients and gyms are welcome to visit our brand new 10,000 square foot fitness equipment showroom within our 100,000 square foot warehouse. We have very competitive prices on the highest quality new and used fitness equipment. Or if you are not in the local Southern California area, call us at 1-714-957-2765 or fill out our contact form for more information.

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Our expansive fitness equipment warehouse is stocked with more from the brands you want. Explore our 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse, and you’ll find the right fitness equipment for your needs. We carry a wide variety of cardio and strength equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals, indoor cycles, upright and recumbent bikes, rowers, stepmills, multi-gyms, single station machines, racks, benches, accessories and more. All the top brands in commercial fitness equipment are here, including Life Fitness, Precor, Star Trac, Matrix, Cybex, Technogym, Keiser, Hammer Strength, StairMaster, Hoist Fitness, Muscle D, and much more. The 10,000 sq. ft. showroom in particular features several select pieces, such as a wide selection of cardio pieces, multi gyms and strength pieces.

Visit our Orange County, California warehouse

Local customers will enjoy walking in to browse our large collection of both used and new fitness equipment. We are happy to help those who need assistance deciding on right equipment for their home or gym. International dealers, wholesales and gym owners looking for the best prices and service are more than welcome to visit as well; we ship to all parts of the world. Our team members are prepared to help in putting together special gym packages that best suit their needs.

Come take advantage of our expert sales staff and their expertise with designing home and professional gyms with fitness equipment within your space and budget. Our team has over 100 years of combined fitness industry experience in all types of new and used gym equipment from repair and remanufacturing to moving and installating to what gear is best for your home, apartment complex or gym. You can also email or call with any questions. However, we encourage you to come in person and see if for yourself.

We are open Monday-Friday from 9-5, as well as Saturday by appointment only. Our friendly and informed staff are ready to help you in any way regarding fitness equipment. We serve local fitness enthusiasts and gym owners from all over Southern California, from Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles – and beyond. Come on by!

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We’ve recently moved to a larger warehouse next door to our old one. Our new address is 1909 S. Susan Street, Santa Ana, California 92704. One of the most significant features in this location is the new and improved showroom. With our expanded space, we can now house more fitness equipment under one roof, and show a variety of both cardio and strength pieces. Here are some reasons to check out our warehouse’s showroom.

Anything you’re looking for is here

Our showroom is absolutely massive, with 10,000 sq. ft. of space dedicated to gym equipment. No other wholesaler or dealer can offer the same variety and depth of fitness equipment as we can. We carry treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, steppers, strength equipment, multi-gyms, dumbbells, accessories and so much more. If you’re looking for any particular piece of gym equipment, chances are we have it!

Everyone is welcome

Our showroom is open to anyone looking to purchase gym equipment. Whether it’s locals who just want to walk in and chat with an expert about the right pieces for their home, or for international clients who want to furnish a large scale project, we are ready and able to help find the best fitness equipment for the task. We also supply dealers worldwide with fitness equipment at wholesale prices.

Industry leading support and service

All of our equipment is backed by our expert knowledge and service. Our staff has years of experience in the fitness industry and will gladly answer any question you might have. Primo Fitness's team of mechanics go through each and every machine for quality assurance, and we will never sell any machine that doesn’t meet our standards. We have made several current videos contain further information on the value our equipment brings to the table, and are also currently working on a video that will provide a tour of our warehouse.

Come by our showroom and see for yourself. We know you will enjoy the visit!

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