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What Is the Difference Between a Stepper and a Stepmill?


The Stepper and Stepmill were both introduced to the world by the StairMaster company, they both allow you to mimic walking up steps, they both are cardio machines that workout your lower half including the quadriceps, buttocks and hamstrings, but they have different names because they ARE different.


There is a difference in price. The Stepmill is typically more expensive than a Stepper due to its more intensive construction. A Stepper has two pedals that move downward in alternating fashion when you place your feet on them. The Stepmill has a staircase that collapses in a downward motion as you walk up on it. A Stepmill covers more space than a Stepper. That is one of the reasons why you tend to see more Steppers than a Stepmill at gyms. I’ve seen Steppers at people’s homes, but never a Stepmill.  With a Stepper you are involved in repetitive motion, while with the Stepmill you can walk up the staircase going forward, backward or sideways.

If you are interested in purchasing a Stepper or Stepmill, click on the images below to check out what we have in stock.

Life Fitness Integrity StepperStairMaster 7000PT Silver Console Stepmill

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