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Exercise bikes make an excellent choice for first time buyers of fitness equipment. Part of their appeal is that anyone who has ever rode a bike can use it. Exercise bikes offer a great cardio workout thanks to the different types of resistance they use, including magnetic and air. They offer a number of other benefits, including affordability, availability, and space efficiency. Exercise bikes come in a variety of forms, from the reclining recumbent and traditional upright to the more streamlined indoor cycle and breezy air bike. Your preferred model will depend on a number of factors such as preferred workout intensity, cost, and impact and stress tolerance.

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Outdoor vs. Indoor Bikes – Which is Right For You?

Outdoor vs. Indoor Bikes - Which is Right For You?

Biking is a great way to stay fit, since you can build muscle and get cardio exercise in at the same time. When you think of bikes, you might first picture an outdoor bike. However, indoor spin bikes are having a moment, and they are an exciting new option for many people.

These bikes have an edge in terms of convenience, and many people are looking for indoor exercise options because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Is indoor cycling right for you? Read on to learn more about outdoor versus indoor bikes.

What Makes Cycling So Good for You?

Cycling is a form of exercise with plenty of health benefits. It can improve strength, get your heart pumping, and it’s even an enjoyable pastime. Let’s get into the details of how cycling can benefit your health.

Cardiovascular exercise is a vital part of any workout routine. It’s good for your heart, lowers blood pressure, helps with blood sugar levels, and can help you get to sleep more easily. As you pedal your feet and push yourself forward, you’re making your lungs and heart get stronger over time.

It’s also a low-impact form of exercise. It’s not hard on your knee and hip joints, because you’re not bringing weight down on your feet by jumping or stepping down. Instead, your feet stay planted on the pedals during your workouts. Despite this, you can still get an intense workout from cycling.

Cycling also helps you build up physical strength. Since you use your legs to power your bike, the effect is especially focused on your lower body. Your core and back will also get a good workout as a side effect because you’re maintaining balance and staying upright as you pedal.

All of these health benefits make cycling an excellent, low-impact way to strengthen muscles and stay healthy.

What’s the difference between cycling indoors and outdoors?

There are plenty of differences between indoor and outdoor cycling, both in terms of experience and in terms of training.

The flywheel on an indoor bike is one of the most important differences between the two. An indoor bike includes a weighted flywheel, which will determine how much pedaling you need to do as you get started.

A heavy flywheel requires lots of pedaling at the start to get you into the groove of things, just like outdoor cycling. Lighter flywheels take less time to get up to a high speed. You can get a great workout with either option, and it comes down to personal preference.

Riding a bike outdoors means you’ll have to deal with the great, unpredictable outdoors, which has its advantages but also its downsides. Outdoor bikes can go with you to a variety of places, including gorgeous, scenic destinations, and you can use them as a form of transportation.

However, there are also environmental obstacles to consider. If you choose to bike on a road, you’ll need to keep an eye out for cars. The weather can be inhospitable, with scorching hot days or cold, rainy ones. COVID-19 is still a major concern, and it spreads through the air.

On the other hand, indoor cycling gives you control of your environment. You can make yourself comfortable by adjusting the temperature, or even putting on a movie.

Indoor cycling isn’t necessarily less rigorous— you can still burn up to 600 calories an hour. That makes it a great tool for weight loss, just like outdoor cycling.

What Are the Benefits of Indoor Cycling?

Indoor cycling is done on mounted bikes that are kept indoors, and you stay inside with them. There are plenty of reasons you might want to stay inside as you bike.

Stationary bikes are sturdy. Many of them are specifically designed to add resistance, meaning you get a great workout from the comfort of your home.

Speaking of resistance, you can also adjust the resistance level of your stationary bike. During outdoor cycling, the difficulty of your route is mostly out of your control. If you’re far from any hills or mountains, you have to be content with a flat route.

Another advantage is that a stationary bike gives you more control over your workout. You can manage the temperature indoors, and that’s just not possible outside even with the best temperature-regulating workout outfit.

The road can be a dangerous place to be if you’re not in a car. Outdoor cycling can expose you to cars, slippery roads and other dangerous situations. If you choose an indoor setup, you can relax and focus on your workout.

Indoor cycling lets you work out at night without having to worry about your visibility. Outdoor biking requires safety equipment like reflective gear and a helmet.

Why Should You Get an Indoor Bike?

Getting an indoor bike of your own has plenty of advantages over using one in a gym. For one, you won’t have to make the trip to the gym every time you feel like cycling.

It becomes easy to exercise at home, and you can get on your bike whenever you’re motivated to work out. You can keep in shape and stay healthy, even when you don’t want to leave the house.

With the current coronavirus pandemic, owning your own gym equipment is a huge advantage. During this coronavirus pandemic, many gyms are on a cycle where they reopen, but have to shut down again soon after. As a result, it’s hard to get consistent access to gym equipment.

Even if your local gym is open to members, the required safety measures tend to be uncomfortable and inconvenient. When you ride your own indoor machine, you won’t have to wear an uncomfortable mask or remember to wipe down the bike before and after you use it.

You can also choose your own pace when you have a bike of your own and set the pace of your workout according to your needs and skill level. However, if you like the structure of spin classes, you can always join one of the Zoom spin classes that have popped up during the pandemic.

Will you include indoor bicycles in your future workouts? Are you already a huge fan of indoor cycling? Let us know in the comments section!

The Benefits Of Working Out On A Recumbent Bike

You may have heard of the upright bike, the traditional indoor bike that many people have in their home or use at the gym. However, a new take on the indoor bike, the recumbent bike, has recently become popular. 


What are the differences between a recumbent bike and an upright bike?

With a recumbent bike, the user’s body sits into the bike frame as opposed to an upright bike where the user sits above the frame. The user of a recumbent bike will also be more comfortable. They are placed in a natural reclined position, which reduces body fatigue and eliminates muscle soreness in the upper body because they aren’t hunched over the machine. The seats between the two stationary bikes also differ.  The recumbent bike seat is much larger and allows the user to sit comfortably like they would in the average office chair.

Which Bike Burns More Calories?

While there are many differences between upright and recumbent stationary bikes, they are similar in how many calories can be burned. How many calories you burn depends not only on the exercise machines you use, but for how long, and on which settings. 

Each bike does have benefits that will be enticing depending on your fitness goals. However, both will provide the same weight loss potentials. It really does all come down to what you’re willing to put into your workout and how hard you want to work. You can decide which bike will be best for you by looking at the benefits of a recumbent bike. 


The benefits of working out on a recumbent bike

When you’re looking for recumbent bikes for sale, you’ll want to keep in mind the key benefits of this type of stationary bike. Here are the top feature benefits of working out on a recumbent bike. 


Lumbar Spine 

Recumbent bikes are easy on the lower back due to the positioning of the body supported by the bike. An upright bike has the user hunched over the handlebars while a recumbent bike encourages correct spinal posture. Hunching eventually leads to back pain and can even negatively impact natural posture.  It’s important when you’re working out to maintain the correct posture that you get from the recumbent bike. 


Gentle on Joints

Recumbent bikes are gentle on all of the joints. Because a large seat supports the lower back and your knees and ankles are protected from impact, you’ll feel a more fluid movement when you bike. 



This type of bike is more comfortable than its upright counterpart. The larger seat is a popular feature because it produces a more comfortable workout position. The upright bike has a small seat which can often be uncomfortable for users. 



Recumbent bikes are generally safer than uprights. You’re unable to stand on the pedals, something that many upright bike users to do get a more intense workout. However, this can cause injuries, so the elimination of this feature promotes safety on the machine. 


Low Impact

Recumbent bikes are low impact and reduce the risk of pain while still being able to build strength and burn calories. For those with rheumatoid arthritis, this type of indoor bike can be easier to use because of the reclining position that allows your weight to be more evenly spread over the back and buttocks. 


The health benefits of using a recumbent bike

While many benefits come from the design of the bike, you must also consider your fitness goals. Recumbent bikes offer these health benefits:



Recumbent bikes offer great aerobic exercises that use some of the largest muscle groups, such as quadriceps, hamstrings, legs, and glutes. Those who do regular cardio see an increase in their heart and lung function, a decrease in blood pressure, and a decrease in lung disorders. Because the recumbent bike is low impact, it’s easy for those of all skill levels and allows you to get a great workout that’s comfortable at the same time.  


Muscle Strengthening

These indoor bikes put your position in a different physical location than an upright bike. This position allows you to use your thighs, lower legs, and glutes in the same way, but from a different position. This allows for a different type of strengthening of the effect. Spending time on both types of bikes can give you a similar but different type of workout using the same muscle groups. 



The lower position of the recumbent bike offers stability and balance that some might not get from an upright bike. This balance allows you to get a more effective workout that correctly and directly targets certain muscle groups evenly. 


Workout sustainability

Because recumbent bikes offer so many comfort and support benefits, it is more easy for the user to sustain their workout and workout for longer periods of time. These bikes are inviting, so it makes the user more likely to return and get the health benefits they deserve from hard work. The more you’re able to work out because you look forward to working out, the better your overall results will be. 

Who are recumbent bikes ideal for?

Recumbent bikes are perfect for any type of user no matter the level of experience. However, those will mobility problems, or back pain will find that this machine provides benefits that other workout equipment cannot. These bikes are easy to get on and off because of the low seat. This means that there is no climbing onto the bike. The back support on the recumbent bike also helps those with back pain because it offers another level of support that they need to maintain the correct posture. 


The Best Wholesale Gym Equipment You Can Buy Today

Cardio Machines for Beginners

Purchasing gym equipment can be difficult. It depends on the size of your gym space and the customers who frequent your establishment. Whether you own a large gym, hotel, or apartment complex, you have different needs from every other owner out there. If you just can’t decide which equipment to buy for your gym or if you are looking to try something else, here is a list of the best wholesale gym equipment you can buy today.

Panatta Monolith Jungle Machine

This multifunctional jungle gym has the possibility to train up to 9 people at the same time, so it’s a great space saver for any gym. It includes a lat machine bar, multi-exercise bar, 2 triceps press down bar, and 1 triceps straight bar with 5 multipurpose handles included. Users can select the load using a magnetic pin and it also has an illustrative charge with a QR code for your guests to scan and watch a technical video if they need help. Panatta’s are easy to use and crafted in Italy.

Precor 956i Experience

This treadmill is great for both runners and people who just want to get a great work out. With patented Ground Effects © impact control system, rider’s knees, back, and joints are cushioned to provide the optimum workout. It also offers Integrated Footprint Technology that reduces belt-speed depending on rider’s movements for a smoother, easier run that packs the same punch as other treadmills.

With 26 programs, there is a workout for everyone from joggers to sprinters and even first-timers. There are also heart-rate sensors on the handgrips to monitor progress with speeds ranging from .5 to 16 MPH and an incline of up to 15%.

StairMaster® 4600PT FreeClimber

This quality stair climber is made with gym-quality parts with the mechanical capacity to run all day and night at your gym. StairMaster® is the leader of climbers because of their high-quality and durability. Many gym owners still haven’t found a need to replace the ones they currently have for a reason. It has a step range of 26 to 174 steps per minute and is designed with side handrails for stability, accommodating all users from the quick-stepper to the slow-and-steady stepper.

Technogym Excite 700 Upright Bike

This ergonomic exercise bike has features that make the biker feel like they’re really on the road. They can choose between an uphill sprint or an inner-city crawl to best fit their needs and workout desire. This bike is comfortable with gel inserts added into the back and the distance between the two pedals has been reduced so that the user feels like they’re really on a bicycle. It also features handlebars for elbow support when needed for extra comfort in race position. With 25 levels of resistance, this bike also has a display to show users their progress and goal achievements.

StarTrac E-TC TreadClimber

If your members are after a cardio workout, this is a great machine to add to your growing gym. It combines a treadmill, stepper, and an elliptical to produce an effective workout that burns calories. The split deck rises and falls to provide users with a longer stride to help burn more calories and with 9 customized workout programs included on this machine, users can check their progress. The machine will monitor users’ heart rates and use that to adjust the intensity of the work out so that your members have a coach right in front of them. The speed and resistance can be controlled, and while it’s important to remember that this is a walking machine not for running, users will burn calories fast and without straining themselves.

Are Recumbent Bikes Good for Weight Loss?

Recumbent Bikes

Stationary bikes such as the recumbent exercise bike enable people with low back issues and other physical limitations such as weak knee joints to keep fit. They are safer compared to other electronic fitness equipment for people with cardiovascular issues because they have a low impact on cardiovascular activity. Recumbent bikes are also more comfortable as your posture on the machine does not interfere with the natural alignment of your spine.

So what is a recumbent bike?

A recumbent bike enables people with lower back problems to exercise comfortably as compared to upright bikes that put riders with back and hamstring issues in a painful position The weight of the rider is spread over a large area including the buttocks and the back which makes it more comfortable compared to the upright bike. With this high-end bike, you are less likely to slouch.

Benefits of Recumbent Bikes

1. No pain in the lower back during exercise

Do you experience buttock pain after riding a bicycle the whole day? Then, a recumbent bike is the best option for you because it has a bigger seats that allow you to sit comfortably throughout the exercise. You will never have buttock pain with a recumbent bike.

2. You can multitask because your hands are free

You cannot lose your balance because of the reclining posture you assume on the recumbent bike. This is advantageous because you do not have to grab something with your hands to maintain your position: your hands are free! You can decide to do other things during the workout such as reading a book or texting a friend without having worries of falling.

3. They are good for people with neurological complications

Due to the comfortable posture that one assumes in the recumbent exercise bike, it is the preferred form of exercise for people with neurological conditions. You are less likely to fall or lose balance when using recumbent bikes due to your reclining position. It can be used by people who are beginning the fitness program.

4. They target a majority of major muscles

A recumbent bike provides excellent exercise to body muscles because pedaling while in the reclining position directly impacts the hamstring, abs, gluteus maximus, calves, and hip muscles. You will undoubtedly be fit when you use this bike.

Primo Fitness recumbent bikes are an excellent choice for beginners as well as people with low back problems because they are more comfortable and easy to operate compared to other form exercises.

However, its impact on weight is similar to other forms of exercises such as upright biking and treadmilling because great results require significant effort. Unless you are willing to work out consistently, you will never achieve your health goals!

What is a Fan Bike?

Are you looking for an indoor bike that is low-price and durable? Well, fan-powered exercise bikes are just that. Thanks to their simple design and construction, fan-powered bikes typically rank at the low-end of the price range and can endure years of regular use, despite the low price.

Body Solid Endurance Fan Bike FB300

Body Solid Endurance Fan Bike FB300

How do they work?

Unlike other indoor exercise bikes, fan bikes don’t have push-button resistance, nor pre-programmed workouts. You are completely in charge of how much resistance you want to work with. The main difference-maker of a fan bike is that it gets its resistance from the wind. Resistance increases by how fast you pedal. The faster you pedal, the faster the fan blades spin and the more resistance they generate. Slow down and the fan blades automatically slow down too, easing off on the resistance. Another difference from its stationary contemporaries are the elliptical handles that the user moves back and forth while pedaling.


Aside from the benefit of being able to burn calories, fan bikes create a circulation of self-sustaining flow of air throughout any room to keep the user cool while they exercise. The combination of pedaling and arm movement give the user a total body workout. The coordinated pushing and pulling action of the arms and the pushing action of the legs, combined with the air resistance from the fan, challenges your heart to pump blood to both upper and lower body regions. Fan bikes are also typically lighter in weight than the average exercise bike, which makes it easier to move. The simplicity of the fan bike makes it perfect for home use.

If you are interested in purchasing a fan bike, click on the links below to see the fan bikes we have in stock.


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What are the different types of exercise bikes?

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes come in many different forms and have different benefits.

An exercise bike is a versatile cardio machine that makes a great first choice for a home gym. It offers several benefits, such as affordable cost, limited space usage, and multitasking capability. Exercise bikes generally fall under three groups: upright bikes, recumbent bikes and indoor cycles. It’s important to take into account what each exercise bike offers before deciding on one.

Upright Bikes

Out of the three main types of exercise bike, the upright bike most resembles riding a classic bicycle. The pedals are aligned under the user’s feet, while the seat supports the user’s weight. In addition to cardio and lower body, some upright bikes engage the core and upper body muscles. The user’s core must keep the body upright, while arms are engaged with special moving handlebars. Upright bikes do tend to leave their users with soreness on the rear and back. They typically have the smallest footprint thanks to their minimal design, and are easier to transport. Some models come with customizations such as TV’s that require electricity. Popular models include the Life Fitness Integrity and Precor 846i Experience upright bikes.

Recumbent Bikes

The recumbent bike’s main trait is its recline design. The seat is more of a chair that allows the user to lean back comfortably, and its pedals are in front of the user’s feet instead of below.  This type of fitness bike gives the rider the most support. Handlebars are also at the sides instead of the front. This design helps reduce stress on joints. Like upright bikes, recumbent bikes can be outfitted with extra features such as monitors and TV’s. Recumbent bikes usually offer the lowest intensity workout and fewest engaged muscle groups, but are the most helpful for those with back/knee problems or recovering from injury. The Technogym 700 Excite and Life Fitness 95R Inspire recumbent bikes are examples of this type.

Indoor Cycles

Indoor cycles are somewhat similar to upright bikes, but with a few differences. Their handlebars are farther away from the seat, shifting riders forward. Indoor cycles even allow users to stand while cycling, engaging more muscle groups in the process. As a result, indoor cycles tend to promote the most calorie burn from all the exercise bikes. Indoor cycles usually lack certain features such as heart monitors. This does allow indoor cycles to run without electricity. Gyms and fitness clubs frequently use indoor cycles in spin cycle classes, such as the Keiser M3+ and Star Trac Spinner Blade.

Fan or Air Bike

Another category of exercise bike is the fan or air bike. Some classify this type as an upright bike or indoor cycle, but it’s unique design deserves a classification of its own. It works with wind resistance; the harder you pedal, the harder the resistance. This type is the only style that has moveable arms. Upper and lower body workouts can be done independently or simultaneously. Examples of this type are the Schwinn Airdyne and Star Trac Turbo Trainer.

Which Exercise Bike is Best for You?

Ultimately, the best exercise bike is the one that you most enjoy using. Having fun while using your bike will make it more likely you use it and improve your fitness. At Primo Fitness, we carry all types of these exercise bikes in our warehouse! We encourage you to try our bikes for yourself; our sales team can help in picking the best one to fit your budget and goals.

Difference between the Keiser M3 and M3+ (Plus) Indoor Cycle


We have received a new shipment of the incredibly popular Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycles. Unlike our last shipment, you may have noticed that these are the M3+ (Plus) instead of the regular editions. When consumers are looking to purchase a new Keiser indoor cycle, it is important to know the difference between the two because pricing on the two different models also varies.

The one and only difference between the two models is that the Plus has adjustable handlebars. Fortunately the seat is adjustable on both so you might be able to manage with the regular edition if that is the only one you can find. Both bikes have the magnetic drive, the monitor, the water bottle holder among other features.

Lemond Revmaster Pro Indoor Cycle Review

It’s 2016 and indoor stationary cycles are more popular than ever. January brought an influx of new users to spin classes and it looks like they’re sticking around. If you want to take the excitement of those classes home, there is no better option than top purchase an indoor cycle. Today we will be reviewing the latest generation Lemond Revmaster Pro Indoor Cycle.


Lemond continues to be a leader in group cycles and the next generation Revmaster Pro drastically improves upon the original. The silhouette of the bike has been modified to more closely resemble a road bike as opposed to the straight angular design of the first Lemond Revmaster bicycles. This is accomplished because the bike is designed with a narrower crank to replicate the geometry of a quality road bike.

The new Next Generation X-Frame also improves upon the adjustability of the bike. While in riding position, the user has access to all seat, height and handlebar adjustments. The bottom bracket catridge also has a two piece design for modular service.  There are also new Cam handles located in the front of the Lemond Revmaster. They are comfortable and easy to use and offer quicker on-the-fly adjustments without the difficulties associated with threaded handles and pop-pins. These additions have increased the adjustment range of the bike which allows for a better and more comfortable fit. The seat is also easily exchanged for more riding options to fit personal preferences.

This is a commercial grade indoor cycle so it is definitely built to last and withstand punishment. There is improved corrosion resistance thanks to the new electrolytic nickel plating which is stronger than stainless steel. The fender also has integrated brake assembly which provides improved braking and also functions as a moisture guard. While most indoor cycles are chain driven, the Lemond Revmaster Pro utilizes a Kevlar belt instead. This reduces the amount of noise and there is essentially no maintenance because it does not need to be oiled and does not stretch.

The Lemond Revmaster Pro Indoor Cycle was created for users of all fitness levels. It is simple to create an optimized workout with the brake and resistance features of the bicycle. The resistance knob adjusts easily to increase or decrease the intensity of the workout. Pressing down on the knob also activates the brakes for a safe workout. There are micro turn adjustments in order to create smooth transitions to higher resistance levels on the fly.

If you’re looking for a high end modern indoor cycle the Lemond Revmaster Pro is a great option. It is aesthetically pleasing with its modern road bike-like design and has all the features you would expect from a recent indoor cycle. Ours also have a fitness monitor attached to track your progress during a workout. Contact Primo Fitness for more details about this bike.

$399.00Select options

Which Spin Bike or Indoor Cycle is Best?

The explosion of popularity in spinning and indoor cycling has encouraged many of the top fitness brands to enter the market with their own variation of the indoor cycle. With such a plethora of different options, all from quality brands such as Star Trac, Matrix, Kesier, etc., consumers face the daunting task trying to choose which model is right for them. Depending on the budget and features, the best indoor bike varies from person to person. The increase in popularity has also caused many cycling class to be filled to capacity and the New Years rush certainly isn’t helping. The best way to combat this problem is to purchase your own spin bike. We have compiled what we believe to be the best bike in different categories.

Photo 2013-02-06 01.04.30 PM

Best Spin Bike for a Budget:

Star Trac NXT Spinner Bike

One of the few true “spin bikes” from Star Trac (Star Trac and Mad Dog Athletics have licensed the term spin bike so all others are called indoor cycles or indoor bikes), the Star Trac NXT Spinner Bike is the best bang for your buck if you are on a budget. The Star Trac NXT Spinner Bike is currently on sale on Primo Fitness for only $499, which is far less than the retail price of $1695.

With a commercial grade unit, durability is top notch so you don’t have to worry about repairs or anything. Occasional maintenance is all it requires and online guides can help you do it on your own. The NXT’s fame is also made of heavy duty aluminum which is rust and corrosion resistant.

Just because it is low budget does not mean that it is lacking in any significant way. The Star Trac NXT delivers on all the important features such as seat adjustability and water bottle holders.

If you are looking for a great and fundamentally sound commercial grade bike, the Star Trac NXT Spinner Bike is easily your best choice.


Best Bike for a Realistic Ride Experience:

Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus Indoor Cycle

It is unsurprising that Schwinn, world renowned manufacturer of outdoor cycles, has created an indoor cycle that perfectly replicates the feeling of riding outdoors. This is accomplished by the chain-drive system and extra-large flywheel which allows for the resistance to be adjusted in continuous increments. By adjusting on the fly, riders can simulate riding on an undulating hill and various other road conditions.

The flexible saddle is adjustable which will allow the rider to adjust for maximum comfort. The handlebars can also be adjusted to recreate an outdoor cycle riding experience. For a more detailed review on the Scwinn A.C. Performance plus indoor cycle, you can read our previous blog post here.

Keiser M3+ Spin Bike

Best High End Indoor Cycle:

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle

At first glance, it’s easy to tell that the Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycle is a premium level indoor cycle. The distinctive aluminum frame is extremely eye-catching and the design is sleek and minimalistic.

The M3 Plus also has adjustable handlebars, which are essential for riders who are a little shorter or have shorter arms who found it difficult to reach the handlebars on the original M3.

The Keiser M3 Plus boasts the great magnetic braking system. The magnetic braking system is not only ridiculously smooth but is also very quiet.

Another feature that makes this a great premium bike is the advanced built-in computer. You can track statistics such as heart rate, power output, odometer/trip distance, resistance level, pedaling time and revolutions per minute.

These are only a few of the many indoor cycle options but we feel that these models are the top of their class. Overall, the best way to find the perfect fit is to try out as many models as you can! If you are in the Orange County area, you can luckily do this by stopping by our warehouse. Read more about our fitness equipment warehouse in Orange County!

Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle Bike Review

Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue

Schwinn AC Performance Plus with Carbon Blue


One of the newest additions to our indoor cycle line-up is the Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus indoor cycle. Schwinn has generally been known for its high-quality road bikes, but their foray into the fitness has been positively received. One of their flagship indoor cycles is the Schwinn A.C. Performance Plus indoor cycle, a small lightweight exercise bike that is great for cardio.

If you’ve enjoyed riding a Schwinn bicycle before, you’ll definitely be at home on their indoor cycle. The Schwinn AC Performance Plus is designed to feel like real-life cycling, but you have the benefit of doing so indoors in a controlled environment. The cycle also has what Schwinn calls its “Virtual Contact” resistance technology. This innovative technology uses magnets and an aluminum disk to generate resistance. This method not only increases workout intensity, but it also keeps the brakes from wearing out which is great for the durability of the machine. The chain-drive system and extra-large flywheel allow for the resistance to be adjusted in continuous increments which allow for smooth and authentic pedaling.

Schwinn AC Performance with Carbon Blue 2

The Schwinn AC Performance Plus indoor cycle also has a wide variety of adjustable options. The saddle is partly flexible and the seat is adjustable which will allow for maximum comfort. The handlebars can be adjusted to three different positions and have dual oversized water bottle holders. There is also a Smart Release safety system that slows the flywheel if you abruptly stop pedaling.

What makes this indoor cycle lighter than the competition is the aluminum frame, which is also rust-free as opposed to the more commonly used steel. In addition to the frame, the seat slider, handlebars, and hardware material are also made of the same aluminum.

If you’re looking for a good midrange indoor cycle and are familiar with the Schwinn brand, there is no doubt that this indoor bike is for you.

Precor UBK 815 Upright Bike Review

The Precor UBK 815 upright bike is one of the newer models of Precor cardio machines and this unit offers amazing customization options and a slew of great features. If you’re having trouble deciding on whether you want a recumbent or upright bike, you can always read our previous blog post detailing the pros and cons of each. Overall, the Precor 815 upright bike is an effective option for a low-impact cardio workout.

Although the stock seat and pedals are high quality and extremely comfortable, a great feature of the upright bike is the ability to switch them out to your own pedals and seats. This allows for the most comfortable workout which will allow you to work even harder.

The 815 also features unique handlebars which can be put in three different positions, upright, cruising and road racing. The handlebar is designed to put the wrist and forearms in a comfortable and natural riding position. The seat is also easily adjusted, even when you are on the bike itself. There are also convenient numbers on the seat so you can easily remember what your most comfortable seat position is.

The Precor 815 upright bike also comes preloaded with 6 different workout programs and 25 different resistance levels to vary your workout. In terms of fitness tracking, the 815 can track your heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed, resistance level, time elapsed and much more.

The Precor 815 Upright Bike is one of the newest and best used upright bikes you will find on the market today and it is highly recommended.


Life Fitness Integrity Recumbent Bike Review


Continuing with the Life Fitness Integrity cardio line, we have the Life Fitness Integrity Recumbent Bike. As you may have noticed before, one of the great features of the Integrity series is the stylish paint design. So much so, that some companies are actually copying the sleek red on black/gray color scheme and style. Life Fitness is one of the top brand names in fitness for a reason. Their machines, especially their commercial grade ones, are known for their durability and cutting edge technology.

One of the cutting edge features not found on many other exercise machines is the seamless iPod/TV integration that is also found other cardio machines in the Integrity series. If you plug in your iPod into the dock, you can control it through the recumbent bike’s console. There are also integrated controls in the console for a television set, if you decide to add one to your recumbent bike. There is also an option to connect to the LFconnect application through a convenient QR code located right on the recumbent bike.

Another great feature is the comfortable seat. Many users of recumbent bikes have back issues, so it’s great to know that this seat is molded for maximum back support. There are also built in grooves in the seat to keep the rider dry and cool.

These are just a few of the great features that make the Life Fitness Integrity Recumbent Bike a stand out fitness machine. If you have any questions regarding this or other gym equipment, please feel free to contact us!

Life Fitness Integrity Upright Bike Review

LF Integrity Upright


Continuing with our Life Fitness Integrity series, we have the Life Fitness Integrity Upright Bike. This model is representative of the advanced engineering and durability that the Life Fitness brand is known for.

Even though the technology inside the Life Fitness Integrity Upright bike is highly advanced, using it isn’t. One of the best features is the simplicity of adjusting the seat. It takes merely seconds and fits riders of all sizes. The seat is also in a covex shape, and the ratchet seat adjustment is created so that riders can adjust the seat, even while sitting on it.

Similar to the other equipment in the Integrity line, the upright bike has the latest entertainment capabilities. The most notable being the iPod compatibility and integrated iPod/TV controls. If you’re looking for a high tech option for a used upright bike, the Life Fitness Integrity Upright Bike is a great choice.

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle Review


The Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle is one of the best indoor cycles on the market today. Indoor cycles are all the rage right now, with many classes solely dedicated to getting great workouts on these bikes. There are dozens on the market with a wide range of prices, so a beginner may have a difficult time trying to choose the perfect one to bring home. If you’re looking for the high end, commercial grade indoor cycles, the Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle is a wonderful choice if your budget is a little higher.

Firstly, the M3 Plus has a very eye-catching and sleek design. It is very minimalist, eliminating any extraneous parts to create a pleasing design that is also functional. The minimal amount of parts also means that maintenance is very simple and swapping parts is a breeze. The main difference between the the M3 Plus and the M3 is that the M3 Plus has adjustable handle bars. This is extremely useful for riders who are a little shorter or have shorter arms and could not reach the handlebars on the original M3. The seat is adjustable and there is also a water bottle holder. The frame is also built to withstand up to 300 pounds.

The best feature on this indoor bicycle is, hands down, the magnetic braking system. This creates an extremely smooth feel that actually feels like you’re on a road bike. There are 24 resistance levels to simulate different uphill or downhill climbing.

The built-in computer is also on the more advanced end compared to the standard indoor cycle. The system can track such statistics as heart rate, power output, odometer/trip distance, resistance level, pedaling time and RPM (revolutions per minute).

Overall, if you are looking for a high end indoor bike with an advanced console built-in, the Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle is your best option. We have them in stock at our website, Primo Fitness.


What is the Matrix Krankcycle?

matrix krankcycle 1

You may or may not have seen this odd looking exercise machine and wondered what exactly it is and what it does. The name “cycle” usually implies that it is some sort of bicycle, but that is not the case here. It involves cycling, but with your arms. Arm cranking machines aren’t new, but for some reason, using your arms for cardio has never really caught on. It is also a great way to stay in shape when your lower body is injured.

The Johnny G Matrix Krankcycle, invented by a Johnny G in a collaboration with Matrix, is a great tool for both working on your upper body, including the core and arms, and also getting some great cardio.

Each of the arms are independent which allows for a greater variety of movements. Another wonderful feature is that the machine can be lowered to around chest level and be used as a rowing machine. There is a knob to adjust resistance to make sure your workout is at your optimal level. In terms of adjustability, the Krankcycle is also very versatile. The head to be moved in a variety of positions, resistance can be changed, and the shape of the seat allows for seamless transition between seated workouts and standing workouts. There is also an option for seatless models, which allows for wheelchair accessibility.

You may have also noticed that the cranks have a narrow axis, which allows for a higher rotation per minute and a more intense workout. There are tons of amazing possibilities for this machine so we highly encourage you to maybe try it out and step out of your comfort zone.

Don’t know where to find this great used gym machine? Luckily, we have a few in stock on our website. Check out the Matrix Krankcycle!

Best Spin Bike for a Budget

Previously, we spotlighted our favorite treadmill for workout warriors on a budget and now we’re giving you a pick on spin bikes. Indoor biking is a growing trend and as a result, spin bikes are blowing up in popularity. This isn’t surprising because an hour of intense biking in a spin class can burn up to 800 calories. Many users enjoy taking spin classes, but sometimes it isn’t practical to go to the gym everyday just for one class, so many people opt to buy their own spin bike for home use. There are literally dozens of spin bikes on the market but after careful deliberation, Primo Fitness has decided that the Star Trac NXT Indoor Cycle is the best spin bike for a budget. Let’s find out why:


1. Price

We can’t speak for our competitors, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a better price for a commercial grade spin bike from a top brand like Star Trac for any less than $500. Spin classes are generally $25 dollars per class, so for the price of 20 classes, you can buy a commercial grade bike for $499 and have the convenience of not having to drive to the gym of a fitness studio. You’ll also be the owner of a bike rather than just renting one.

2. High Quality Material

Even though it’s an indoor bike, wear and tear is natural for any product but it is important to opt for the most durable object available for price. By buying a commercial grade unit, you’re already getting a much more durable unit that will last for  years. The Star Trac NXT Indoor Bike more specifically has a heavy duty aluminum frame which makes it rust and corrosion resistant. It also has an extra durable crank system.

3. Maximum Adjust-ability and Customization

Star Trac knows that every rider is different so they designed their bike with tons of adjustable options and customization. There is a feature called the micro-adjustable seat slider which allows the rider to adjust fore and aft and it also comes with numbers so you can remember your exact comfort zone.

These are just a few of the reasons that you should purchase yourself a Star Trac NXT Indoor Bike! If you have any questions on anything fitness equipment related, you can always e-mail us at or call us at 714-957-2765!

5 Best Gym Machines for Legs

With the World Cup around the corner, soccer spirit is in the air and the era of powerful legs is upon us. Want those toned thighs or monstrous tree trunk legs but don’t know where to begin and which gym machine to use? No matter what your fitness goals are, working out your legs is absolutely vital in a variety of ways. Strong legs will aid you in working out the rest of your body and having high quality legs is just plain attractive if that’s your end goal. Between cardio and strength machines there are many great ways to tone and strengthen your legs and Primo Fitness can be your guide. The following five machines and the accompanying workouts will be a great start to getting those great legs that you’ve always dreamed of.


1. Seated Leg Press

This machine may be a little obvious seeing as “leg” is in its name itself, but it is nice to know how to properly use this machine and how it benefits your lower body. If you’re not sure what exactly a seated leg press is, it is a strength machine with an angled chair and a large plate in front of that chair that is usually attached to a weight stack. The leg press primarily targets the thighs and glutes and is a great strength machine to tone them. The leg press is also extremely beneficial because it keeps your body in a stable position which maximizes the workout and prevents injures.

To use this leg press, sit comfortably on the chair until your thighs are parallel to the plate. To perform this exercise, slowly straighten out your leg, but not complete. After, begin to bend your knees until the weight hovers over the stack and repeat.

2. Leg Curl

While the seated leg press targets the upper half of the lower body, the leg curl machine is designed to help work the hamstrings.  The leg curl machine has a bench where the user lies flat on their stomach and has a weighted bar over their legs. To properly use this machine, you should start with your legs straight and then bend your knees toward your body, pushing against the resistance of the weighted bar.

3. Leg Extension

As you may have figured out, machines with the word “leg” in their name was great for working out your legs. Each of these machines targets a different part of the leg though, with the leg extension targeting the quadriceps. These machines are distinguished by their slight angled seats (100 degrees from the back to the seat opposed to the 90 degree angle for normal seats) and a weighted resistance. To properly use this machine, you would sit on the seat with your knees bent and slowly raise your leg against the resistance of the weighted bar.

4. Fitness Bike

In addition to strength machines, many cardio machines also provide great workouts for your leg. In addition to burning tons of calories, exercise bikes use nearly every part of your leg. To properly use an exercise bike, you sit on it and pedal to your heart’s content. Your quads are being worked out for the downward portion of pedaling while your hamstrings are being used for the upward motion. The calf muscles are also used for the pushing and pulling motion of pedaling.

5. Elliptical 

Elliptical machines are one of the most popular machines in the gym and luckily they’re also great for working your lower body. Elliipticals are awesome at working your hamstrings and even more so if your elliptical allows you to increase incline or even use the machine backwards. The quadriceps are also used when working out on an elliptical when you leg straightens.

No matter what workout goal you’re trying to accomplish, remember that your legs can play a vital part in nearly every exercise you do. It is important to strengthen them and make sure they can handle the load. You have plenty of choices at the gym but if you ever need any more help or tips, feel free to contact us.

Difference between Recumbent and Upright Stationary Bikes

Used exercise bikes are a great way to get a quality cardio workout with low impact on the joints. It is a viable alternative to running if you have problems with your knee. Stationary bikes are generally much more cost friendly than a treadmill or elliptical and on average, depending on the model, are half the price of other cardio machines. Many of the more recent models have a variety of programs for various workouts of different intensity. Fitness bikes with built in consoles can also log your workout data by keeping track of speed, time, distance, calories burned and much more.

When looking to buy a fitness bike, consumers generally have two categories to choose from. First there are the recumbent bikes, which as their name suggests, are exercise bikes with reclined seating. Upright bikes have the pedals placed below the level of the seat, putting the rider in an upright position, similar to an outdoor bicycle. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of exercise bike.

Recumbent Bikes           

Recumbent bikes are a must have for people who have back problems but wish to get quality cardio. Even for people who do not have back issues, the recumbent bike is much more comfortable than an upright bike. This allows for the user to possibly catch up on their favorite shows or read a book all while getting a workout.

The more horizontal position also appears to work the legs and glutes harder than on an upright bike, which compensates for the lack of back muscles used.

Upright Bikes

The main advantage of the upright bike is that riders use more muscles and usually get a more intense workout when seated in the upright position. In order to maintain balance, the rider uses muscles in their lower back and hips to stabilize themselves, getting a more complete workout. Riders should be conscious of this fact and make sure not to slouch or lean forward. This may cause postural issues and muscle imbalances. The upright bike is also more suited to simulate actual outdoor bicycling riding, so it would be great for training for bike races.


In summary the key takeaway points for each are:

Recumbent Bikes

  • Great for people with back issues due to less strain on back
  • Due to horizontal position, more emphasis on working legs and glute
  • Ability to multi-task while exercising

Upright Bikes

  • More back and hip muscles used and strengthening of the core
  • Better able to simulate outdoor bike riding
  • Allows for a more focused workout due to lack of ability to multitask

At Primo Fitness, we have thousands of used gym machines! Visit our website and call us today!

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