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StairMaster Stepmill SM5 Review

The StairMaster Stepmills have always been one of the most intense cardio workouts in the gym and the new StairMaster Stepmill SM5 is no different. Specifically, we will be reviewing the SM5 Stepmill with the D-1 Two Window LCD Console.


The StairMaster brand has been around since the 1980s and is well known for their innovative stepmills that help to simulate the stair-climbing experience without the high impact and damage to the joints. If you want to know the benefits of a stepper or stepmill, we’ve previously posted a blog post about what these machines can do for you and your fitness. In summary, they help you shed the pounds while also toning and strengthening your muscles.

The StairMaster is biomechanically designed to ensure correct movement and protect the most common stress points like the joints and knees. Each one-piece pedal offers extraordinary comfort and support. The SM5 Stepmill also has an electronically-controlled alternator which regulates the pedal descent speed to create a smooth and comfortable movement.

The StairMaster SM5 Stepmill comes equipped with a 2 window backlit LCD display, which StairMaster dubs the D-1 Console. The easy to read LCD console displays workout statistics and comes with 10 preprogrammed workout routines for all your strength and cardiovascular needs. The StairMaster SM5 Stepmill also comes with a plethora of bells and whistles that will make your fitness experience that much more enjoyable. Features include an iPod charging cable, reading rack, water-bottle holder and easily accessible accessory rack so you can convenient enjoy a good book or listen to some great music.

Before you buy this unit, please note that the commercial grade model (which we sell) has a recommended ceiling clearance of 10 feet opposed to the home unit which only has a recommended ceiling clearance of eight feet. If you are a fan of any of the other StairMaster stepmills, you’ll love this new and improved unit.

If you’re in the market for one, luckily we just received a large shipment! Check them out on our website: StairMaster SM5 Stepmill

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