4 Best Gym Machines for Upper-Body

Tired of being unable to open jars with ease? Is there firewood in your backyard that aren’t being chopped properly? Are there phone books that still haven’t been torn in half? If these are some of the problems you face, you may want to work on your upper body strength. Even if these aren’t daily issues for you, there are great benefits. Many daily tasks become easier and your arms will also look wonderful. Make sure not to solely work on your biceps though, which some people tend to do. Include workouts that will work your  chest, shoulders, core and back too.


1. Chest Press

When choosing a chest press machine, make sure it has an adjustable seat or you will not reap the maximum benefits of the workout. Adjust the seat so that your hand is in line with your chest. Also make sure that your feet can be placed flat on the floor. Always start with a lower weight, the ideal weight is one where you can do 8-16 repetitions with. Push the handles out, but don’t lock your elbows. Return to starting position. As the name clearly implies, this exercise is great for strengthening  your chest.

2. Seated Shoulder Press

Generally, the names of exercise equipment is very informative. The seated shoulder press is a machine designed to strengthen the shoulder. Having strong shoulder muscles is the key to some more advanced upper body exercises, and a broad set of shoulders is one of the keys in achieving a great looking body. Again, an adjustable seat is important. Adjust the seat so the handlebars are at shoulder height. Extend the arms and lower them back to starting position.

3. Bicep Curl

The bicep curl machine is one of the most beloved machines when it comes to upper body workouts. This is the machine you want to use when you’re attempting to develop 26″ pythons or when you want to welcome people to the gun show. Sit at this machine with your feet flat on the ground. Rest your arm on the padded table, with your chest pressed against the table. Grab the bar and bend your elbow. Return to start and repeat this exercise and hopefully develop some bulging biceps or toned arms.

4. Lat Pull Down

The lat pullldown machine primarily works the latissimus dorsi muscles, the shoulder and the elbows. Like the machines in the previous entries, you should always have your feet flat on the ground when using this machine. Grip the handlebars with a wide grip, wider than your shoulders. Your arms should be in a v-shape. Pull the bar down to your chest, slowly return to start, then repeat.

These are just a few of the machines that you should utilize in your workouts when you’re trying to strengthen your upper body. Always remember that you shouldn’t just focus on the muscles you can flex in the mirror.

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