The Best Treadmills for Your Home Gym in 2020

When purchasing home gym equipment, one of the most important aspects of fitness is cardio. A treadmill is one of the most critical pieces of home gym workout equipment that provides an endless amount of benefits. However, with so many options available, choosing the right treadmill for your needs can be more complicated than it needs to be.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the best treadmills that are available to purchase for your home gym. We’ve included several different types of treadmills that will fit every budget and fulfill all of your needs. Keep reading below to discover which treadmill is right for your home gym.

2020’s Best Treadmills For the Home

Things To Consider When Buying A Treadmill

Whether you’re unable to run outdoors or would prefer not to workout in a crowded gym, there are several reasons why purchasing a treadmill can be beneficial. Not only that, but treadmills are much more than a one-trick show and offer a variety of cardio exercises for all experience levels. 

But with so many treadmills out there, finding one that works for you and your fitness goals can be confusing.

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a treadmill so that you pick one that will suit all of your fitness needs.

What Is Your Budget?

The first question you want to consider when starting your search for a treadmill is what a realistic budget looks like for you. When making any major purchase, it’s easy to get carried away with excitement and overlook a few details.

Before looking at any home gym packages, we suggest putting together a budget that gives you some breathing room to overspend if necessary, depending on what your needs are.

Type of Treadmill

Another question you will want to ask yourself before shopping for a new treadmill is what kind of cardio routine you want to follow. Although there are plenty of treadmills available, not all of them are capable enough of fulfilling your cardio needs, especially if you consider yourself a hardcore runner.

If you’re hoping to buy a treadmill to help you with marathon training, you may be looking at something slightly more sophisticated than the garden-variety machine.

Location of Treadmill

The third thing to consider is where the treadmill will go in your home. Considering that treadmills are a rather large piece of equipment, you will need to measure your space to ensure the machine you will purchase will fit.

However, with several foldable treadmills available on the market, you can probably get away with a much smaller dedicated area of about 3’ x 6’.

The Best Treadmills For Your Home Gym

Life Fitness Integrity CLST Treadmill

If you’re a consistent runner looking for a great treadmill under $2,000, the Life Fitness Integrity CLST Treadmill is worth the consideration.

The CLST Treadmill from Life Fitness offers not only the latest in aesthetic and entertainment necessities, but it also provides even more of a cardio experience. With the new and improved DX3 Belt, Deck System, Advanced Belt Tracking System (ABTS), and the patented FlexDeck Shock Absorption System, the Integrity CLST Treadmill from Life Fitness gives every runner ultimate durability and comfort.

Panatta Ecoracer (Curved Treadmill)

While you may have seen curved treadmills scattered across your gym before, you may not know precisely how unique of a running experience they provide you with.

With 160 pads to make for fluid belt sliding and a brake system on seven levels, the Ecoracer from Panatta gives your training experience an intensified boost.

The best part about the Panatta Ecoracer is that it is entirely mechanical, the belt doesn’t require maintenance or lubrication, and it doesn’t require a power supply, which makes this treadmill the most eco-friendly, energy-free, and maintenance-free treadmill on the list.

Life Fitness F1 Smart Folding Treadmill

If you’re living tight living quarters and looking for a compact and portable treadmill that is ideal for any space, the F1 Smart Folding Treadmill from Life Fitness is perfect for you.

The F1 Smart Folding Treadmill is outfitted with everything that makes Life Fitness one of the most trusted brands when it comes to treadmills, and it does so without sacrificing any quality or performance.

With high-quality components, the F1 Smart Folding Treadmill can quickly and conveniently be unlocked for use or stowed away for storage with ease.

Life Fitness 95T Discover SE Treadmill

We understand that running isn’t always everyone’s favorite activity, which is why it’s nice to have a few extra features on your treadmill to make cardio slightly more enjoyable, and this treadmill aims to do precisely that.

With the 95T Discover SE Treadmill from Life Fitness, you are provided with the ultimate home cardio workout experience. With an integrated LCD touch-screen featuring plenty of entertainment options, enhanced interaction, and internet connectivity, this easy-to-use treadmill puts the excitement back into running.

Panatta Fenix Touch Runner 1FXT003

Last, but certainly not least is the Fenix Touch Runner 1FXT003 from Panatta. Featuring a 15 inch LED multi-touch screen, multimedia features such as TV, web radio and selection, music, and video, the Panatta Fenix Touch Runner 1FXT003 made sure no features were left out.

The Fenix Touch Runner 1FXT003 from Panatta also features several training programs, unlimited training profiles, and polar hand sensors and telemetry to provide you with all the analytics you need to improve each time you step on the treadmill.

Panatta Race Walker 1CF60 – Folding, Self Powered Treadmill

Self-powered treadmills have become a key player in several evolving cardio trends. Featuring mechanical resistance and a compact, modern design, the Race Walker 1CF60 from Panatta makes power walking more safe and fluid for athletes of all ages and experience levels.

With plenty of exercising positions and resistance levels and slope adjustments, the Panatta Race Walker 1CF60 is no slouch in this category.

Guide to Building the Perfect Home Gym in 2020

As COVID-19 has displaced many people from their local gym, being able to train during this time has required slightly more creativity than usual. As uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus continues to grow, many people have decided to start investing in home gym workout equipment.

There are several things to look for when it comes to building a home gym and many things to consider. From your budget to your space and what your overall fitness goals are, everything should be taken into consideration. The good news is that you can build a fully-functional home gym that not only supports your living space, but also works with your budget.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how you can start building the perfect home gym today!


How to Build a Home Gym

Home Gym Benefits

There are many reasons why someone would consider purchasing home gym equipment . From saving money to the obvious convenience, the benefits of having a gym in your home are endless. Not only that, but you also never have to worry about waiting to use certain pieces of equipment, which can save you a lot of time if you’re someone with a busy schedule.

Another great benefit of building a home gym is the control it gives you to customize the entire setup completely. By giving you the power to choose which equipment is most important to you, you can custom-build your gym to match every single one of your needs and fitness goals. 

Additionally, it also gives you a chance to get creative with your workouts, especially if you are working with space-constraints in a home or apartment.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of building a home gym, however, is the long-term savings it provides you with. Gym memberships add up over time. By creating your own gym and getting rid of monthly membership fees, you can save your hard-earned money and invest it in something that can be much more beneficial in the long-term.


Home Gym Essentials

When creating a proper strength training routine, there are several things to consider to ensure you are getting the most benefit possible. As you start to build your perfect home gym, be sure to find equipment that serves a purpose to not only a core muscle group, but also something that has multi-functional use.


Here are a few essential pieces of equipment to consider when building your home gym.


One of the first pieces of equipment to start any home gym are barbells. These can be used in nearly every type of workout and are built to put up with the amount of use they receive.

Weight Plates

Along with your barbell, you will also need weight plates to help you get the most out of every workout. For home gyms, we recommend going with rubber-coated plates to help you protect your floors.

Adjustable Bench

Next up, you’ll need a padded, adjustable bench that can be set to various angles to help you achieve maximum potential in all workouts such as isolation exercises, shoulder presses, and barbell presses.

Dumbbell Sets

When it comes to dumbbells, a workout is never truly complete with just one pair. With the Hex Rubber Dumbbell Sets from American Barbell, you can take your workout to the next level. Alongside their high-quality, ergonomic design, these dumbbell sets also help minimize noise to keep your home gym quiet while not sacrificing any workout movements.

Free Weight Machines

While free weight machines take up a considerable amount of space, these machines are likely to be what you’re most familiar with using at the gym and are great to have around no matter what your workout routine is.

Bodyweight Machines

Bodyweight machines are often forgotten about, but are incredibly versatile in functionality, don’t take up much space, and are relatively affordable depending on your budget for how much flexibility it gives your workouts. Life Fitness offers several great bodyweight machines that can provide flexibility and mobility to any home workout.

Cable Machines

You’ve probably seen cable machines scattered across your gym and for a good reason. Not only do they work exceptionally well for completing numerous amounts of exercises, but they also offer exceptional resistance, are very safe to use, and save room in your home gym for other pieces of equipment.

Suspension Trainers

Though they are similar to bodyweight machines, suspension trainers are in a category of their own when it comes to fitness equipment, considering how lightweight and portable they are. Suspension trainers will undoubtedly give you a challenging workout.

Power Rack

Also considered a squat rack, power racks are perfect for anyone looking to implement squats, bench presses, pull-ups, or chin-ups to their routine.

Dead-lift Platform

If you’re looking for a way to perform dead-lifts without damaging your floor or nearby equipment, a dead-lift platform is a great way to do so. Deadlift platforms are incredibly useful for rowing exercises, as well.

Ab Roller

When it comes to ab routines, traditional sit-ups can become dull over time, which is where an ab roller comes in to make this classic exercise slightly more difficult.

Floor Tiles

No matter how careful you are, weights, plates, or other heavy objects will eventually fall on the floor while working out. Floor tiles are sheets of foam or rubber that interlock with each other to create a protective layer over your flooring.


Collars are essential to hold the weights in place while you’re working out. These not only keep you safe during each set, but will also prevent weights from falling onto the floor mid-routine.

Wall Mirrors

While mirrors may not seem terribly essential in your gym, they do provide visual feedback while working out, which can be crucial when it comes to ensuring proper form and technique.


Building A Perfectly Affordable Home Gym

While building your home gym may not seem ideal at the moment, it’s a great way to make your workouts more convenient and might even prove to be more beneficial to you in the long term. 

Depending on what budget you have to spend on fitness equipment, with some or all of the items on this list, you can be well on your way to building a great home gym that can last you a lifetime.

Ready to get started? If you’re looking for where to buy home gym equipment, visit the Primo Fitness USA website to view our selection of home gym equipment!

Gyms and Coronavirus: What Are the Risks?

While newly implemented health policies have enforced social distancing, there are still plenty of ways to maintain your fitness whether it’s through the use of in-home gym equipment or braving your local gym. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what the potential risks are of going to the gym during this pandemic and how you can stay protected from infection.

Risk of Coronavirus At The Gym

While the spread of coronavirus remains on the rise around the globe, there is still a sliver of hope for people looking to get back in the gym this year. The most notable news is that medical experts have since suggested that the virus cannot be transmitted through sweat or skin-to-skin contact. 

The virus is primarily spread through coughing, sneezing, and respiratory droplets. That being said, objects in the gym that are frequently touched can potentially serve as a vehicle for the virus and many other germs for several days. 

For instance, an infected person can cough or sneeze on equipment (or cover their sneeze with their hand then touch a piece of equipment) during their workout. The virus can stay alive on gym equipment for several days, until it is picked up by another human host and introduced into the body.

This means dumbbells, yoga mats, and other machines should be meticulously sanitized before and after each use.


How Gyms Are Stopping The Spread

Since the coronavirus began to spread, many gyms began implementing special precautions regarding sanitization practices. Most gyms have since adopted the use of hand sanitizer stations, frequent and vigilant cleaning, and advising members to stay home if they are feeling any symptoms of being sick.

In other cases, depending on the laws passed by local government agencies regarding COVID-19, some gyms have temporarily shut down until further notice.

How You Can Protect Yourself

While every business is taking every precaution necessary to keep their communities safe, it’s still advised to do what you can to keep yourself safe at all times. Whether it’s temporarily using single-use water bottles or wiping down every mat, machine, and piece of equipment before and after use, there are several things you can start doing to keep your body coronavirus-free.

Here are a few other habits to consider adopting moving forward.

Go During Less Frequently Visited Hours

As we’ve seen with the coronavirus, the more distance you can put between yourself and others, the better your chances of staying healthy. When it comes to the gym, you may want to consider implementing the same strategy.

If possible, try going to the gym during the hours it’s unlikely to be busy to decrease your risk of infection.

Wipe Down The Equipment

This goes without saying, but should be considered now more than ever. Many gyms and athletic clubs provide its members with disinfectant wipes or sprays to wipe down equipment before and after use.

If you choose to bring your own wipes with you to the gym, be sure that they contain at least 60% alcohol or chlorine bleach to ensure the effectiveness of the disinfectant.

Don’t Touch Your Face!

We’ve heard this rather consistently since the beginning, but it cannot be stressed enough. Infection from the coronavirus doesn’t occur immediately from touching infected surfaces, but rather when we carry the virus from our hands to our face. This facilitates the virus’ entry into our mouth or nose, where it can travel to the lungs and cause the disease.

As much as possible, avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth while you’re working out at the gym and frequently wash your hands to keep yourself protected.

Practice Good Hygiene

While it may sound like a silly thing to say to adults, this aspect is significantly essential right now. As mentioned, coronavirus infection occurs when the virus has been ingested, which means it’s critical that you start washing your hands with soap for a minimum of 30 seconds before and after leaving the gym.

It’s also vital that you wash your hands before touching your face or any other object that comes near your face, such as your water bottle.

Try to avoid using communal showers at this time. Instead, shower immediately as soon as you get home, and toss your dirty outside clothes straight into the laundry. Don’t hug, kiss, or touch anyone at home until after you’ve showered.

Be Mindful Of Frequently Used Equipment

As suggested by medical experts, community spread is the biggest concern when it comes to the spread of the coronavirus. Although sweat cannot transmit COVID-19, frequently touching high-contact surfaces such as barbells, dumbbells, and other commonly used pieces of gym equipment can place you at risk of exposure.

While practicing good hygiene can help minimize some of this risk, if there is a piece of equipment you’d like to use that is frequently used by other members at the gym, it’s recommended to try and find an alternative.

Stay Home If You Feel Sick

Above all else, if you feel any symptoms of being sick, it’s highly recommended that you stay home. Even if you are prone to allergies and know it may not be anything serious, staying home while fighting through symptoms will not only keep you healthy, but will also put other gym members at ease.

If you would still like to get in a good workout while staying home, there are several alternative workouts that are equally as good as visiting the gym. In fact, this might be the perfect time to consider investing in home gym equipment.

Staying Safe During A Pandemic

As the coronavirus continues to unfold for countries across the globe, staying healthy is the number one priority for every person.

Despite the scientifically proven health benefits of exercising regularly, social distancing is critical right now to help slow down the spread of this highly infectious virus. Not only will it help lower the odds that you’ll contract COVID-19, but it will also help keep people safe that may be more vulnerable than others.

If, however, you are someone who doesn’t want to give up their daily workout routine, you can still do that in alternative ways. Thanks to online classes and basic home gym equipment, you can stay fit while also staying hunkered down at home.

While none of this is ideal for anyone, this could potentially be an excellent time for you to break old routines, make new habits, and get a little creative with your fitness routines.

To get started on assembling your home gym, visit the Primo Fitness USA website today!

Top Fitness Equipment to Get for Your Home Gym

As gyms across the country have been forced to close to reduce the amount of community spread of COVID-19, many people have been left wondering how they’re going to exercise. Fortunately, there are still plenty of opportunities for people to continue working out during this global pandemic thanks to affordable home gym equipment.  


If you’re planning to stay fit by recreating your gym experience at home, here are some of our top equipment picks to get you started!

Fitness Equipment to Furnish Your Home Gym

Things To Should Consider Before Buying Home Gym Equipment

Contrary to popular belief, buying home gym equipment isn’t as expensive as it seems. By focusing on a few essential pieces of in-home gym equipment, you can transform any amount of space into your own home gym. 

Here are some things to consider when drawing up your plans.


The first thing to consider when purchasing home gym packages is your budget. Determining how much money you have available will help you find a starting point for building your home gym.

We recommend you start crunching numbers before looking at equipment to help you reasonably spend money on the equipment that matters most to your workout routine.


Once you’ve determined how much of your budget you can allocate to fitness equipment, you can now start deciding where you will be putting all of it. Obviously, with more square footage, you have more of a selection with the equipment you can purchase, but don’t let your home environment limit your possibilities. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to compact home gym equipment, so you don’t have to feel like you’re sacrificing anything due to circumstances beyond your control.


Lastly, you will want to consider what you want to achieve with your home gym and what pieces of equipment matter most to you and your goals. Before purchasing any equipment, determine what your fitness goals are during this time and what equipment is vital in your pursuits.

If you are able to cover your cardio needs outdoors, you can spend the majority of your budget on more weightlifting equipment or vice versa.


Essential Pieces of Fitness Equipment

Now that you have a general understanding of what to look for in basic home gym equipment, let’s take a look at some pieces that you can’t go wrong with purchasing.

Whether you’re a diehard fitness fanatic or someone who simply wants to stay in shape, there’s something here for every level of experience.

Free Weights

Free weights work exceptionally well if you’re working with space constraints, but are also useful tools to have regardless of your circumstance. Additionally, free weights have become more “home-friendly” over the years, which means you can not only gain strength, but also protect your floors at the same time.

Free weights come in all shapes, sizes, and weights, so be sure to consider what you’re capable of lifting beforehand.

Suspension Training System

Another great piece of home fitness equipment is a suspension training system. Not only does it provide you with a full-body workout, but it can be easily attached to the back of a closed-door or sturdy piping in your home.

Once the system is attached, it’s fully capable of supporting up to 360 pounds of resistance and can help you build muscle in various parts of your body while also aiding in your posture and back alignment.

Jump Rope

When it comes to excellent fitness equipment, the jump rope is not only an excellent tool, but a great form of cardio. If you don’t particularly care for running, the jump rope is an especially great way to break a sweat.

Additionally, spending just 10 minutes of your day with the jump rope is almost about the same type of workout as a 30-minute jog.

Rowing Machine/Stationary Bike

In the same essence as the jump rope, rowing machines and stationary bikes are two additional great ways to get your cardio while also working out other parts of your body.

While they tend to be two of the larger pieces of home gym equipment on this list, it’s packed with benefits. Also, if you’re someone who is prone to running injuries, the rowing machine is a great alternative.

Medicine Ball

In terms of multifunctional pieces of equipment, the medicine ball is as good as it gets. Whether you want to exercise your arms or your core, a medicine ball is capable of doing both through various lifting and twisting movements across your whole body.

You can even take the medicine ball into the yard if you’d like to add some lifting, throwing, or slamming to your existing workout routine.

Balance Board

An often forgotten piece of equipment in every gym is the balance board. This skateboard-shaped tool can help you stabilize your lower body and can be implemented in almost every workout.

While it may look like a toy, we assure you that a balance board is an essential tool for every home gym and is small enough to be easily tucked away when you’re not using it.

Foam Roller

With every good workout, comes a critical post-workout routine. A quality foam roller can not only help increase blood flow throughout various parts of your body, but it can also help relax overworked muscles in every region of your body.

Whether your legs are sore or your back feels a little tight, a good foam roller is essential in relaxing your entire body.


Purchase Your Home Gym Equipment Today

While it may be challenging to build a home gym that compares to everything your local gym offers, there are still plenty of viable options to help you get the best workout possible in the comfort of your own home. In fact, you might even find that you prefer working out at home!

We think every item on this list can help you narrow down your home gym needs to help you create something affordable while not compromising any of your fitness goals.

Garage and Home Gym Packages – Fitness Equipment Bundles [2020]

[UPDATED APRIL 11, 2020]

Most people spend the months before summer and during the summer to get in shape. With so many summer options for staying healthy, it’s pretty easy to get your heart rate up during the warmest months of the year. 

Summer is coming to an end, and many people around the United States will spend their winter months indoors unable to work out the way they did in the summer. While you may have an indoor workout regime that includes yoga, pilates, CrossFit, and more, you’ll also need equipment that can help you stay fit. 

One of the biggest problems homeowners face when buying gym equipment is finding quality items that fit their budget. With home gym and garage gym packages, you get more bang for your buck. You’ll receive multiple items that are affordably priced and bundled into one set. 

You won’t need to purchase anything else to fill your home gym or garage gym. All home gym packages from Primo Fitness can be customized to your liking so that you don’t have to purchase any items you don’t need. Here are Primo Fitness’ Equipment Packages perfect for home gyms. 

Garage & Home Gym Package B

It is ideal for those who are looking to tone their body and includes the Life Fitness 95 R Explore Console Recumbent Bike. 

The bike was designed with the technology and durable components that you expect from a highly regarded brand like Life Fitness. This one, in particular, comes with an Explore console while the walk-through design is great for those who need the ease of getting onto the bike. Recumbent bikes place your body in the perfect posture and are easy on the joints while still giving you a quality workout that burns calories and fat. This package also includes:

  • Power Systems Medicine Ball Rack with 5 Balls (4 to 12 lbs.)
  • Life Fitness Premium Equipment Mat 
  • Precor Ab-X Abdominal Bench 

Garage & Home Gym Package A


This package is a great package for building strength and gives you everything you need for a home gym package. It even includes a new dumbbell set and rack so that you have a complete mini gym without the need to purchase accessories. From head to toe, you can strengthen and tone your entire body with this one package. It includes:

  • Dumbbell Set 5-25 lbs. 
  • Life Fitness Signature Single Tier Dumbbell Rack 
  • Cybex Adjustable Bench 
  • Precor 240i Stretch Trainer 
  • Ab Coaster CTL 

Garage & Home Gym Package C


The perfect mix of gym equipment, Home Gym Package C gives you four pieces that will fit in any spare room or garage. Complete with a new Life Fitness IC3 Indoor Cycle with Monitor, you’ll burn calories every single day. If you’re looking to switch between your cardio training and your strength training, this package also contains a new CAP Barbell Kettle Set. The complete package includes:


  • CAP Barbell Kettlebell Set 
  • Hammer Strength Flat Bench 
  • Ab Coaster CS3000 
  • Life Fitness IC3 Indoor Cycle with Monitor 

Garage & Home Gym Package D

Improve your posture, flexibility, and coordination with this package. It includes a used Precor 240i Stretch Trainer designed for daily stretching before and after your workout. It places you in ergonomically correct stretching positions for maximum benefits. The flexibility doesn’t stop there. 

This package also includes a new yoga mat and resistance stretch band set. For when you’re not working on your flexibility, this package also contains a Precor Spinner Shift to boost your cardio and take it to a whole new level. The complete set includes:

  • Precor Spinner Shift 
  • Precor 240i Stretch Trainer 
  • BodyTone Yoga Mat 
  • Sports Research Resistance Stretch Band Set 

FlexFit Garage & Home Gym Package


This home or garage gym package includes five items, making it one of our best deals. The FlexFit package includes two cardio machines: 

  1. Cybex V Series Elliptical
  2. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle 

The benefits don’t stop there. It also comes with a Life Fitness G7 Home Gym with Bench. This jungle gym can strengthen just about any part of your body and can be used by more than one person so that you have a home gym everyone in the family can use at one time. 

What makes this package so great is that it offers both cardio and strength training equipment that you typically have to purchase separately. When you purchase a package, you’ll get more products for an affordable, budget-friendly price. The package also comes with:

  • Exercise Ball – new
  • Foam Roller – new

Fit Garrage & Home Gym Package 

This home gym package got its name because it’s the perfect set of equipment that can help you get fit and stay that way. It includes a rower from the world-renowned brand StairMaster to help you strengthen your arms while using the correct posture. 

This set also includes a Star Trac Studio 3 Indoor Cycle so that you can keep your heart rate up and the fat burning. For your own cardio exercise, this package is completed with a Bodytone Step with two sets of heights so that you can step your way to strong legs and toned buttocks. 

Cross Fit Garage & Home Gym Package

Cross Fit is one of the biggest trends in the fitness industry. It’s focused on varied, high intensity, and functional movement using exercises like calisthenics, Olympic style weightlifting, powerlifting, indoor rowing, running, swimming, and more. People who do Cross Fit adore it for its ability to help them shed extra weight and improve muscle strength. 

With the CrossFit Home Gym Package, you’ll have everything you need to start doing CrossFit at home. Whether you’ve gone to a CrossFit class at the local gym in the past or not, these items will help you get on your way to losing weight and building muscle in no time. The package includes: 

  • Olympic Weightlifting Bar – 45lbs, 7ft, 28mm Diameter
  • 230lb Bumper plate set – Pairs of 10’s, 25’s, 35’s, 45’s
  • 2 Kettlebells – 35 lb, 53 lb
  • 1 Pair of Wood Gymnastic Rings
  • 1 Dynamax Medicine ball – 20lbs
  • 1 Ab Mat
  • 1 Speed Jump Rope
  • 1 pair of spring collars

Economy Garage & Home Gym Package

This is one of the most robust and affordable gym packages Primo Fitness offers. It contains six items for strength training. There’s no need to buy anything else for your home gym when you purchase the Economy Home Gym Package. 

If you don’t have enough room in your garage, additional items fit well in a spare bedroom, and even a closet. The full strength training home gym package contains:

  • Olympic Weightlifting Bar – 45lbs, 7ft, 28mm Diameter
  • 160lb Bumper Plate Set – Pairs of 10’s, 25’s, 45’s
  • 1 pair of spring collars
  • 1 Kettlebells- 35lb
  • 1 Dynamax Medicine ball – 20lbs
  • 1 Ab Mat

Can’t find the home gym package you’re looking for? Call us today for a custom quote!

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Squeeze in a Home Gym in a Small Space

home gym package

With a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to get to the gym. Even when you make your health and wellness your top priority, you may not have the time to drive all the way out to the gym, work out, and drive back.

After all, you have a full-time job, and maybe even a family to take care of. You’re left with trying to get the most effective workout at your home. While this may seem like a difficult feat, a home gym package can help you get the best out of your daily exercise routine.

One of the biggest questions we are asked is, “How do I squeeze a home gym in a small space?” While it may seem impossible to get an effective workout in a garage or small spare bedroom, don’t give up hope. With a few simple tips, you can have the home gym of your dreams so that you never have to make the journey out to the gym again.

Tips for Fitting a Home Gym in a Small Space

Consider Going Vertical

Whenever you can, make the most of the vertical space in your home. While not every home has tall ceilings, it’s important to maximize your space as much as possible. You can hang items like resistance bands or your yoga equipment on a hook where they won’t be in the way until needed.

You may also want to consider putting these items on a hook in a closet. This will allow you to use the closet for other gym items that can’t be hung and make the most out of the floor space that you have available.

Clear the Clutter

Whether you’re using a living room or spare bedroom, you should make sure to get rid of all of the items in the space you want to use as your gym. While this may seem difficult, if you’re not using these items, they shouldn’t be in a space that works perfectly for your daily exercise routine.

If you plan on using a part of the living room as your home gym, make sure to clear the coffee and side tables and chairs out of the way so that you can use as much of the space as possible. In most cases, you’ll need an area of at least 6 feet by 6 feet to get a good workout and a full range of motion.

Choose Multitasking Equipment

If you have limited space, try to choose exercise equipment with more than one use. This can be a jungle gym in a spare bedroom that can be used by multiple people at once and for multiple purposes.

Use Compact Equipment

Believe it or not, there is home gym equipment designed specifically for small spaces! You can find compact equipment that can easily be stored when not in use in a closet or on a wall. They even make treadmills that fold so that you can still use your space for other activities when you’re not working out.

You may also want to invest in a fitness system designed for small spaces. These systems help you target multiple areas for a full-body workout in a limited space.

Avoid Oversized Equipment

Oversized equipment is best left in commercial gyms that have the required space. There’s no need to clutter up your tiny space with huge treadmills, exercise bikes, and ellipticals. Instead, you can find compact cardio machines designed for home gyms and small spaces.

If fitness comes first in your home and no one will mind workout equipment taking up major amounts of space, you’re definitely free to invest in what you believe works best for you! However, there’s no denying that ellipticals and treadmills can fast become an eyesore, especially if placed in a common area that sees guests. If your home functions in ways that aren’t compatible with bulky fitness items, you may want to look for other fitness solutions.

Consider Home Gym Packages

When it comes to squeezing a home gym in a small space, you’ll need all of the necessary equipment to get a full-body workout. Home gym packages allow you to pack your space with the equipment you need at an affordable price. Not to mention, they’re designed specifically for the home environment, keeping limited space in mind.

Make sure to look for home gym packages that can offer you cardio and strength training in one. This will allow you to completely transform your home gym with only the equipment you need and nothing more.

Ask the Experts

If you have a space for a home gym, make sure to measure it out and ask the experts for help. Our dedicated team at Primo Fitness has helped many people design their own home gym, based on their space limitations. If you want a home gym but aren’t sure where to start, call us today!

Why StairMaster Workouts are Good For You


Stair Climbing is one of the most popular and effective workouts out there. It works the entirety of the legs, along with abs and more. In the past, people have climbed stairs using real stairs or steps. You may remember the moment in the film “Rocky” where the main character ran up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art as the final part of the training montage!

However, stair climbing doesn’t need real stairs or even much space. Rather than relying on the stairs near your home, you can get the same benefits (and maybe even more) from a StairMaster.

These stair climbing machines have been around since the ‘80s. However, the technology has improved over the last four decades to include features like a heart rate monitor and calorie counter to provide you with data that impacts your overall health and wellness.

What is a StairMaster?

A StairMaster is a stationary fitness machine, generically known as a stair climber, that mimics the effects of climbing up a set of stairs. It’s similar to a treadmill in that it allows the user to climb at a preset speed or duration. However, it uses steps as a workout instead of walking or running. StairMasters are known to provide users with an intense cardio workout to target lower body muscles, including:

  • quadriceps
  • hamstrings
  • calves
  • glutes

Cardio Benefits of StairMaster

A StairMaster can provide the user with benefits from strength training to cardio. If you normally walk or run, stair climbing can help you get a different type of cardio exercise that’s completely transformative.

Aerobic Conditioning

Stair climbing is a great aerobic exercise because it strengthens both the heart and lungs. Stronger lungs help you breathe in more necessary oxygen, while a healthy heart pumps oxygen-rich blood into your muscles and organs.

Burning Calories

The main reason many people use a StairMaster is to lose or manage weight. A StairMaster exercise can burn hundreds of calories in the short span of half an hour. Of course, how effective this will be depends on your body weight and the intensity of the workout. Still, simply going at a slow and steady pace can help you burn more calories than walking alone.

A fast climb will burn more calories than a slow one. However, it’s important that you go at your own pace and don’t overdo it so that you can sustain the workout and burn more calories in the long run.

StairMasters now come with a calorie calculator, which will estimate the number of calories you’re burning with each step based on your weight. After entering specific information about your weight and other parameters, these calorie-burning calculators are fairly accurate.

Strength Benefits of StairMaster

StairMasters also provide you with the benefits of strength. They can build muscle and tone the body.

Core Strength

Using a StairMaster requires your body to maintain your balance throughout the workout while you’re using your largest muscle group: your legs. Because of this, it can gently but effectively workout your entire core. A stronger core means a more improved posture and reduces lower back pain and the risk of injury.

Bone Health

Exercises that are weight-bearing, like climbing stairs, can improve bone health. This means reducing the risk of bone conditions like osteoporosis. If you already have osteoporosis, climbing stairs can help treat it. Because bones are considered living tissue, a Stairmaster can increase bone mass, which means stronger bones.

Strengthening your bones is important no matter what age you are, but especially as you get older. Bone density loss is something you need to worry about as you age, so it’s important to hop on the StairMaster now and continue to strengthen your bones.

Quadriceps Strengthening

The quads are a muscle group in the front of the thigh. These muscles are essential for daily activities like walking, running, and standing up from sitting on the couch. These muscles help extend or straighten the knee. Therefore, each time you take a step on the StairMaster, you are strengthening these muscles.

Hamstring Strengthening

Your hamstrings are muscles located in the back of your thigh. They work with the quads to help you move your lower body. They also help bend the knee, so they are critical for walking, running, and sitting.

Each time you take a step, you are bending your knee. In this case, the hamstrings are doing most of the work and becoming stronger.

Calves Strengthening

Your calves also help you run, walk, and jump. They’re also critical for maintaining your balance while you’re standing. Each time you take a step, your calves will contract. Your calves are responsible for helping you lift your heel when you walk or run, so keeping them strong is important, especially as you age.

Glute Strengthening

Many people use StairMasters to target their glutes. The glutes are the muscles located in your buttocks. Believe it or not, they’re actually some of the strongest muscles in our bodies.

The glutes primarily move the hips and thighs. Therefore, climbing stairs relies heavily on these muscles.

Other Benefits of Using a StairMaster

Relief from Knee Pain

Each time you take a step, you are effectively strengthening your knee. This will reduce stress on the joints, which can help reduce pain, especially if you have osteoarthritis. StairMasters are considered low-impact because you’re not pounding the hard pavement and causing a vibration through your leg tissues.

Because of this, climbing a StairMater is ideal for those with knee or joint pain.

Better Mood

Climbing stairs, like every other exercise, releases endorphins. These are known as the happy chemicals in your brain that boost mood. Endorphins also reduce stress levels. Even though you may feel a little tired after a workout, you should feel more positive and awake than you did before getting on the machine.

A StairMaster can provide you with an effective cardio workout while strengthening the main muscle groups in your lower body, and abs! Because you’re doing essentially two different types of exercises at the same time, you won’t have to spend too much time to see and feel the results.

When using a StairMaster for the first time, it’s important to start slow and work your way up to more intense and longer exercises.

10 Tips in Designing Your Commercial Gym

commercial gym

When it comes to your commercial gym, the design is everything. The design not only means your clientele will be able to move freely throughout the gym, but it also creates an ambiance that’s unique to your space. This ambiance will be what keeps your customers coming back for their workouts.

To help you get started designing your gym, follow these tips:

Consider Space and Location

Gyms should be as spacious as possible because they have to simultaneously facilitate various workouts by a number of different people. With all of the folks walking around your gym, you don’t want them bumping into one another or any of the machines. Your gym design should also allow for future expansion or the addition of more equipment.

When you first start designing your gym, you may not know what machines or equipment will be the most popular. For this reason, it’s best to order only a couple of each machine so that you can watch people and see which items they gravitate to. Those are the items you can order more of in the future.

This will also allow you to fill the space over time, instead of making the decision to order multiple equipments on a whim, even if it might not be what your patrons need.

Build a Supportive Environment

When designing a commercial gym, you have to design in a way that will promote motivation. You should take into account the colors in the room, lighting, air quality, and air conditioning.

You may also want to pick out wall décor that motivates your clients to continue working out, even when their strength is flagging. You may also want to add televisions or stereo systems so that they can pass the time with their favorite tunes and television shows as they exercise.

Choose Flooring

The most important thing to remember here is that you may need different types of flooring in different parts of the gym. For example, you’ll need sprint track flooring for prowler and sled work. Sprint track flooring is very thin and isn’t intended to absorb heavy impact. In contrast, free weight flooring is heavy duty and is meant to absorb the impact of dumbbells and weights dropped on the floor daily.

In general, you’ll need to consider the continuous wear and tear your floor will experience from hundreds of people walking around the gym a day. Make sure to choose a floor that absorbs impact, protects the floor beneath it, and can cushion someone’s fall in case of an accident.

Consider Hygiene

It’s absolutely critical to be able to control the cleanliness of your gym. After all, with so many people sweating on the floor and machinery, you don’t want your gym to gain a reputation for being dirty! The harsh reality is that many people sweating it out in one room can create a smell, so it’s important to consider air filtration that will improve the air quality in your gym.

You should also plan where you put your locker rooms and showers. This will be crucial to the cleanliness of your gym. Many people come to the gym on their lunch breaks or before work, so they’ll need to wash off their sweat and grime before returning to their day.

Finally, make sure that you provide towels and wipes so that people can clean the machines after they use them so that they’re ready to go for the next person.

Plan with Safety in Mind

The safety of your patrons is critical for any commercial gym. Injuries from accidents within your space and incorrect use of equipment can be detrimental. To minimize injuries, you’ll need to keep your space open. You should also consider:

Ensuring ample storage

While many people will choose to store their items in the locker rooms, they’ll most likely want to bring their own sweaters, water bottles, and phones into the gym space.

Checking equipment

Malfunctioning equipment could hurt your patrons, so make sure to periodically check if your machines are in proper working order. Further, if you notice a machine is often being handled incorrectly by patrons, make sure to post safety instructions on a wall nearby.

Try the “Rule of Quarters”

It’s typically best for commercial gyms to split the area into quarters and designate one quarter to each category. Each section has its own purpose; you should have a cardio area, selectorized area, big iron area, and sub-functional area. This will ensure the safety of your clients because it prevents confusion and clutter.

Try to put your cardio space with essential equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and more toward the front of the facility. Your selectorized equipment, including multi-gyms and cable machines, should be placed in the middle of the gym. Next, toward the back should be big iron with weight training equipment.

The sub-functional area should be complete with fitness mats, stability balls, and dumbbells. You can mix this section with big iron if you’re limited on space and function.

Buy the Essential Equipment

It’s important to purchase the right gym equipment for your commercial gym. While you want your gym to be unique, you’ll still have to purchase the essentials, like treadmills, stair climbers, and more.

These are the items that many people purchase gym memberships for, so while you’ll want to offer other fitness equipment that stands out, start by ensuring you have the items that your customers come to you for in the first place.

Take Your Budget into Account

While designing the commercial gym of your dreams is possible for some, others are on a strict budget. However, just because you have constraints, doesn’t mean you can’t design the best commercial gym in the area. Work with gym equipment suppliers that provide discounts on new and used equipment, along with packages that can suit your needs.

Types of Body Composition


Having insight into your body composition can help you burn fat and build muscle more efficiently and effectively. The ACCUNIQ BC380 is a machine designed to help users uncover their body composition use that data to transform their bodies and overall health.



In order to understand your weight loss potential and design a weight loss routine, it’s important to understand your somatotype, or what type of body composition you have.

The three somatotypes are: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. It’s important to understand that while the three somatotypes are for both males and females, women have more fat than men naturally. Women have a greater amount of essential fat.

There are three somatotypes, and each has its own characteristics to help you identify which you have. Once you know, you can adjust your diet and training routine to reach your fitness goals, lose weight, and increase muscle mass. In this article, we’ll be discussing the three body types, and what exercises and nutritional guidelines to follow to reach your fitness goals.


Characteristics of an Ectomorph

Ectomorphs tend to have thin bodies and long limbs. They have a lean frame and are not muscular. It’s possible for those with this body type to have a low weight but high body fat, also known as “skinny fat.” Ectomorphs are more resistant to weight gain than the other body types on this list because they generally have a fast metabolism.

Typically, these folks are able to eat more without gaining weight. They have very little observable body fat and muscle. They typically have a small frame and joints. The genetic makeup of this body type limits an ectomorph’s ability to build muscle and put on muscle mass.

The Ectomorph Workout

When it comes to building muscle, it’s important for those with this body composition to focus on power and resistance training. It may be beneficial to try compound movements to use more muscle groups in a single exercise.

The Ectomorph Diet

Ectomorphs should eat quality fats with moderate protein intake and carbohydrates. In fact, this body type can get away with eating more carbs than the other two body types on this list. However, this doesn’t mean that ectomorphs can eat whatever they want without it affecting heart health.


Characteristics of a Mesomorph

Mesomorphs are the body type between ectomorph and endomorph. They easily build muscle and are typically proportionally built when it comes to their body composition. Typically, mesomorphs find it easy to both lose and gain weight. They can build muscle quickly and have an upright posture.

This body composition is known for having a long torso and short limbs. Women who are mesomorphs are usually athletic and strong. Both males and females with this body type excel in sports known for power and speed because of their muscles.

The reason that mesomorphs build muscle quickly is that they have a higher percentage of fast-twitch fibers. The genetic makeup of this body type suits both power and strength.

The Mesomorph Workout

When it comes to training, it’s important that mesomorphs focus on moderate endurance training, high-intensity interval training, and plyometrics. They can also benefit from pilates.

As a mesomorph, you do not have to include heavy weights to get results because you are already able to build muscle and lose fat easily. However, you can still lift moderately.

The Mesomorph Diet

Mesomorphs should eat quality fats and moderate carbs. You may want to consider equal parts protein and fat. Complex carbs will give your body energy and keep your sustainably healthy.


Characteristics of an Endomorph

  • Stocky frame and wider body
  • Stores muscle and fat in the lower body
  • Slow metabolism

Endomorphs are typically softer and rounder than the other body types. They tend to store fat more easily. Endomorphs naturally have curvy, fuller figures and have a difficult time controlling their body fat. Simply put, endomorphs tend to gain weight much more quickly than the other two body types.

Endomorphs have slower metabolisms that can be unforgiving. However, this does not mean that they are always overweight or obese. Endomorphs can make conscious decisions to eat right and exercise regularly.

The Endomorph Workout

Endomorphs bodies may not automatically tell them to get moving, so it’s important that those with this body type infuse running into their daily exercise routine.

Because their metabolisms will be slower than the other body types’, it’s important that endomorphs eat the right foods that will positively impact metabolism speed. When it comes to training, high-intensity exercises, weight training, and endurance training can ramp up metabolism and increase muscle mass. Endomorphs should focus on training their entire bodies and not focusing on just one area.

The Endomorph Diet

It’s important that endomorphs eat quality fats and protein. They should limit their carbohydrate intake to maximize their body composition effectively. They will also need to focus on controlling insulin and blood sugar.

Can You Be More Than One Body Type?

Everyone is different, so it’s possible that you won’t fit into just one of these body types. There really is no one-size-fits-all body composition. You can share characteristics from two types of body compositions. Knowing what traits you share is a great starting place so that you can determine which workouts will help you reach your fitness goals more effectively and sustainably.

For more insight on your body composition, we recommend using the ACCUNIQ BC380 to help you determine how you can effectively change your health for the better.

Making the Most Out of Your Commercial Gym Equipment

Man Holding Black Barbell

Your commercial gym equipment has been an investment. However, how good of an investment it comes depends on you. Maximizing the value of your gym equipment is the key to making it worth the money. Gym club owners can make sure to get the most of every piece of equipment in their fitness center with just a few simple steps. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Equipment 

Make Introductions

Take the time to introduce everyone to the new equipment. This includes both members and staff. Make sure that the staff knows the ins and outs of each product. If the equipment is being installed by a service technician from the company you purchased from, they should be able to answer all of your questions about the machine. 

Always make sure to ask what resources are available to you. Some companies may offer you free videos about the features and how to properly use the machine to extend its lifetime.

The more your staff knows about the equipment, the better they will be able to help members use them. This means providing value for your members with the information they can’t get at home. At the same time, this will offer your personal trainers to meet more members and get more clients.

Perhaps the most important aspect of your business is your clients. When you introduce your staff to new equipment, they will be able to help members get excited about new workouts. Your clientele will be sure to come back as often as possible. 

Make sure to tell your customers about new equipment, too. Getting the buzz out about a new treadmill means that your members will be eager to tell their friends. At the very least, make sure to post an advertisement inside of your gym so that members know there’s a new machine and that they should check it out. 

Safety is also an important aspect, especially when dealing with heavy exercise equipment. Your staff needs to know how to handle each piece of equipment and help members safely workout. 

Complete Checklists

Most commercial gym owners provide their employees with checklists or use them themselves. These lists consist of all of the tasks that must be completed before closing or before opening. 

Your checklist should always include the minor maintenance of the machines, such as wiping them down, vacuuming, checking to make sure they’re still in working order, and testing console buttons to make sure nothing is damaged. 

These tasks don’t take long, but they’ll help you get the most out of your investment, which means you’ll be saving money by avoiding unnecessary costly replacements or repairs. 

Regular Checks 

In your daily life, you take care of the things that matter the most to you. You take yourself into the doctor for a physical and your car in to get serviced yearly. The same should be done for your fitness equipment. 

Maintenance must be done to qualify for the warranties provided by manufacturers. But you should be doing maintenance not just to comply; they should be done so that you can continue to keep your equipment in working order every single day. 

Check the owner’s manual for your equipment or the manufacturer’s website to find out what type of maintenance must be done. When you take care of your equipment, your gym equipment will take care of you by allowing you to focus on the business aspect of being the owner of a gym, not the minutiae of dealing with broken-down machines. 

Know When to Repair vs. Replace

Commercial equipment is built to last but wear and tear from being used every day happens. These problems can be avoided with preventative maintenance, but there is typically an average lifetime for certain equipment. 

Knowing when to repair or replace an item is up to you. There are no specific guidelines to help you make the decision. However, if you find yourself fixing a machine more often than not, it’s probably time to get a new one that doesn’t cause you problems. 

With a new machine, you may end up saving money in the long run. Also, you won’t have to lose valuable members because of your constantly broken equipment. 

Always remember to keep an eye on your equipment. This will help you understand when something needs to be replaced and ensure the happiness of your members. If you do decide to do a replacement, keep your members in mind and try not to take away all of the cardio equipment at once. 

Replacing your equipment makes sense because you always have to consider the safety of your staff and members. If a piece of equipment has become dangerous, replace it. If a piece has broken, you may choose to repair it for now and see what happens down the road. 

Keep it Clean

While cleaning your equipment is part of preventative maintenance, it should also be part of your daily routine. Equipment with electrical components should never get wet, but with water bottles and sweat in the gym, it can be difficult to keep certain areas dry. 

Post rules in your gym telling members that they must wipe off each piece of equipment after using it. Also, make sure that your employees are going around, making sure that the equipment works properly and is clean for the next user. 

Your gym depends on your members. Making the most out of your equipment means providing them with workouts that keep them coming back for more. Choosing not to take care of the equipment is the same thing as not taking care of your members. It’s absolutely critical that you make sure every piece of equipment is effective, safe, and usable. 

Read more: Strength gym equipments.

How to Choose Cardio Fitness Equipment for Your Gym 

black and gray treadmill

Whether you’re looking to fill a commercial gym or home gym with high-quality fitness equipment, you’ll have to pay close attention to cardio machines. Start up gym equipment must consist of this type of equipment, which is used for warm-ups, cooldowns, and cardiovascular training. 

Different Cardio Equipment Options 

Every quality gym has rows of cardio machines that simulate running, walking, kayaking, rowing, skiing, stair climbing, and more. If you own a gym, you’ll need to be able to compete with the businesses down the street. Here are the different types of cardio fitness center equipment you should consider purchasing. 

Ski Machines

Cross-country skiing machines let users exercise both their arms and legs simultaneously, just like real skiing. It’s fairly low impact and easy on the knees. There are many different types of ski machines on the market, so it’s important to know which your clientele will like best. 

Elliptical Trainers

Ellipticals are one of the most popular workout machines on the market. They’re a combination of a ski machine and a stair stepper that’s extremely low impact and easy to use. With all ellipticals, resistance can be adjusted, and levers with hand grips are typically available so users can work out their upper body as well as their lower.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines give users an intense exercise that works the back, arms, and legs simultaneously. Some people find rowing hard on the back, but others enjoy getting the full-body workout experience. Make sure that you only purchase a few of these if you’re not sure what your clientele will like. 


The most popular stair stepper is the Stairmaster, which almost every gym has. These machines provide a low-impact workout that simulates climbing flights of stairs. Some models are available with levers that work the arms as well. When looking for stair steppers, check for those equipped with handrails and wide steps so that users of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels can be able to use it. 

Stationary Bikes

Exercise bikes are one of the easiest machines to use. Bikes are available as upright or recumbent, so it might be beneficial to get both to offer your clientele some options and let them experience different ways to work out. Make sure to look for models that are not only comfortable but have an adjustable seat. 


With treadmills, users can walk or run indoors without dealing with harsh weather. Some treadmills have a flexible, more joint-friendly surface. When looking for a treadmill, make sure to consider those with strong motors so that the machine will last longer and a belt that’s long and wide enough for different strides. 

What to Consider When Purchasing Gym Equipment 

The right way to choose gym equipment is to consider all of the aspects of your gym. 

Space Limitations

Your gym, whether in the home or as a business, will always need to consider space. There should be enough to allow people to move around between machines. You also don’t want a gym that’s too cluttered because mess can have a negative impact on the way people view your gym. 

Your Equipment Mix

Obviously, you can’t just have cardio equipment in your gym. You’ll need strength training equipment too, which means you’ll need to find the right balance. As we have discussed, new gym equipment takes up a significant amount of space, so you will have to determine how much should be dedicated to cardio machines versus weight training. 

Look for Warranties

Because your equipment will be used every day, you’ll need to ensure that the products are built to last. Warranty doesn’t always mean that the manufacturer has built a good product, and they want to back it up. It could mean that they are trying to maintain market share due to a lack of innovation or buy a market share because they haven’t been around for a long time. 

Never make your buying decisions based on warranty alone. You may get a long warranty, but an outdated machine that doesn’t work for your gym or clientele. The warranty is only good as long as the company is in business, so try to only purchase from brands with a great track record and those who have been around awhile. 


The price of gym equipment is a huge factor that should always be considered. You need to purchase high-quality items, but without going into debt. Beware of seemingly great deals because it means there could be something wrong with the product or that it is outdated. 

Fitness equipment prices will vary depending on brand and quality. Make sure you’re not skimping on features or build just because you want to save a few bucks. 

Your gym equipment should be built to last, but you only get that quality when you’re willing to pay for it. However, replacing gym equipment every few years actually costs more than buying the right product the first time. 

Do Your Research

If you truly want to know more about which cardio equipment is right for your gym, you’ll need to research the product and the manufacturer. Check out the reviews from other buyers who have recently worked with the company. Always make sure to look at negative reviews within the last year about a certain model to confirm whether it’s the right product for your gym. 

Always visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about them, see reviews on the website, and contact them if you have any more questions. 

New Vs. Used

If cost is an issue, consider buying used fitness equipment in as-is condition or machines that have been refurbished. If you do this, make sure to have some guarantee that the products actually work, whether it’s a warranty or a guarantee from the company. 

You can also buy new, but save money by purchasing an older model. Just like buying a car, you don’t have to purchase the newest model of gym equipment to succeed. Often these new models have very few changes that affect performance; instead, they may have updated the look or added a new feature. Older models are much cheaper, and if you work with the right manufacturer or retailer, you can get them at a great price. 

When it comes to purchasing exercise equipment, you must put everything into perspective. There’s no standard price tag for any one piece of fitness equipment. If you’re the owner of a commercial gym, you should focus on finding equipment that is built to last because the performance of your machines is what keeps your clientele coming back every day. 

If you’re purchasing gym equipment for your home, consider the investment to your health. Spending a little more on a quality piece of equipment that will last years is an investment in yourself that means you’ll be keeping yourself and your family healthy for a longer period of time with this one piece. 

What’s your favorite cardio machine? Let us know in the comments!

Why Knowing Your Body Composition is Important 

Woman Holding Measuring Tape on Hips

Every commercial gym is filled with equipment that can help members get into shape and achieve the results that they want. However, not every gym can actually give its members insights into their own bodies that can be used to help them get healthier. The ACCUNIQ BC380 is a must-have item for every gym that wants to provide valuable information to its members. 

This body fat analyzer gives users accurate body composition results in less than one minute. It’s easy to use and provide them with step by step instructions that can help your members assess their composition levels. 

The results show a report with measurements and healthy ranges for a quick assessment that can help them learn about their bodies and compare past results with present. 

What about BMI?

Body Mass Index is an outdated method for getting a look into our health. It assesses health by comparing their weight to height. While it may be beneficial for identifying those at an increased health risk, it is only able to provide us with a very basic analysis of human health. 

While BMI is still a very common method used in clinical practice, it has limitations and is a poor tool for tracking weight change. There is no way to identify if changes are occurring in the fat or muscles.

Predicting health using this number ignores the important factors that contribute to overall positive health, which is why newer technologies are crucial. 

Body Fat Percentage

Instead of using BMI, it’s better to focus on the percentage of body fat you have at your weight. This is called Percent Body Fat. 


Differentiating Between Muscle and Fat

Doctors have been telling us for decades that too much fat is a serious health risk. A myriad of health problems associated with obesity. Knowing a person’s body fat can help us get insight into their short-term and long-term health, which can be key to helping them take control of their health. 

An important part of understanding health is differentiating between fat and muscle. Many people assume that having as little fat as possible is healthy, but being skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy. Being thin means weighing less than the recommended values. However, being lean means that you have a greater muscle mass. 

In order to effectively understand someone’s health, it’s important to understand their weight. However, weight has a number of factors, which include fat-free mass. Fat-free mass is made up of your organs, bones, muscle, and tissue. 

If you lose weight, you need to be able to understand where that loss came from. If you lost your fat-free mass, but not actual fat, then this means you could be at risk for other health complications.

Weight alone is not enough to determine whether or not someone is healthy. 

Importance of Body Composition 

Knowing your body composition means understanding the state of your overall health. Even if your weight is in a healthy range, you may still have an unhealthy body composition. 

Body composition is your body’s amount of body fat to fat-free mass. If your body fat ratio is higher than that of your fat-free mass, then you may be at risk for severe health problems. These include:

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Fatigue
  • Cancer

Body fat is associated with poor health, but some fat is actually necessary for your health. Fat protects internal organs, regulates hormones, and provides your body with the energy you need throughout your day. 

Body fat should make up around 5% of total body weight in men and 12% in women. 

Unhealthy Body Composition

More than one-third of American adults have an unhealthy body composition and are obese. Obesity is linked to a number of diseases and illnesses, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

What Leads to Unhealthy Body Composition?

There are many factors that can lead to an unhealthy body composition. These include:

  • Sedentary lifestyle: lack of exercise and physical activity
  • Overeating: eating large portion meals or eating too many calories a day
  • Unhealthy diets: high fat, high sugar diets
  • Lack of nutrients: lack of whole foods in the diet, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes
  • Lifestyle habits: smoking and excessive alcohol intake 

Healthy Body Composition 

Obviously, having a healthy body composition is good for you. Reducing your overall amount of body fat and staying in range can improve your quality of life and keep certain health risks at bay. 

Benefits of Healthy Body Composition

  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • Improved Mood
  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved body function, including breathing, respiration, and lung function

Benefits of ACCUNIQ BC380 in Your Gym

The total body scan allows gym members to see their ratio of body fat versus fat-free mass and lets them know where their problem areas lie so that they can make changes to their health immediately.

Your members will have a printout complete with all of their analytics, and they can work with your trainers to create workouts catered to each member’s individual needs. These key insights, when used effectively, can help improve weight loss and muscle tone the right way. 

At the very basic level, members can compare results from month to month to see if their workouts have resulted in any beneficial changes. They are also able to develop a plan on their own that can help them achieve their goals. 

Keep Members Coming Back

One of the most significant benefits of having this machine in your gym is that members will be excited to come back and check out their stats. While weighing themselves at home may seem exciting enough, they’ll be amazed knowing everything that’s changing in their body composition from month to month. 

This alone may provide them with the determination to keep working out at your gym.

The Best Home Gym Equipment For Every Type of Workout 

Woman Doing Push-ups on Sit-up Benches

Most people shopping for home gym equipment are on a budget. There’s no shame in trying to get fit for less. A Home Gym Package can help you afford the equipment you need to get in shape and stay in shape. You should always make sure to equip your gym with both cardio and strength training equipment so that you can get the most out of your workout. 

Home Gym Equipment for Every Workout


Cardio is a type of exercise where you are raising your heart rate into target zones. In these zones, you’ll burn the most fat and calories. Even short episodes of 10 minutes each day can be beneficial to your health. 

Benefits of Cardio

  • Burns fat and calories for weight loss
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Reduces the risk of heart attack and other health problems
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Helps to reduce stress

Cardio is one of the only things you can do that can provide you with so many health benefits in a short amount of time. Even going for a short walk is considered cardio, and it can help lower blood pressure. 

Cardio Equipment

Every gym should be equipped with cardio machines that can help you maximize your workout. 


Do you like running? If not, that’s okay. Treadmills are the perfect running machine, but they’re just as great for walking. As we mentioned, walking is great for you, so if you can’t seem to find the determination to take a walk outside, a treadmill might be a great solution for you.

With treadmills, you can choose your speed and resistance so that each time you get one, you can have a different type of workout. You can start slow and go faster as your lungs get stronger. Whatever you use it for, a treadmill is a great addition to any home gym. 

Stationary Bikes

Everybody loves a good bike ride. However, many people find biking outside difficult, especially if you don’t live near any sidewalks. You can take fun exercise and bring it indoors with stationary bikes. 

Ride while you watch your favorite morning show or read a book! Like with treadmills, you are in complete control over your speed and resistance. Start slow, and watch yourself progress a little more each day. 

There are two options for stationary bikes that you may want to consider.

  1. Upright bikes: These bikes are great for those who enjoy the feeling of riding an actual bike. 
  2. Recumbent bikes: These bikes are becoming more popular because they are easy to use and provide a low impact workout for those with sore joints. They are also considered more comfortable because you can sit back, and the seat is designed to be wider than an upright bike.

No matter which bike you decide to use, you’re sure to get an incredible workout in the comfort of your own home. 


Ellipticals are low impact and combine the act of running with stepping. If you think a treadmill is too hard on your knees, try an elliptical. It simulates the motion of running, but the pedals follow through with your foot, so there’s never any impact. The gliding motion is also fun to use and can help those with bad knees or back pain get a good workout without feeling any pain. 

Ellipticals, like the Cybex V Series Elliptical are a great addition to any home gym because you can go at your own page and choose your resistance level. When it comes to ellipticals, make sure to do your research to find out which type is best for you. Most have weight limits around 220 or 300 lbs, so make sure you purchase one that’s high quality and built to last. 

Strength Training 

Strength training, also known as resistance training, improves muscular fitness by exercising specific muscle groups against resistance, including free-weights, weight machines, or your very own body weight. 

  • Benefits of Strength Training
  • Makes you stronger and fitter
  • Protects bone health and muscle mass
  • Increases weight loss by increasing resting metabolism
  • Boosts energy levels 
  • Improves Mood
  • Burns Calories

Strength Training Equipment


Dumbbells are used for joint-isolation exercises. These include

  • Bicep curls
  • Chest flyes
  • Shoulder raises

Using dumbbells can provide you with a variety of different strength outcomes while offering benefits for cardiorespiratory fitness and flexibility. How you use your dumbbells will depend on you, but you should always consult a fitness expert to help you use them correctly to achieve the desired results. 

Abs Bench

Training your core can improve mood, and help you achieve a flatter or more toned stomach. Using an ab bench strengthens your core, including your lower back, abs, and hip flexors. 

Unlike doing floor exercises, an abs bench supports your lower and upper back. If you’ve ever experienced pain while trying to do crunches on the floor, you may need an abs bench to help keep you in the proper position. 

With an ab bench, you can also target your lower, upper, and side abs and do crunches that make an impact on your body. 

Weightlifting Bar

Also called a barbell, a weightlifting bar is a metal bar that is loaded with weights. There are different types of barbells used in various settings. For example, an Olympic barbell weighs about 45 pounds and can be loaded with weight plates. It is used to increase strength by deadlifting, bench pressing, overhead pressing, or squatting. 


When working out, most people focus only on cardio and strength training. They forget about flexibility completely. However, flexibility is important because it improves blood flow and helps boost your endurance during a workout. Some people include stretching in their routine as a pre-workout warm-up and post-workout cooldown. 

Flexibility Equipment

Exercise Mat

Having a comfortable exercise mat is crucial for anyone who likes to stretch before or after a workout. It’s also the only piece of equipment you need for most yoga and pilates exercises. Not to mention, it also makes a great surface for push-ups and can create a more comfortable area for floor crunches. 

Foam Roller 

You will most likely be sore after a workout. To help relieve some of the pain, you can use a foam roller designed to help you relieve pain, especially in your legs. You can roll out both knots and tight muscles so that you can get back to working out sooner rather than later. 

What do you prefer? Cardio or Strength Training. Let us know in the comments!

StairMaster Gauntlet 8 series vs. Panatta Ecoclimber



StairMaster Stepmills are some of the most used cardio equipment in commercial gyms. Both stepmills and steppers simulate the action of climbing stairs, one of the most powerful workouts known to man. No matter where you workout, odds are that you’ve used a step machine.

StairMaster and Panatta are two of the biggest brands in workout equipment. While StairMaster’s main focus is high-quality steppers, Panatta has lines dedicated to both strength training and cardio. Let’s take a look at two products from each of these brands. 

StairMaster Gauntlet 8 Series

Resulta ng larawan para sa StairMaster Gauntlet 8 Series

Stairmaster is a legendary name as they created their first stepping machine in 1983. That tradition continues with the StairMaster Gauntlet 8 Series. The Gauntlet offers a combination of both cardio and strength training in a comfortable design. The exercise machine features a deep, wide step surface and is made from rust-free polypropylene. 

Gauntlet Features

Here are some of the features available with this powerful machine. 

Programs: Workout to programs designed to help with weight loss and increase strength. The Gauntlet includes the Landmark Challenge program and other standard console programs. Spartan programs are also available on 10” and 15” embedded screens. 

The Landmark Challenge Program

This program lets users climb landmarks from around the world. You can climb the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, or the Taj Mahal. 

Electronically Controlled

The alternator, brake, and drive chain are all control the stair speed precisely to allow a wide range of users to exercise within their comfort zones. 

Hot Bar

Users can control the machine with a few simple clicks of buttons, including the stop button, heart rate monitor, and level control. 

Eight Step Staircase

The revolving staircase includes eight steps, all of which are 8 inches high, 9 inches deep, and 22 inches wide. 

Bluetooth Connectivity

Users can track their workout data and compare their workouts. 

USB Charging Port

Your phone battery should never get low whether you’re at the gym or at home. This step machine has a USB charging port so that you can charge your electronics and use them while in motion. 

Multiple Cup and Accessory Holders

Many people like to use their phones and tablets while working out. With this workout machine, you don’t have to carry your smartphone constantly. There’s even a tablet holder so that you don’t have to miss your favorite movies and shows. 


Panatta Ecoclimber 

Panatta Ecoclimber 1CF70

Panatta Ecoclimber 1CF70










Panatta is another significant brand in the commercial and home gym industry. You may know them for their jungle gyms, but you’ve probably seen their cardio equipment at your favorite commercial gym. They are the oldest Italian exercise equipment company, and the quality of their products is known to gym enthusiasts.

Meet the Panatta Ecoclimber, a 100% energy-free mechanic climber. This stepmill has no motor. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly workout machine, this is the one for you. With the Ecoclimber, you are the engine. That means that this machine works with your body, not against it. 

Panatta Features:

Many people think that by purchasing a piece of eco-friendly workout equipment, that they are sacrificing functionality and features. However, the Ecoclimber proves them wrong. Let’s take a look at the features of this revolutionary machine. 

Three-Step Availability

When using this machine, there are three steps available at all times so that you can do whatever you want with it. You can add a squat or a leg kick to add power to your workout. 

Magnetic Resistance

You can change the resistance with magnetic resistance on six levels. Start with the least resistant to see how the machine works with your body, then increase as your legs, thighs, and glutes get stronger. 

No Electricity 

This machine is 100% electricity-free. If weather permits, you can even take it outside, and it will work just as well as it would inside. That means lower utility bills for a high-quality workout. This machine is the greenest stepper on the market today. Since there is no electronics (lower and upper board) involved, this means nothing can really go wrong – whereas on the Stairmaster when boards go out, it can be quite expensive. In this case, the Panatta Eco Climber will also last triple the time.

Tablet or Smartphone Holder

If you require extra motivation or enjoy watching your favorite television shows or movies, you’ll enjoy the tablet or smartphone holder. 

Easy Moved

The Ecoclimber is more portable than many other stepmills on the market because there are no electrical components in the machine. It also comes with wheels so that it can easily be moved within your home or commercial gym. 

Which is Best For You?

There’s no definitive answer to which stepmill is right for you or your commercial gym. It’s all a matter of preference. If your main concern is saving money on utility bills and being able to market the fact that your gym is eco-friendly, then the Panatta Ecoclimber is best for you and your gym. 

If you’re looking for a step machine complete with workout programs and a full display console, then the StairMaster Gauntlet might be best for you and your customers. 

Both step machines will deliver high-quality workouts for strength building and weight loss. They both target the same areas of the body: the glutes, thighs, and legs. The only real difference lies in the additional features that many gym members may find important. 

To determine which machine will work best in your commercial gym, talk to your members. You can ask them to take a quick survey and answer questions about what features are most important to them when it comes to stepmills. 

Best Panatta Sport Gym Equipment Everyone’s Talking About

Let’s talk about Panatta Sport, Italy’s longest-living company in the Fitness industry. They were founded over 50 years ago by Rudy Panatta, and the company’s mission is to create high quality, Made in Italy, workout equipment. 

The reason why Panatta has become a significant brand in the industry is that they take total control of the development cycle and production process of each and every one of their machines. All of the production phases are carried out within the company. 

Panatta is one of the few fitness brands that you can see in almost every commercial gym around the world. Here’s the best Panatta gym equipment you can put in your commercial gym or home. 

Strength Training 

Panatta 8 Stack Multi Gym 

Panatta SEC 8 Stack Multi Station

Panatta is known for its multi-gyms or jungle gyms. These pieces of equipment can be utilized by more than one person simultaneously, making them a must-have item in many commercial gyms looking to maximize their space. In fact, with this particular jungle gym, eight people can train simultaneously. The Panatta 8 Stack (Station) Multi Gym multi gym includes:

  • Lat Bar
  • Multi-exercise Bar
  • Triceps Pressdown Bar 
  • 2 Multipurpose Handles

Panatta Fit Evo Hip Thrust

Panatta 1FE097 Fit Evo Hip Thrust

This machine targets the gluteal and femoral muscles. The Panatta Fit Evo Hip Thrust is another absolute necessity for any commercial gym. It comes complete with a tilting backrest that follows the user’s movement during exercise. This means that users of the machine can expect that their natural movement won’t be impeded, but used to build their muscle in the target areas. 

Panatta Monolith Dips Press

Panatta Monolith Dips Press 1MTH038

The Panatta Monolith Dips Press targets the triceps muscles, some of the most difficult muscles to target without a machine. With this press, users can use a magnetic pin to select the load and increase it as they build muscles in the area. While this piece only targets one area of the body, it is ideal for most commercial gyms because members will appreciate being able to train their triceps and further tone their arms. 

Panatta Monolith Lateral Deltoid

Panatta Monolith Deltoid Press Circular 1MTH024

This machine performs the functional abduction of the humerus. The humerus is located in the upper arm, between the shoulder and elbow and works the deltoid muscle. 

This machine is a necessity for people who have a difficult time training their arms and shoulders using traditional exercise. The deltoid muscle is one of the hardest to build on your own. The Monolith Lateral Deltoid features a magnetic pin to select and comes with an illustrative chart with a QR code linked to a technical video. 

Panatta FIt Evo Incline Chest Press Bench 

Panatta Inclined Chest Press Base 1fe037b

This workout machine is great for targeting the pectoral muscles. In fact, it’s one that every commercial gym should have, since targeting these muscles is often done on the floor by doing push-ups. 

By allowing your members to sit in an upright position, it is much more comfortable to target this area of the chest. The Panatta Fit Evo Incline Chest Press Bench features a height-adjustable seat so that anyone can use it no matter their height and independent levers for either unilateral or bilateral exercise. 


Panatta Horizontal Recumbent Bike 

Panatta Pininfarina LED Plus Horizontal Recumbent Bike 1PP102

This recumbent bike is built with a Pininfarina design. You may know this design since Pininfarina is the manufacturer of automobiles known for their design aesthetic and comfortable rides. 

The recumbent bike offers the same luxurious feel. The Panatta Horizontal Recumbent Bike includes advanced workout programs that keep your muscles activated, and your body continues burning calories with a low-impact, high results workout. 

Panatta Pininfarina Plus Elliptical 

Panatta Pininfarina LED Plus Elliptical 1PP104

This elliptical offers the same high end feel as the recumbent bike because it too is a Pininfarina design. Ellipticals are one of the most popular machines in gyms because they provide low impact exercises that burn calories. They’re also one of the easiest and most fun to use because they function in with a gliding motion. 

The Panatta Pininfarina Plus Elliptical is no exception. It has advanced workout programs to keep users going, and a high luminosity LED display that shows calories burned, heart rate, and the time of the workout. 

Panatta Monolith Rowing Machine 

Rowing Machine Circular 1MTH004

Rowing machines are often considered both cardio and muscle building exercise machines because they get the heart rate up and also train the back muscles. The Panatta Monolith Rowing Machine uses circular movement to target the muscles, and a magnetic pin allows users to select their load. This machine comes with a height-adjustable eat so that it can comfort to each user’s body and independent levers for unilateral or bilateral exercise. 

Panatta Fenix Climber

Panatta Fenix Climber 1FX106

This stepmill from Panatta features an LED plus console that shows the user valuable information about their workout, like their heart rate, calories burned, and time spent on the machine. Climbers and steppers are a must for every gym because they are fun and easy to use. 

The wide steps of the Panatta Fenix Climber allow every kind of user to take advantage of this machine and perform exercises with complete stability. Many climbers only work the legs and glutes. However, the Panatta Fenix Climber is built to provide a complete workout. With the constant availability of three steps, users can make their workout their own and add more intense moves to increase cardiovascular activity. 

Why Your Gym Needs Panatta 

High Quality

When it comes to choosing equipment for your commercial or home gym, you need equipment that is built to last. You have to consider just how much use your equipment will see. 

If you work out every day, your equipment needs to be able to stand up to the years. This is especially true if you have multiple people using the same pieces of equipment in your commercial gym. Panatta gym products are built to last with high-quality materials. 

Equipment for Every Gym 

No matter the size of your gym, you can find Panatta equipment that fits any space. While jungle gyms are perfect for those looking to get multiple uses for multiple users out of their gym equipment, all Panatta products are made with commercial gym owners and their customers in mind. 


Measuring Your Body Composition with ACCUNIQ BC380


ACCUNIQ BC380 Body Composition Analyzer

ACCUNIQ BC380 is the most accurate measurement system for body composition. It is used in many health facilities, hospitals, and gyms. Commercial gyms are adopting the device and providing their customers with tailored prescriptions for effective workouts. 

The new innovative technology uses low-level frequencies to offer quick body composition assessments through an LCD touch screen, printouts, and client tracking software. Let’s dive deeper into this device and how gyms are using it. 

ACCUNIQ BC380 Features

The body analyzer measuring system has four features that make it ideal for gyms. 


The mobile service is great for gym customers who want to manage their own body composition data. All they have to do is scan the QR code using their smartphones and view the results. The app stores all of the results over time so that they can track their progress. You can download the app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


The manager is an easy to use data management software that keeps track of customer results and manages data in an easy-to-read format. It can be used for single or multiple gym locations with accessibility to multiple devices. 

Blood Pressure Monitor

The fully automatic blood pressure monitor is convenient and produces fast and accurate results. 

Printed A4 Result Sheet

The results page is a comprehensive guide that helps people understand their measurements. It has measurement comparison to the healthy range, helping to make analysis both quick and simple. 

Understanding the Result Sheet

Once your gym members use the ACCUNIQ BC380, they will be able to get a printout of their measurements. The result sheet contains a graphical analysis, which can be used to help members maintain healthy body composition. 

Users should input their age, height, and gender to help the system compare results with a medically-based reference range, which indicates:

  • Optimal 
  • Under
  • High

Here are the different types of information you will receive after using the body composition measuring system. 

Total Body Weight 

The total body weight measures your body mass, which combines your body water, protein, minerals, and body fat content. 

Lean Body Mass

Your lean body mass consists of muscle, protein, and minerals. A higher lean body mass will help you improve your metabolism to burn more calories and utilize your body’s fat to sustain a healthy body.

Skeletal Muscle Mass

The skeletal muscle mass refers to the muscles attached to the bones in your body that you use for training and cardio. High skeletal muscle mass means that you are producing more heat to burn calories, which gives you a higher basal metabolic rate (BMR). The BMR is the rate your body burns calories while you are at rest. Increased amounts of skeletal muscle mass along with sufficient protein intake, lead to a higher metabolism.


The protein report refers to the number of nitrogen cells within the body. Nitrogen is a protein component that allows your body to repair tissue and cells. It is crucial for the development and growth of skeletal muscle mass. 


The mineral section of the report is your bone mineral estimate. When you have a high skeletal muscle mass and high protein mass, you will be able to maintain the proper bone mineral content. As you age, bone mineral content will decrease, so it’s important to discover whether you have a low bone mineral estimate and create a weight resistance training program while consuming protein. 

Total Body Water

Your total body water consists of intracellular and extracellular water, which means all of the water inside your body. Healthy body water should be 45-65% of the total body weight. Depending on the activity level, it’s necessary to ensure adequate fluid intake throughout the day and remain hydrated. 

Segmental Analysis 

The segmental analysis shows each section in terms of lean body mass and subcutaneous fat mass. This analysis can help you discover any muscular imbalances and track muscular increases in a specific body part, like the arms. Users will also be able to look at their fat mass in specific body parts. 

Body Balance

This section indicates the balance of your lean body mass between the different regions of the body. 

Total Fat Mass

The total fat mass shows your lean body mass subtracted from your overall weight to give you your total body fat. 

Body Fat Percentage

This is the percentage of body fat compared to your overall weight.

Visceral Fat Level

Visceral fat is hidden and stored around the internal organs. A thin person can have high visceral fat content. This analysis is graded with a numeral score.

Visceral Fat Area

Users can also identify the area of their fat in cm2. The visceral fat level may stay the same, but the visceral fat area can change. 

Waist/Hip Ratio

This report indicates the body’s internal fat distribution. A higher number in this area means a more uneven fat distribution between the waist and hips. It is calculated by dividing the waist circumference by the hip circumference. 

Extracellular Water

Body water or extracellular water evaluates the water balance of the extracellular water and total body water. 

Abdominal Circumference

This is an approximate measure around the naval. 

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

The BMR is the minimal amount of energy needed by the body to sustain vital functions while at rest. Basically, it’s how many calories you are burning while at rest. 

Goal To Control Body Fat

This area of the report shows users an estimation of how much body fat needs to be controlled to be within standard medical ranges. 

New Approximate Calorie Intake

This section gives users an estimated calorie amount required to reach your control guide goal. 

Time to Control Body Fat

This is the amount of estimated time it might take the user to reach the new control guide goal. 

Bio Age

Your bio age is a number based on your internal health. It takes all of the above features into account and indicates if your body is younger or older than your chronological age. 

Fitness Score

The fitness score is the last number reported. It is the total of your overall results out of 100. Users should set a goal to increase this score. 

Using the ACCUNIQ BC380 in Your Gym

Once your gym members understand their body composition printout, your trainers can work with them to create workouts catered to their individual bodies. This will improve weight loss and muscle tone using a medically based analysis. 

Being able to provide your members with a detailed analysis of their body will give them the determination they need to succeed, and help keep them coming back to your gym so that they can see their progress. 


StairMaster Stepmills & Steppers Buying Guide 2019

StairMaster is the leading brand in steppers and stepmills. If you’ve used a stepper in a gym before, it was most likely a StairMaster or other high-quality brand. StairMaster built their steppers for intense workouts with none of the discomforts of climbing real stairs. 

StairMaster 7000PT 

StairMaster 7000PT Silver Console Stepmill 1

The StairMaster 7000PT stepmill duplicates the action of climbing stairs, one of the most effective workouts for losing weight and toning the lower body. The 7000 PT has three revolving steps, all 8 inches deep for a truly effective, low impact workout. It comes with nine programs and 20 levels of resistance so that you can customize your workout. 

StairMaster Gauntlet 

StairMaster Series 8 Gauntlet with LCD Screen

This stepmill offers a combination of both cardio and strength training in a comfortable design. The StairMaster Gauntlet 8 Series has deeper, wider steps and is available in three console options. This stepper is a favorite because it includes The Landmark Challenge Program that allows users to climb landmarks from around the world, including the Statue of Liberty. 

StairMaster SM916

StairMaster SM916 Stepmill 1

This stepmill is designed to challenge users to reach their ultimate goals. The StairMaster SM916 stepmill has ergonomically designed handrails for stability and an electronically controlled alternator. It features ten workout programs, a console, and an 8-inch fixed-step. 

StairMaster SM5

StairMaster SM5 Stepmill 1

The StairMaster SM5 has a D-1 Two window LCD console so that you can track your workouts. The one-piece pedals provide stability and comfort with each step while the electronically controlled alternator offers precise pedal movement for a smooth workout that’s easy on the joints. This stepper features ten built-in workout programs for strength and aerobic conditioning. 

2019 Stepmills and Steppers Buying Guide

This guide consists of all the information you need to make informed decisions when purchasing steppers and stepmills. 

Stepmills and Steppers are critical for any home or commercial gym. Not only are they some of the most powerful machines, but they are also great for both strength training and cardio. Here is some important information you need to know. 

Difference Between Stepmills and Steppers 

Stepmills are also called stair-steppers and odds are you’ve seen them or even used one in your local gym. Stepmills provide you with a low-impact workout and target the lower body. One of the biggest name brands for these products is the StairMaster stepmill, which has been used in many gyms across the US. 

Standard steppers, on the other hand, have two separate areas where the user places their feet, so the mechanical staircase is no longer there, but the user can get the same motion and workout with a stepper that they would with a stepmill. 

There are a few different types of steppers. 

Twist Steppers

These steppers perform a twisting motion when you step so that you can target your lower body, abs, and obliques. Unlike standard steppers, twist steppers can help you achieve a total workout on your legs, working different muscles as you move. 

Twit steppers imitate a jog as you are using the same movements you would be running around the block. However, they reduce stress to the joints that you may experience on the pavement. 

Mini Steppers

A mini stepper is a compact version of a standard stair stepper. They are typically lightweight and portable so that you can move the machine around a building. Also, its size typically makes it one of the most affordable steppers on the market. 

Elliptical-Stepper Cross Trainers

The cross trainer uses a rounder motion and has arms that will help tone the upper body along with the lower. It’s a hybrid that gives you the smooth movement of the elliptical and a low-impact motion of a stepper. Because you glide when using it, it’s one of the easiest and most fun steppers out there. 

Stepper Features to Consider

When shopping around for a stepper of any kind, you may want to look for some or all of these features. 


Motorized Tension

A stepper with a motor that provides resistance with a smooth motion so that you can have a high-intensity workout more easily. 

Hydraulic Cylinders

Select models come with tension resistance, and hydraulic cylinders have a swivel motion intended for low-impact use. 

Adjustable Resistance

You can change the amount of tension in the motor for a more effective and intense workout. When you notice that the resistance is making your workout too difficult, you can lower it often with the touch of a button. 

Adjustable Height

Adjustable height might be a great feature to have if you or the people who use your stepmill want to fit the machine to match your body perfectly. 

Preset Programs

Stepper consoles may feature preset programs that adjust resistance automatically with unique routines and timed modes. 

Self Leveling Pedals

These pedals allow for a stable stepping motion for added joint comfort. 


Foldable Design

Some models may come with hinges so that you can fold the stepper and store it in a closet. 


These allow you to hold onto the machine as you workout. Some models may have their heart rate sensors on the handlebars so that you can measure as you workout. 

Electronic Console

The console display screen will let you see the duration, speed, heart rate, and calories burned. The electronic console can keep you motivated during the most intense workouts as you can see your results right in front of you. In some models, you may be able to control the tension and your routines using the console. 

Transport Wheels

Many steppers come with wheels on one side to make it easy to move the stepper.

Resistance Bands

If you’re not using a cross trainer, you can find models that make it easy to add upper body workouts using resistance bands. Resistance bands are ideal for steppers that don’t offer an upper-body workout. 

Accessory Holder

Working out is easier with an accessory holder available because you won’t have to hold your phone or tablet while on the machine. These holders allow you to grab onto the machine for stability when needed, but to reach for a water bottle to stay hydrated or your phone to change the song. 


Things To Consider When Buying From A Wholesale Gym Equipment Supplier


Purchasing wholesale gym equipment can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to start. If you are looking for items to fill your commercial gym or want to beef up your home or garage gym, you’ll have to consider a few things before purchasing equipment from a wholesale gym equipment supplier. 

Before doing any research, make sure to assess your current situation. This should include the space you have available and your budget, and take notes of what items you think you need. This will help guide you through your search for equipment. You should take these things into account when buying from a wholesale supplier. 

Your Budget 

When you’re buying gym equipment for your home or commercial gym, you should understand your budget. The amount of money you want to spend should be set, and you should understand the consequences of going over that amount. 

Fitness equipment isn’t always cheap, but just because you think the more expensive items are best, doesn’t necessarily mean they are. Yes, we associate higher prices with better quality. However, you can get used gym equipment that’s just as effective as the brand new version. 


Understanding the goals for the equipment you want to purchase is critical. If you are looking for home gym equipment, you’ll want to focus on your fitness goals and what features each piece of equipment has with it. 

If you’re looking to fill some space in your commercial gym, you’ll want to determine what aspects are most important to you. For example, if your customers appreciate fitness tracking on easy to read consoles, you’ll want to look for the equipment that has consoles that track calories burned, time spent, and heart rate.

Because typically the more features you’d like, the more expensive a piece of exercise equipment will be, you can find used exercise equipment for sale from Primo Fitness that’s used or refurbished. These products work just as well as the brand new items but at a fraction of the cause. You’ll still get the same great features you want, but you won’t be spending your whole budget on one piece of equipment just because it hasn’t been used before. 

Buy to Keep 

Many people justify buying cheap gym equipment because they think that if they like it, they will consider spending more money on the expensive, more robust version later on. This may seem like the logical thing to do, but it can end up costing you more money. Immediately, you are deciding to throw money away. Cheap equipment will probably give you a poor experience, which means you won’t end up upgrading to the next best thing. 

If you’re committed to getting the best workouts, you should choose the equipment that’s actually right for you, not just right for your budget. Because super cheap exercise equipment can break, you’ll just end up spending more money. Always purchase new or used exercise machines to keep. You’ll want something that lasts for years and remains just as effective as day one. 

This is especially true when it comes to commercial gym equipment. You don’t want your clientele using something that doesn’t work properly or breaks. This will lead to a negative feeling about your business, and they are not likely to return. 

Be Realistic 

Everyone wants to purchase a shiny new piece of gym equipment. However, it’s important to consider the budget. If you find something you’d like to purchase, try looking for it used or refurbished. 

Used home gym equipment and commercial machines do work effectively and are built to last. Just because something has been used before doesn’t mean it’s broken or the wrong choice for you and your gym. You can save yourself tons of money by looking for used equipment instead of purchasing them brand new. 

Know the Brands 

You should know all there is to know about certain brands and exercise equipment before you make a purchase. Read reviews online and look for the certain features you desire in your exercise equipment. Determine whether you’re looking for cardio machines or strength training equipment. If you’re looking for both, you can find gym packages complete with items you need for a complete workout. 

Each fitness sector has top brands, some of which cross over from strength to cardio. While you may think that top brands would be more expensive, they do tend to last longer and have a higher customer rating, so you know that you can trust each product. 

Consider Space

Whether you’re trying to fill your commercial gym or a small home gym, you should measure out space you have available. You’ll need enough walking room between pieces of equipment.

If you are purchasing for a commercial gym, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough room between the equipment and the main floor so that people can easily flow from place to place. Once you have the measurements, you can start searching for equipment. Primo Fitness’ website lists the specifications, including the weight and size of each machine so that you can determine what will fit in each space. 

Test Out Equipment 

When you purchase from a wholesale gym equipment supplier, you typically don’t have the option to try the equipment out. However, by visiting another gym that has those pieces, you can make sure you’re making the right decision. 

Used home exercise equipment doesn’t mean you’re not getting name brand products. You’ll find brands like Life Fitness and StairMaster in almost any commercial gym. Try out the products first and then determine if they fit your needs. 

Verify Warranty

Once you’ve decided on the exercise equipment you’d like to purchase, you should verify the terms of warranty and maintenance. This will give you peace of mind just in case there is an equipment malfunction, or you are having problems getting a machine started. 

Delivery and Customer Service

Make sure the wholesale supplier offers delivery and set up. Putting together a piece of gym equipment can be difficult, so you’ll want to have someone available from the company to help you. In order for equipment to work properly, it has to be set up properly. Improper installation can cause machines to break or become ineffective. 

Delivery is also important because if you don’t have the right vehicle, you can’t pick up the equipment yourself. Having it delivered to your location is the easiest way to get it set up and ready to use as soon as possible. 

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Tips for How To Start A Commercial Gym

pexels-photo-2261485If you love exercise and fitness and want to share your enthusiasm with the world, you might consider starting your own gym. The health club industry is booming in the United States as we shift towards a more healthy approach to our lives. Odds are you yourself have a gym membership or a close friend or family member does. However, just because the market is huge doesn’t mean that you should jump into the business without doing some research and planning. 

Opening a commercial gym could be a great business opportunity. However, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider before you’re ready to start. Here are tips for starting a commercial gym. 

Get Certified

In order to own a gym, you’ll need to be qualified to do so. You don’t need a professional fitness qualification before starting your gym. However, accreditation from groups like The American Council on Exercise or the International Health, Racquet, and Sports club Association could improve your credibility and makes it easy to obtain a business loan. 

It’s worth it to get a personal trainer or fitness certification so that you can try out these roles before you start your own gym. This way, you’ll be able to see if you will be happy in a similar role and make contacts to develop a client base that will follow you to your new commercial gym. 

Find Financing 

Now that you’ve determined that you would enjoy managing a commercial gym, it’s time to find out how you are going to get the money to start one. It typically takes about $50,000 or more to set up a gym, but that depends on your location. In large cities, it could take up to half a million dollars just to get started. No matter where you plan on locating your gym, you’ll need to produce a business plan and share it with investors or loan providers. 

Determine Location 

The location will be a significant factor within your business plan because a good location is critical to the gym’s survival. Do market research about your potential client base to find out what key demographics will account for the bulk of your foot traffic. Then figure out where those individuals can be found. Gym members care about accessibility and convenience before all else, so try to find a location near those demographics. 

You’ll also have to take rent into consideration. Unless you have been able to purchase a building yourself, you will most likely have to rent space. The cost of rent will vary from location to location and has to be factored into your initial operating expenses. Remember, you’ll need permission in writing from your landlord or building’s owner to make alterations or conduct work on the building. 

Source Equipment

Once you have financing and a great location, you’ll need to start buying gym equipment. Filling your space with gym equipment won’t come cheap. You’ll need all of the basics from free weight equipment to serious lifters, and cardio equipment like bikes, rowing machines, and treadmills. 

Make sure to source used commercial gym equipment, which can help keep money in the bank. Purchasing items such as jungle gyms and refurbished commercial gym equipment can help you get the most bang for your buck and make your customers happy at the same time. 

Think about offering classes as well. If you are certified, you can lead these classes yourself until you have enough money to hire an instructor. Consider Yoga, Zumba, and Pilates classes. In order to do this, you’ll need studio space and equipment for each class. It all adds up quickly, but once these classes fill, you can expect regulars to keep coming back. 

Understand Insurance

If you want to start a commercial gym, you’ll need to understand insurance. Insurance is important for any business owner, but especially for those in charge of commercial gyms. There will be lots of people in your business each day using heavy machines that if used incorrectly can be dangerous. High-intensity exercise can also be unsafe for some, so you have to make sure both your clientele and your business are legally and financially protected.  

In addition to business insurance, consider gym liability insurance. Depending on certain state laws, liability insurance might be required before you can even obtain a permit. If you are also spending lots of money on equipment, you can also find equipment coverage as part of a separate policy.

Hire Mindfully 

Most gym owners will spend a lot of their time on-site, but you can’t run a commercial gym without hiring some employees. You’ll need to make sure you hire qualified and accredited individuals to join your team. 

Aim to have multiple personal trainers or bring in trainers on a freelance basis to offer guidance to your customers. Also, make sure to double-check each employee to make sure they are properly certified. If you’re offering classes, you’ll need to bring in licensed or accredited instructors who know what they’re doing. If you do bring on any independent contractors, you’ll need to ensure that they are personally insured. 

Start Your Gym

Now that you’ve gotten insured and met all permit and licensing requirements, you can start setting up your new commercial gym. Make sure to consult municipal authorities to make sure you are meeting layout requirements. You’ll also need to make sure to provide training for staff to make sure everyone is on the same page before the gym opens. 

From there, it’s time to market your gym and get people in the door. While it is beneficial to have your own client base handy, you can also start from scratch. Marketing a new gym can be difficult, but if you’ve chosen the right location, people will be able to find you on their own. 

Make sure to set up social media accounts and do any advertising that fits your budget. 

When it comes to appealing to new clients, consider local advertising. Contact the local media and let them know who you are and that you’ve opened a new gym to help people get in shape. Provide them with photos and details so that they can help spread the word. 

Lastly, never be afraid to ask for advice. If you’re considering opening up your own gym, you probably know other people in the industry. While they may be your competition, if they are located far enough away, they will most likely be willing to help you. 

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The Benefits Of Working Out On A Recumbent Bike

You may have heard of the upright bike, the traditional indoor bike that many people have in their home or use at the gym. However, a new take on the indoor bike, the recumbent bike, has recently become popular. 


What are the differences between a recumbent bike and an upright bike?

With a recumbent bike, the user’s body sits into the bike frame as opposed to an upright bike where the user sits above the frame. The user of a recumbent bike will also be more comfortable. They are placed in a natural reclined position, which reduces body fatigue and eliminates muscle soreness in the upper body because they aren’t hunched over the machine. The seats between the two stationary bikes also differ.  The recumbent bike seat is much larger and allows the user to sit comfortably like they would in the average office chair.

Which Bike Burns More Calories?

While there are many differences between upright and recumbent stationary bikes, they are similar in how many calories can be burned. How many calories you burn depends not only on the exercise machines you use, but for how long, and on which settings. 

Each bike does have benefits that will be enticing depending on your fitness goals. However, both will provide the same weight loss potentials. It really does all come down to what you’re willing to put into your workout and how hard you want to work. You can decide which bike will be best for you by looking at the benefits of a recumbent bike. 


The benefits of working out on a recumbent bike

When you’re looking for recumbent bikes for sale, you’ll want to keep in mind the key benefits of this type of stationary bike. Here are the top feature benefits of working out on a recumbent bike. 


Lumbar Spine 

Recumbent bikes are easy on the lower back due to the positioning of the body supported by the bike. An upright bike has the user hunched over the handlebars while a recumbent bike encourages correct spinal posture. Hunching eventually leads to back pain and can even negatively impact natural posture.  It’s important when you’re working out to maintain the correct posture that you get from the recumbent bike. 


Gentle on Joints

Recumbent bikes are gentle on all of the joints. Because a large seat supports the lower back and your knees and ankles are protected from impact, you’ll feel a more fluid movement when you bike. 



This type of bike is more comfortable than its upright counterpart. The larger seat is a popular feature because it produces a more comfortable workout position. The upright bike has a small seat which can often be uncomfortable for users. 



Recumbent bikes are generally safer than uprights. You’re unable to stand on the pedals, something that many upright bike users to do get a more intense workout. However, this can cause injuries, so the elimination of this feature promotes safety on the machine. 


Low Impact

Recumbent bikes are low impact and reduce the risk of pain while still being able to build strength and burn calories. For those with rheumatoid arthritis, this type of indoor bike can be easier to use because of the reclining position that allows your weight to be more evenly spread over the back and buttocks. 


The health benefits of using a recumbent bike

While many benefits come from the design of the bike, you must also consider your fitness goals. Recumbent bikes offer these health benefits:



Recumbent bikes offer great aerobic exercises that use some of the largest muscle groups, such as quadriceps, hamstrings, legs, and glutes. Those who do regular cardio see an increase in their heart and lung function, a decrease in blood pressure, and a decrease in lung disorders. Because the recumbent bike is low impact, it’s easy for those of all skill levels and allows you to get a great workout that’s comfortable at the same time.  


Muscle Strengthening

These indoor bikes put your position in a different physical location than an upright bike. This position allows you to use your thighs, lower legs, and glutes in the same way, but from a different position. This allows for a different type of strengthening of the effect. Spending time on both types of bikes can give you a similar but different type of workout using the same muscle groups. 



The lower position of the recumbent bike offers stability and balance that some might not get from an upright bike. This balance allows you to get a more effective workout that correctly and directly targets certain muscle groups evenly. 


Workout sustainability

Because recumbent bikes offer so many comfort and support benefits, it is more easy for the user to sustain their workout and workout for longer periods of time. These bikes are inviting, so it makes the user more likely to return and get the health benefits they deserve from hard work. The more you’re able to work out because you look forward to working out, the better your overall results will be. 

Who are recumbent bikes ideal for?

Recumbent bikes are perfect for any type of user no matter the level of experience. However, those will mobility problems, or back pain will find that this machine provides benefits that other workout equipment cannot. These bikes are easy to get on and off because of the low seat. This means that there is no climbing onto the bike. The back support on the recumbent bike also helps those with back pain because it offers another level of support that they need to maintain the correct posture.
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